Duo Kai wiped his mouth and explained She and her sister have already eaten the table seats at the speed of light Who and who Li

The young Li Pu accidentally lost his sight and also gained a special ability You are already dead Nani Seconds later the enemy exploded on the spot Author’s custom label Chapter Three Three Years Three years Do you know how I have lived these three years? Kneaded paper towels are scattered on and under the sofa.
Pick up the cup next to it and take a sip of brown sugar water. I don’t really like the taste, but if I don’t drink it, I’m worried that my nutrition won’t keep up.
At this time, a young and beautiful tall girl came out from the void.
On her forehead was a pair of small coral-shaped horns. The well-cut cheongsam wrapped curves that did not match her age.
It was a pity that she couldn’t see her beauty in front of Li Pu because From the moment Lan Xing came here three years ago, he has been inexplicably blind.
Now, under these squinted eyes, there are all white eyeballs without eyes. This huge planet is a place where thousands of races coexist in a foreign land.
People like Li Pu who can travel back and forth between their own world and foreign lands are called qualified people. The identity of the girl is a foreign land introduction officer who is responsible for guiding qualified people in foreign lands. In the eyes of the aborigines, the reception officer is an iron job with an enviable salary, but the girl doesn’t think so because the job is paid on a piece basis and she hasn’t completed any performance so far. In her prime, she is stuck on this young man. The other party’s time has been too long. I’m ready to put down the brown sugar water. Li Pu rubbed his temples.
Repeat eight times and say to Li Pu, newcomer guard, next, please choose your last initial skill.
As the words fade away, three football-sized rays of light condense to form each ball of light.
Each ball of light represents a skill that can be selected.
In this situation, Li Pu has already Very familiar, in fact, it’s a bit like creating a character in a game. You need to choose your starting outfit and initial skills. It’s just that it took him a little longer than ordinary people.
It’s not much more than three years. Please hurry up, the girl, as always, urge me For a moment, Li Pu suddenly opened his missing eyes and saw the sky again.
If you look closely, you will find that these eyes are like swirling vortexes, mysterious and profound. Because of the inexplicable blindness, he has acquired a magical ability. He can see the scenes that will happen in the future. In this scene, everything became hazy, even the figure of the girl next to her was a bit unreal, and then Li Pu saw himself standing up, and his phantom stepped forward and touched the panel of the first skill, light cluster, light cluster dissipation skill. The message popped up, the girl began to raise her arms and cheered, she stared calmly at the screen, accelerated her number of phantoms began to increase, new phantoms appeared, touched another light group girl cheered, the third phantom touched the last light group girl cheered, the future is changing at any time, so With infinite possibilities, the longer you watch, the more branches you will go to, even in a certain future picture.
I also saw the bored girl pick her nostrils and close her eyes again.
Everything returned to the present.
Li Pu’s face was slightly tired.
He took out a tissue and wiped his nosebleed. He could see the future about seconds from the present at the farthest, but it couldn’t last too long because Too many branches will make the screen messy, making it difficult for one’s mental strength to support. Even if you can refresh the screen and erase all the branches with a blink of an eye, it is still tiring to use frequently, and this magical ability is not very satisfying in addition to being physically demanding. It’s like when watching a drama, the screen plus subtitle axis is always out of sync with the audio track, but with this ability, he knows the information of these three skills in advance. Immortal One step, the next step you take will greatly increase the distance and have a chance to miss the target The bandage of vision makes the target recover points of health per second, lasts for 2 seconds, and the IQ armor rushes to the target within 2 seconds. When rushing to the target, the movement speed and ignoring the terrain are three skills, except for the fairy step, which is interesting. There was a feeling of death, leaning back against the soft sofa, Li Pu sank half of his body into it, he waved his hands skillfully to change a group of girls, he didn’t say anything, he could only refresh the three light clusters helplessly, listening to the seniors say goodbye All qualified candidates were selected in minutes, and the guy in front of him spent more than two months on the last initial skill, but he still couldn’t be selected, so Li Pu took a look and once again signaled that it is very dangerous to continue in a foreign land. Aborigines and people with qualifications from other races are all likely to be killed, so he made every choice in order to have a perfect start. Of course, danger often coexists with opportunities. At least in the chat with the introduction officer, he learned that his blindness should be Nengzhi is about to enter the foreign land, a little excited, he sipped his lipstick syrup, he couldn’t help but sigh, now he only needs to choose the last skill, and he can truly enter the foreign land I just said that if you don’t want to consider my proposal, she doesn’t give up.
Every qualified person enters a foreign land.
The standard resource is a special talent. Weapon skills.
Random characteristic, random talent, however, this affordable gift, Li Pu has rejected many times, because random means that the result is changing every moment, so his foresight ability cannot play an effective role in this matter. In other words, he can see it but I can’t grasp the extra features and talents that are given as a gift. The addition of the word “random” may not necessarily be a good thing.
I have picked out so many strange things that I have seen for a long time.
For example, a certain