Duan Tianji raised the wine glass in front of him and pointed it at Fang Xi said sternly hey hey he waved his hands impatiently

Xiyingkong has crossed over to another continent, really crossed, this is undoubtedly great news for Fang Xi, who is already lifeless Magical artifacts, heaven-defying panacea, tyrannical peerless skills, incomparably miraculous demon king system, Fang Xi, who has unfortunately transmigrated into a puppy, has the possibility to reach the top, but what is hidden behind this big pie that fell from the sky? The plot is funny, the upgrade is practiced, the text is cool, the first chapter is dead, Fang Xi is an ordinary, ordinary college student, family conditions, medium school brand, average academic performance, average personality, average appearance, and everything Fang Xi compares with most people Insufficient compared to a mediocre life, Fang Xi’s life is dull and boring.
The passion that young people should have has long been chilled in the face of the increasingly cruel and realistic social trend. No pursuit, no ideals, no edges and corners, no sense of responsibility. Xi even often wonders if one day he disappears, will anyone know besides the parents who gave birth to him and raised him, will anyone worry that there will be no answer, because this assumption is completely meaningless, there are not so many ifs in life This is fate. Fang Xi’s fate is to be a fool. Get a college diploma. Although college education is basically popular now, having a diploma is always useful, and then you can work as a small employee in a small company and get a modest salary.
Marry a wife who is as ordinary as him, have a child, and live his life like this From birth to death, Fang Xi feels to this world that he is like a shooting star across the sky, except for the gleam of light when it exists.
There is no trace of being here, decadent, like most other youths of the same age, Fang Xi’s life is not at all the same as his name, he is not happy at all, not happy at all, so much time in college is boring to the stomach Those who love to study hard want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, but Fang Xi doesn’t want to take the postgraduate entrance examination because he is too lazy to run outside because he wants to start his own business after graduation.
But if you have nothing to do, you have to find something to do, so there are a group of people who are in love on campus who have nothing to do and go out to fight, and there is a group of Fang Xi who are not in love because he is not handsome and rich.
Fang Xi also does not fight because he is afraid of pain. I think he is an ordinary person who can’t find any advantages, it is too ordinary, ordinary is like a stone on the side of the road, can be kicked away by someone casually Fang Xi feels like he is deep in the bottom A buried piece of rotten wood is unconsciously rotting from the inside to the outside.
At this time, he should be as vigorous as the sun at eight or nine o’clock in the morning, but Fang Xi feels that his life has long since lost any light.
Because I have no hope, reading novels is Fang Xi’s only hobby, not because of anything else, but because reading online literature is the least expensive form of all entertainment, by the way Perhaps the only valuable thing about him is the little imagination in his head.
Fang likes fantasy, especially when reading novels, he can always deeply substitute himself into the characters in the book and find a trace in the plot. Only then did Fang Xi feel that his life was still a little tasteful, and he turned off his phone Being an animal is better than living like a bug and ant day after day, so he slapped his thigh with hatred Fang Xi felt a bit of irritability. Fantasies are always fantasy time travel.
They are all boring things in novels and TV dramas. Walked out of the dormitory, Fang Xi walked out of the school gate, walked to the Internet cafe next door, and the richer students at home had already brought their laptops with them, but Fang Xi didn’t have that condition Fang Xi came to the Internet cafe to download novels to their mobile phones and many readers Similarly, he has a habit of reading books, that is, he likes to make a fat novel that he is interested in, and read it slowly at one time. After logging in to the website, Fang Xi finds that the money in his account is just enough, so he simply puts it away in one go. I subscribed to the latest chapter of the post-80s Shaolin abbot and downloaded it on my phone.
I browsed through other novels boringly but didn’t find anything that I was particularly interested in. Fang Xi couldn’t help feeling a little bit lost, but just as he was about to close the webpage When the screen flickered inexplicably, the original website pattern instantly went dark, and a small window popped up. Do you want to find the value of life? Do you want to really live once? This imitates infinite terror. Brain, isn’t he the only one who’s seen infinite horror in the whole world? I don’t care what you are. Although there’s a trace of disdain in Fang Xi’s heart, Fang Xi simply clicked with the mouse to make sure, anyway, it’s not my computer. Liang thought to himself, what’s strange is that at the moment Fang Xi clicked with the mouse, an indescribable strange fluctuation appeared out of thin air and enveloped him. It couldn’t be real, right? But his heart couldn’t help getting hotter, it would be great if he could go to the main god’s space, even if he would die, it would be better than like now, the strange fluctuations come and go quickly, and the day when Fang Xi regained consciousness In an instant, he was disappointed.
He was still standing in front of that familiar Internet cafe, or the old computer he used just now.
How could it be possible? Was it just an illusion? The stable old computer desk just swayed and still stood firmly in front of him