Dugu Baitian almost wanted to cry without tears If this goes on like this he will have no secrets for Xuanxuan he suddenly remembered the matter

It turned out that Tianyu Continent was born in the year of the Nine Kingdoms War broke out, after more than a year, the four countries were destroyed, and the remaining five countries were also seriously injured, and they were unable to fight again. More than 20 years have passed, and the rest of the breeze worships the moon. After many years of recuperation, the Wushuang of the Han and Tang Dynasties and the Five Kingdoms of the New and Ming Dynasty have regained their vitality.
It is always lush and full of vitality. There is an ancient legend here.
According to legend, in ancient times, there lived a Gadai demon king in the Longevity Valley.
The Demon Lord is worthy of being a heavenly genius, but he actually cultivated his mortal body to the realm of immortals and demons. His tyrannical strength made even the immortals find it difficult to parry.
The battle lasted for three days and three nights, but no one knew about it. After a long time, the residents outside the valley dared to come in and watch. Seeing that the valley was full of devastation, the ground was full of broken branches, fallen leaves, and animal bones piled up like mountains. After that, for decades, there was no grass in the valley, and there was no life in the valley. Even so, no one is willing to take a step into the valley. After all, these are just ancient legends that have been gradually forgotten by people with the passage of time. The Longevity Valley welcomed its rare guests, a family of four, and lived in the valley for three months.
One night in the Longevity Valley, a young woman was about to give birth. Painful groans came from a hut from time to time, mixed with the encouragement and comfort of the old woman.
A young man was walking around outside the house with an anxious face and a An old man in his fifties sits quietly on a chair in the yard, with an indescribably leisurely expression, don’t walk around, don’t worry, it’s okay, I’m not as panicked as you were when your mother gave birth to you Set up a table of wine and vegetables in the yard, serve yourself and wait for the good news. The young man stopped and laughed, no wonder Mother always blamed you every time she brought up the past. At this moment, a loud cry broke through the tranquility of the night sky The young man was so happy that he almost jumped up, turned around, and wanted to run into the house, but at this moment, a strange phenomenon happened, and a dazzling blood-red light burst out from the hut. The blood-red light instantly filled the entire Longevity Valley, and then the dazzling blood-red light went straight The light of the stars and the moon in the sky was eclipsed. The young man was stunned.
The old man stood up eagerly.
At the same time, dozens of warriors on the mainland who were pursuing the extreme realm of martial arts looked at the direction of the Longevity Valley with a heartfelt feeling.
On the peak, a white-haired old man sat on the ground. Behind him stood a young man full of heroic spirit. Master Taoist, what is that soaring blood light? An old woman in the Moonlight Palace of the Qingfeng Empire murmured to herself that killing has come A whisper came from the Yunyan Pavilion of the Xinming Empire A piece of annihilated history In the Moon Worship Empire, an old man broke through the air and flew to the immortals. In the Han and Tang Empires, there was a human being. Immortals and demons fought on the top of Yunshan. He rushed into the hut with a sound, and saw his delicate and beautiful wife lying on the bed tiredly, while his mother, the old lady, was teasing a little baby carved in powder and jade. Looking at him, the young man exclaimed excitedly, “Mother, is this my child? Hush, please don’t wake up Tingting. She just gave birth and she’s still very weak.
” Becoming a father and still being so frizzy, why don’t you come and see your baby son, look how cute the old lady’s face is full of doting Didn’t you see a blood-red light soaring to the sky just now? The old lady said she was talking in her sleep. Where is the blood-red light? Why don’t you take the little baby out and let your father see it? The old man said, Hurry up and carry me to your mother’s house. At night, the humidity hurts him carefully. The young man and the old man walked into another hut, and soon the old lady also came in. The little baby turned around with big black and bright eyes. Turning around, the old lady kept looking at the three of them and said, “Look at how cute this child is, he will recognize people when he is born, and he doesn’t cry or make trouble. The old man’s face is solemn.
Didn’t anything strange happen when the baby was born just now, you father and son today?” What’s the matter, you said these inexplicable words? The old man said that you don’t know. Some strange things happened just now, and then the old man explained in detail what happened just now.
It didn’t happen, didn’t see any red light at all, the old man can’t control so much for the time being, it’s a good thing that their mother and child are safe, at this moment the young man suddenly exclaimed, there is blood on the baby’s hand, the old couple hurriedly watched and saw the baby His hands were clenched into small fists, and there was traces of blood between the fingers. The old man hastily opened the baby’s small fists, and saw a bloody word on each of the two small palms. Destined to be defeated, bold enough, arrogant enough, baby, who the hell are you? You actually gave birth to a father holding blood in your hand.
What are you talking about? It’s nothing, old lady, you and Yanzhi quickly pack up and we left this place overnight, old man, you’re crazy Tingting just gave birth to a baby again How can such a young person bear the fatigue of the journey? Mommy is right, we must leave immediately