Dozens of god kings hundreds of master gods be careful not to cause trouble we know Lin Xi nodded but he really wanted to cause

The dazzling sun hangs high in the sky, and the heat wave seems to scorch the whole land.
The whole city of Suzhou and Hangzhou seems to be shrouded in a scorching flame, but even under such high temperature, the whole city is still full of traffic. People carrying wide swords and holding various weapons hurried through the streets. Today, the concept of a country has long since disappeared on the earth, and it has been replaced by a unified and integrated federal government.
The entire human civilization is almost falling apart, the world’s population has dropped from 100 million to less than 100 million, and these 100 million people have started a new life in each newly established city The strength test is going on for the third-level fighter, the primary level, the speed test, the third-level fighter, the primary level, the comprehensive level, the third-level fighter, the primary combat power index is still not good? Hahahaha Lin Xi will be in the third year of high school next semester, why is your physical fitness still like a junior high school student? Not far away, a young man with greasy hair and noodles did not suppress his sarcasm and ridicule at all. Lin Xi ignored him and walked away without saying a word. After getting off the tester and walking to the other side, he is really not qualified to refute that as a student who is about to enter the third year of high school, his physical fitness is so low that he can be called a waste as long as it is not too bad.
At the beginning of the third-tier fighters, at their age, the average level has already reached the fourth-tier fighters.
Lin Xi, don’t listen to Luo Ao’s farting there.
You have improved a lot this semester. A fleshy palm was placed on Lin Xi On his shoulders, this is the only person who will comfort him when he is down.
Thank you, Aheng.
I have long been used to it. It’s okay. Level 5 fighter peak combat effectiveness index, the next result immediately caused a sensation among the surrounding students, this is already a very outstanding level 5 fighter peak Lin Xi repeatedly chanted these words People from big families just don’t Xie Heng sighed, and his test results were only at a very ordinary level in the early stage of Tier 4. Wang Lin, the mid-term combat power index of Tier 4 fighters, Bai Yu, the late combat power index of Tier 4 fighters, Xu Zinuo What is the mid-term combat effectiveness index of a sixth-level fighter? Xu Zinuo was born in a famous family and has a deep background, but this information seems to be out of reach of ordinary people Xu Zinuo is not A flower in a greenhouse, her cultivation talent is also outrageously high, almost like a goddess in the entire school Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Xu Zinuo walked up to Lin Xi’s side, and suddenly, it seemed that his whole temperament changed, that trace of glamor disappeared without a trace, and replaced by the innocence and vivacity of a little girl next door. Xi, don’t be discouraged.
It’s only the end of the second year of high school. There is still a year to go. As long as you work hard, you might be able to get into a Zhanzheng College.
A deep sense of guilt, um, don’t worry, I’m not so easily discouraged, Lin Xi replied, congratulations, you’ve become stronger again, hee hee, then it’s useless to say that Miss Ben is a genius, if anyone bullies you in the future, tell me, I’m sure Hitting him all over the floor looking for teeth, Xu Zinuo pretended to be fierce and waved his fist. How could it be so easy in a year? Lin Xi sighed in his heart.
Although there are still all kinds of universities in this era, every young One’s goal is to enter a university that trains real fighters, and this type of university is called a war academy. Only in a war academy can one truly become a qualified soldier.
If you want to enter an ordinary university, you only need to get the corresponding scores in cultural courses. It is almost not difficult to pass the cultural examination in this era of greatly increased brain and development level.
Anyone can easily enter a famous university in the old era, but after entering an ordinary university, it is basically doomed. People have nothing to do with martial arts, so only those with really poor talent will choose to take such a university, but the minimum requirement to enter a war academy is that the physical fitness must reach the level of a fifth-level fighter. This requirement alone will reject the above people.
Looking at Xu Zinuo’s back, Lin Xi’s eyes once again flashed a hint of puzzlement, and she doesn’t know why half of the girls who are the goddess of the iceberg have feelings for her. I am afraid that all the boys in the school have said more to her than what Lin Xi has said to her alone. Logically speaking, the two of them are people from different worlds. Others are completely different.
Forget it. Lin Xi quickly threw some unrealistic thoughts out of his head. After the test is over, there will be culture classes in the afternoon.
This is probably his only life-saving straw.
Lin Xi, you This kind of trash deserves to be so close to Zi Nuo. When Lin Xi left, a cold gaze fell on his back from the corner, as if to tear him alive. I don’t know, there is still a year to improve my physical fitness. What kind of level has he reached? Lin Xi was thinking about some things while walking to the classroom.
In fact, his talent is not so bad, and even surpassed his peers by a lot.