Drooling let alone falling asleep halfway through suddenly opening your mouth wide and drooling I know you are awake Ling Kong ruthlessly dismantles a certain

At the beginning of this article, everyone’s evaluation of Ling Kong is like this.
He is so handsome, almighty, and excellent. He is really upright and kind.
He has the most beautiful qualities in the world. But when Ling Kong walked through more and more worlds, he experienced more and more. After more and more strange things happened, everyone said that the legendary big devil has no morals, no lower limit, no human nature, and is a super big devil. Why do I feel that the male god is more and more like that big devil? No, this must be my illusion. You are not one.
People have misconceptions about who the little white big devil is Boo Linlong stretches out his index finger to his lips, that is a man who will die if he speaks out.
On the Great Demon King’s Throne This article is the second part of Fast Time Travel, a natural male god.
If you don’t understand, please move to the first part.
Zhang holographic online game Ling Kong came to this world for the first time in more than ten years, and he has such a deep understanding of the essence of this world, especially after the group of people shouted to overthrow it. This world is still in the era of cold weapons, but it is a place without imperial power. Under the rule of the martial arts family, the world’s major sects and sects conquered and separatist regimes often fought for territory. The people complained about it until ten years ago when the two sects and the family joined forces to end the chaotic situation in the world. Jianghu is also ruled by these three forces. The situation has returned to stability, even though the small sects under him continue to struggle, but it is nothing more than small troubles for the overall situation, and the high-ranking people don’t care that Ling Kong came to this world fifteen years ago.
The second identity is the patriarch of a middle-class family in the martial arts, and his mission is to protect the heroine Yao Fuling. Thinking of what the heroine Yao Fuling will encounter in the future, Ling Kong is very decisive in integrating and strengthening the family power. Within five years, this chaotic martial arts situation was suppressed, and at the same time, the family was pushed to one of the pinnacles of the world. Fifteen years ago, the heroine Yao Fuling was only a ten-year-old loli.
Five years later, the heroine, Yao Fuling, has become the most beautiful woman of all time, and Ling Kong has gradually become a mature, elegant and handsome man. Except for the heroine Yao Fuling who is no different from ordinary people, although the others are sometimes sluggish in response, overall there is no hindrance to Ling Kong and he has always treated this world as the real world until one day he met a group of people with red and blue status bars on their foreheads. Lingjiazhuang is built on the top of the mountain from where you can overlook all the surrounding scenery, but on that day, Lingkong suddenly became interested and took Xiaokong System Jun No. to walk down the mountain for a walk and was about to return.
At that time, a group of people suddenly appeared in front of them and stayed here for more than ten years. Kong had long forgotten the nature of this world.
It wasn’t until Xiao Kong reminded him that it was the beginning of the plot.
The guy with the red and blue status bars looked at Ling Kong, his eyes suddenly turned green, especially Ling Kong, the leader who was burning the sky with flames, suddenly had a bad feeling The red and blue stripes on the heads of the group of people instantly cleared up in a burst of white light and disappeared in place. Not long after, another group of people appeared in front of him.
The host killed them with mighty power. They volleyed and killed several people one after another amid Xiao Kong’s shouts.
After dialing the refreshed player, he returned to the villa with the obviously over-excited little fox.
Xiaokong flopped around in his arms a few times.
The fluffy and snow-white fox tail flicked back and forth excitedly. Host, you were so brave just now. You are so handsome, Mr. System is shining with star eyes and purple grape-like eyes, watching him excitedly, rubbing his fluffy head in the air, stepping over the vermilion lacquered threshold and entering the building, which looks like an ancient palace The eldest brother of Lingjiazhuang, the woman who came to meet her is the head of the girl, her eyebrows are like a lotus, her eyes are like a lotus, her eyes are good, and her skin is like a fat. She is slender but not weak. She raises her hand to stare at her eyes. She has the delicacy of a woman but not the atmosphere of a child of the rivers and lakes. She is the heroine of this world.
Yao Fuling nodded in the air and looked at her elegant and moving figure when she walked, her expression was indifferent, but she was very satisfied in her heart. In the original trajectory, the heroine Yao Fuling is only the adopted daughter of the previous owner and the current owner’s step-sister, but the two owners are very fond of her. She suddenly turned a lively and innocent little loli into a savage and willful eldest lady, so that when the Ling family was destroyed, this proud eldest lady had to live with her husband, even if her husband hangs around later.
Hua Cong could only force her face to smile when Ling Kong read the outline of the plot and immediately found a number of teachers to teach her etiquette, poetry, and martial arts.
No problem was solved by my brother, Ling Kong didn’t care, carried Xiao Kong to the study room, eldest brother Yao Fuling looked at his leaving back, hesitant to speak, but his face was stained with worry, she hesitated for a moment, then followed him all the time The maid behind her said you go and prepare silver and horses.
Miss Ben is going out.
The maid was not surprised at her request to go out alone. She nodded and ran to tidy up.
Ling Kong didn’t know that the younger sister he had raised for fifteen years Running away from home with him behind his back, he is sitting in his study browsing the latest news on the top of the world forum.