Ended the fate of nearly ten thousand pirates and one hundred thousand navies on this sandy beach a light boat rowed across the Blue Ze

Three days, Volume 1, Chapter 1, Three days, the scorching sun in Los Angeles baked the earth, making people feel inexplicably irritated, the air was filled with the smell of dust and asphalt, under the scorching sun, Lan Ze hid in the shade of a tree, gasping for heat It has been three days since I came to Los Angeles.
Who would have thought that three days ago, I was just a fairly normal Chinese person, living a life of eating and dying every day, and occasionally sending out kindness to beggars for two dollars to play a game in an Internet cafe.
Days like that are ordinary, simple, and boring day after day, but when I wake up, the whole world changes.
I am no longer that sub-healthy Chinese person, but I am transformed into a 1.9-meter-tall golden blonde with a dry head Long hair, light blue pupils, tattoos of demons on his chest, strong muscles, all this shows that he has now completely become a standard strong American guy, to be honest, at a certain moment, Aozawa naively thought that he was just dreaming or something like that The savior Neo in The Matrix is ​​like the world is drunk and I am sober, but the reality tells Lan Ze that all this is true, especially when I see Bran with the face of Paul Walker and Nick Dolei played by Vin Diesel Mu Lanze was completely drunk, so on the first day of crossing, Lan Ze tasted the legendary squid sandwich with Bran in this cafe called Dolem In his previous life, Lan Ze was drunk and then sadly found that he didn’t have a penny in his pocket.
When he thought of Mia seeing his contemptuous eyes and his embarrassment, Lan Ze couldn’t help but cover his face.
It’s too fucking It’s a shame that my sister Mia, who is the leader of the street forces, has never had anyone else’s restaurant.
So that night, Lan Ze was tied up by Nick and a group of younger brothers in a warehouse full of engine oil smell. Letty, played by Michelle Rodriguez, one of the top ten sexiest wild beauties in the world, sees Vin Diesel, one of her favorite muscular stars. As for the guy named Vincent, I’m sorry Lan Ze doesn’t know this guy. If it’s possible, Lan Ze doesn’t want to meet in such an awkward situation, but the reality is that it’s cruel, Shet, a bastard, a shit-eating family partner, with Vincent’s rhythmic street yelling, the punch the size of a sandbag is particularly useful The rhythm fell on Lan Ze’s body, and the pain stimulated Lan Ze’s nerves. Lan Ze swore that if his hands and feet were not tied to this damn steel chair, he would definitely screw Vincent’s head off and give him a good beating After that, Vincent panted heavily and grabbed Lanze’s hair, looked at Lanze’s bruised nose and swollen face, and spat fiercely on Lanze’s face, Boss, what should this boy do? Vincent grabbed Lanze’s hair with one hand Watching Nick ask, let him go, Nick stood up from the chair, took a bottle of beer, took a sip, and walked over, watching Lan Ze, who was already in a semi-comatose state, took out a folding knife and cut the rope tied to Lan Ze’s body One sentence, get out of here and don’t let me see you again. The next day, Lan Ze woke up groggy from his sleep, his whole body was sore, looked at the bruises all over his body, Lan Ze grinned and patted the dirt on his body, and asked a random passer-by The location of the Dollem Cafe has been dusty and dusty, and it’s here again at the Dollem Cafe Hey Mina, bring me a Big Mac I’m hungry Push open the door Lanze sits on the chair in front of the bar and yells No Mina gave Aozawa a disgusted look. In Mina’s opinion, the tall Aozawa can support himself no matter what job he does, but according to what he heard from his brother yesterday, Mina found that the tall man in front of him is actually a homeless man. This kind of lazy guy feels disgusting when he sees it, and yesterday this guy ate a king’s meal Oh, beautiful Miss Mina, don’t worry, this time I’ve prepared money, don’t believe me, look at Aozawa, took out his wallet and patted his bulging wallet, huh. If you have money, I won’t sell you food and leave here Mina looks at Aozawa Shet in disgust, you can’t say this to me Aozawa said angrily, then rolled his eyes, Hey Mina, how about I make a deal with you, don’t you like it? Brian, I can help Lanze blink your eyes, what are you talking about, Mina raised her voice and looked at Lanze so damn well, get out of here Hey Mina, don’t be angry, as long as you give me a Big Mac burger, I promise you will understand Bran is handsome Lan Ze said with a wretched smile, get out of here Mina casually picked up a spoon and threw it on Lan Ze’s head, picked up a wine bottle and waved it to drive Lan Ze away Oh Mina wants a lady Be gentle, damn Xie Te, you violent woman, I don’t hit women, damn I don’t hit women, don’t force me, Mina, don’t force me, well, the second day I came to this world, Lan Ze was beaten again and sat helplessly At the door of Doreme coffee shop, Lan Ze helplessly shook his head and covered his growling stomach, helplessly looking at the sky, his eyes gradually became hollow. Said come in oh thank you so much Mina you are such a gentle woman I wish you and Brian happiness Azusa giggled and said damn if you are breaking your mouth I will never give you any food Mina ruthlessly white Azusa A lady wants a lady and men like a gentle girl Aozawa said nonchalantly, sitting on the chair and looking at the huge hamburger in front of him, Aozawa swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked at Mina hesitantly Is this mine? That’s right! Mackerel Burger twelve dollars to Qian Mina said angrily, looking at the delicious hamburger on the table and looking at the growling stomach again Lan Ze sighed helplessly