Duan Rui in the chief seat raised his eyes and asked Uh green tea bar Mo Shu replied the words sound so familiar so it

In the desert rally, the desert temperature is extremely low in the middle of the night, but Mo Shu would rather be wrapped in two layers of military overcoats and a quilt to be exposed to the cold outdoors than go back to the RV camp behind and listen to others bragging about the noise.
Mo Shu looks clean and tidy Short hair makes people feel comfortable, but there is a trace of worry in the brows. Not long after graduating from college, he can’t find a job, nor ask his family for money. Pointing to the four-year film photography major, he naturally took on small shooting jobs.
To a certain extent, it can be regarded as the start of a arduous self-employment, and the desert he lives in is located in the north of Huaxia Kingdom.
The name Hamidul is a place of suffering, but for Mo Shu this time Traveling is more of a journey of misery.
As a photographer, he was introduced by a friend to follow a group of local tyrants off-road players to participate in the Hamidul Heroes Conference. He thought it was a simple trip and took pictures to earn some living expenses. Mo Shu I’m satisfied but I didn’t expect that some rich drivers are really hard to serve. Mo Shu, who originally only wanted to do his job well, was often forced to play the role of a small servant. He was ordered to serve oil barrels, refuel, sink cars, dig sand, or even serve tea. The older ones fooled him, and the younger ones were not afraid of suffering, while those of the same age kept showing off to him how rich they were.
After all, they just took advantage of Mo Shu’s mentality of needing money and tried to use their economic advantages to crush him.
If Mo Shu hadn’t been worried about discrediting his friends, Mo Shu would have turned his back on him and left. Why was Xiao Mo in a daze? Bring some beef in and talk. Big but very arrogant, he is also a well-known princeling in Mo Shu’s hometown.
He is said to be younger than Mo Shu, but how old is Mo Shu? But brazenly calling him Little Mo makes people feel disgusted. Communication with young people who have no self-knowledge is probably an extravagant expectation. Mo Shu I didn’t bother to care about it. Slowly, I took out two big bags of beef from the logistics vehicle and threw it in front of Li Xun, then I continued to admire the sky full of stars.
Looking at the starry sky and the Milky Way, Mo Shu’s depressed mood was relieved a lot. As the saying goes, money is hard to earn shit.
It’s unbearable to pay 50,000 yuan for follow-up fees and his obsessive love for motor sports all the time, not to mention not losing face to his friends. Mo Shu decided to bear with the dozens of million-level cars parked one after another not far away. The luxury off-road vehicle made Mo Shu show an inspirational smile, and said to himself, buddy, sooner or later, I will also get one Bright Mo Shu followed the sound and looked, oh my god, it turned out to be a meteorite falling from the sky.
Such a rare sight, as a photographer, Mo Shu couldn’t miss it.
He hurriedly grabbed his camera, the shutter was snapping, etc.
No, the meteorite seemed to be going straight to their RV camp. This is the rhythm of losing your life.
Your sister Mo Shu didn’t care about the cold, dropped her warm coat and quilt, jumped into a car, started it, and honked the horn to signal everyone in the camp to run for their lives, but was shocked to find that the meteorite was so close. Being so close, Mo Shu’s face suddenly paled and murmured It’s over, the whole world is covered with dust, why is Xiao Mo in a daze? Even if he dies, he can’t escape Li Xun’s harassment. At this moment, the tree seemed to be fixed, but in Mo Shu’s mind, a clear and soft female voice rang out. The host was successfully matched, the system started and initialized successfully, and Mo Shu was confused. The camp should be hit by a meteorite. I’m afraid all the staff will not be spared.
When it is an angel or some kind of fairy talking, the female voice continues to say that this system has been wandering with meteorites for thousands of years, and has never been able to find a suitable host Mo Shu’s whole body host doesn’t have to worry about the pain. The pain comes from the system self-inspection, which is about to be customized according to your personal ideals and interests.
In addition, you in the previous space have been hit by a meteorite and lost your activity.
It can be understood as death. This is the parallel space after your rebirth.
So The general direction of the whole world is basically the same. The details are left for you to discover later.
I said it earlier. It’s just a rebirth. Mo Shu loves Internet articles in college. This explanation made him suddenly realize the familiar routine that he hadn’t seen for a long time.
He was a little unsure before. Nervous, but at this moment, he is already looking forward to what kind of experience this system will bring him.
Sure enough, as Mo Shu expected, the pain receded slightly. A line of words popped up in his mind. Under the words, there was a button shining with golden light.
There is a line marked with small words, click to receive the novice gift package. Mo Shu found that he could manipulate the cursor in his mind with his consciousness, so he clicked the golden button without hesitation, and saw a jet of flame passing by.
The main interface of the system that Mo Shu expected appeared. Few but all of them are in gray status and are forbidden to open. Only newcomers can check it in the column of getting started. Congratulations to the host for getting the novice gift package.
The two skills of automatic maintenance and stamina have been activated.
Please enjoy the experience.
As the name suggests, it is car repair and driving.
The car becomes thoughtful, interacts with other people, or makes the car take off in stealth and becomes omnipotent.
It takes him to the pinnacle of life in an instant. Host, I know what you are thinking. Your curling lips make me feel a great insult. You get something for nothing. Is it possible to reach the sky in one step? Is it realistic? Many people on earth have to enjoy leadership treatment just after work Why are you still crying? I didn’t mean it that way, I was just a little eager for success. Forgive me. The host originally wanted to take you to experience the highest level of the system, but the experience has been canceled as a punishment. The system suddenly returned to its original rationality and calmness.