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Ao Bing is destined to be beaten to death by Nezha.
Evolve directly into twelve-clawed cataclysmic dragon. The tortoise that can destroy even heaven and earth is nine thousand years old.
The prime minister is just an incompetent little old man. Evolve directly into Xuanwu Dragon King.
Now our shrimp soldiers and crab generals are already When will the Great Luo Jin Wonderland attack the Heavenly Court to unify the three realms? The Prime Minister of the Turtle who has evolved into the Super God Xuanwu asked stupidly.
I will bother you with this little thing.
I will give you half an hour to destroy the Heavenly Court. The opening chapter is the Dragon King of the East China Sea Big brother, wake up quickly, big brother, without you, our whole East China Sea will be over. Ao Qing, who was staring in a daze, faintly heard a burst of noise coming from his ears, as if someone was telling him to happen What happened to say this in a daze, Ao Qing opened his eyes with some difficulty, but when he saw the scene in front of him, Ao Qing, who was a little confused at first, jumped up from the dragon bed all of a sudden.
Surprise flashed in his eyes. In front of his eyes was a huge dark stick, which plunged into the depths of the sea and soared into the sky. Next to the dark stick was a golden chain bound with a head full of more than a hundred people. The five-clawed giant dragon that is as long as one meter long gives people a visual shock and impact. At this moment, the giant dragon that is more than 100 meters long looks at Ao Qing with a pair of big dragon eyes full of concern.
Seeing Ao Qing wake up Only then did I secretly breathe a sigh of relief.
Beside the giant dragon stood quietly some shrimp soldiers and crab generals.
The leader was a young boy wearing white clothes but with a pair of blue dragon horns.
Brother, you finally woke up the blue dragon horned boy. Seeing that Ao Qing opened his eyes, Tong was secretly relieved and his face was full of joy, am I not watching a movie, Nezha: The Devil Child Comes into the World? Looking at everything around him, the young man named Ao Qing frowned slightly, not knowing As he was thinking about something, suddenly a wave of powerful memories flooded into the young man’s mind crazily, injected into the young man’s memory for a long time, and the young man finally recovered and realized that he was like the protagonist in many novels, Ao Qing Like many timetravelers, he has traversed, but the world he traversed is an ancient mythical world that started with the birth of the devil boy Nezha. In this world, there are Sanqing, the Jade Emperor, the Queen Mother, and the real Taiyi. Originally, traveling to such a world to experience the magnificence of the mythical world is a very proud and passionate thing, but I am afraid that only Ao Qing knows that traveling through the mythical world as a member of the Jackie Chan clan can be said to be the most tragic reminder.
It is still in the mythical world view of the devil boy coming to the world. You must know that in the devil boy coming to the world, the East China Sea Dragon Clan has guarded the coast of the East China Sea for generations. Although they have suppressed the 100,000 demons under the sea, they can’t leave here at the same time.
They can only become the heavens for generations. But if it wasn’t like this, the Dragon King of the East China Sea would not have tried his best to let the third prince Ao Bing get the Lingzhu and kill Nezha to accumulate reputation and rank in the immortal class, so as to help the dragon clan change their fate against the sky. In fact, even in Journey to the West In the worldview of Fengshen, the dragons of the East China Sea are also the targets of random bullying Not to mention that the Dragon King of the East China Sea has complained to the Heavenly Court several times, but the Heavenly Court ignored them. At the Pantao Conference, he even used dragon tendons and dragon meat as food to entertain the immortals. It can even be said that since the prehistoric era, the status of the dragon clan has been inferior to one generation after the decline of the ancestor dragon. Tianting’s dog-legged son, Tianting called to the west, never dared to go east, even the monsters are more carefree than their dragon clan, but Ao Qing soon discovered that due to his appearance, the situation in the entire East China Sea had changed a little bit, that is, he Ao Qing was actually the new East China Sea The Dragon King is in charge of the entire affairs of the East China Sea, and the old East China Sea Dragon King Ao Guang is tied to the black iron pillar.
He passed the position of the East Sea Dragon King to Ao Qing for the continuation and development of the dragon clan.
Dragon King Ao Guang was able to be released and offended many gods in the Heavenly Court. He was secretly killed, so he was able to occupy his body and pass through. Ao Bing is just more than two and a half years old now, less than a few months away from his fate, Shen Gongbao, Taiyi, and others have already started to act, the situation of the Dragon King of the East China Sea is really miserable, Ao Qing can’t bear it With a wry smile, he sighed with emotion, not to mention that in a few months, Nezha will make a big disturbance in the East China Sea The little guy Ao Bing and Ao Qing are unwilling to watch him die, and he doesn’t know if there is a golden finger or something.
But when Ao Qing frowned and thought, suddenly a pleasant voice came from his ear.
Congratulations to the host, the dragon’s infinite evolution system has been activated. As long as the host improves the reputation of the dragon, he can get evolution points. These evolution points can not only evolve the host, but also allow his subordinates to evolve. Detect if the novice gift package is checked. A pleasant voice comes without warning. Qing was stunned, then delighted. Unexpectedly, this golden finger came just as soon as he said it. This is obviously his only reliance against the gods of heaven. Without hesitation, Ao Qing chose directly. The next moment, the pleasant voice came again Congratulations, open it You have obtained the novice gift package, you have obtained Dragon God Jue, you have obtained Nian Dao Xing, you have obtained some evolution points that you can use yourself, you have obtained some evolution points that can be used by your subordinates, you have obtained the ability to query character status, and your realm has been improved to Taiyixuan Wonderland, you have evolved, you have evolved into a five-claw Hunyuan Golden Qilong