Dont worry hurry up bastard youre tall Ruoxi gestured with her eyes but in exchange for more hearty laughter from the grandparents and grandson Of

Author Lemon Rose Prologue After the rain, the sky is sunny and slippery, and a blue taxi with the license plate is running on the slippery airport expressway.
Don’t worry, Miss, you won’t delay the plane. The driver kept changing lanes and overtaking, while still not forgetting to comfort the anxious passengers in the back seat. Extreme passenger, oh, this is the first time for Yin Ruoxi to experience such a fast speed car. The acid water in his stomach is constantly churning, and he has no time to pay attention to what the driver is saying.
Ten minutes later, the dazzling sunlight pierces the remaining clouds and shines on the transparent hall glass.
Bright gold, thank you for giving me the money, I don’t need to look for it, Yin Ruoxi bumped all the way and finally came to the security checkpoint, sorry miss, you have a problem with your passport, please come with me Kong Wu in uniform, Yin Ruoxi was dumbfounded. Didn’t she just use her passport when she went on vacation in Bali last month? Why now, under the watchful eyes of several anti-smuggling policemen, Yin Ruoxi followed with a mournful face? She took her to a lounge with pure white marble doors as smooth as milk why would it be impossible to bring her here? Enough courage to speak my passport, the sound stopped abruptly, a powerful force pulled her in, the door was quickly closed and locked, don’t let me go, Mu Linchen, you liar, Yin Ruoxi struggled desperately in his arms, but in return he was like a storm Strong kiss, no Xiaoxi, don’t think that I will let you go in this life, unless I die Mu Linchen tightly hugged the excited man, gritted his teeth and swore that the huge disparity in physical strength made it difficult for Yin Ruoxi to break free, she opened her mouth to face The pain of his strong arm biting down came from Mu Linchen, who didn’t move at all, bite, Xiaoxi, as long as you don’t say you want to leave, even if you bite me to pieces, you will never complain. The pain in your body is far less severe than the pain in your heart. The beloved baby is going to leave him. Hearing the news for the first time, it almost crushed him. Regardless of the multi-billion contract, he resolutely flew to the city airport by helicopter to stop his escaped wife. Mu Linchen’s heart was beating wildly.
Only when you hold her in your arms can you feel a trace of steadfastness. Xiaoxi, please don’t cry. Please say something.
People say that a man should not show weakness easily, except for his Xiaoxi. He loves her to the core. Yin Ruoxi’s teeth have not yet fallen from his shoulders Let go until a thick smell of blood diffuses in her mouth, and the bean-sized teardrops slip quietly down her chin, dripping onto his lapel Gently kiss her away her sorrow, then slowly uncover the white velvet on the desk, there is a transparent crystal cup inside, Xiaoxi, you see, he is like a simple child showing to his beloved Ruoxi, take a closer look at the shiny inside of the crystal cup Ruoxi in italics, I love you, my heart was gripped hard, tears burst again Xiaoxi If God gives me another chance, I still don’t regret meeting you Xiaoxi, please give me another chance to prove I’m right Your love, I love you, Xiaoxi, I’m sorry Chapter 1 Spring Breeze once said that spring rain is as expensive as oil, but this spring rain is too moisturizing Yin Ruoxi doesn’t care that the moisture on her body floats into the crimson color like a ghost The crimson color exudes after ten o’clock The charm of the night Bandari’s first snow blooms like an orchid in the empty valley, and the psychic melody brings people an elegant enjoyment of Long Island iced tea.
Thank you, Yin Ruoxi, for choosing the place closest to the bar, ordering a glass of wine feebly. The bartender looked back with a clear face.
Ms. Thick and Tired, why don’t you have a glass of Pink Lady? For some reason, she seems a little more lonely today compared to her who is cold and calm on weekdays. Could it be that she has lost love and pity, and spontaneously changed her glass of fruit wine on her own initiative, while Yin Ruoxi was still immersed in it.
I turned a deaf ear to other people’s good intentions in my self. What kind of sugar water wine is this? It didn’t match my taste buds until I put it in my mouth. Yin Ruoxi frowned.
Do you want to be fired? Cold eyes glanced at the guilty bartender. Hesitation flashed in the bartender’s eyes, then he calmed down.
I’m sorry, I made a mistake and apologized. At the same time, I mixed her drinks neatly. After working in the bar for so long, I naturally understand the rules of survival. But still able to easily control his emotions, he took the wine glass and drank it passionately, stimulating every cell. Another glass of hoarse voice, please wait a moment, I don’t know when the light of the bar will change from the original dark purple to blue Yin Ruoxi is a little dazed Scenes of the unbearable past unfold before her eyes. She shakes her head violently, grabs the wine glass, and takes a swig.
Miss, you took it wrong. Seeing her abnormal behavior, the bartender talked again, but before she could say anything, she was stopped by a cold look.
His head vaguely received the message, then he stood up shaking and choked dissatisfied. If he took it wrong, he was afraid that I would not pay her. She glanced at the man sitting on her right hand in embarrassment. Although he was dressed low-key, the powerful aura that exuded almost overwhelmed him. Yin Ruoxi frowned in displeasure, followed his gaze, turned around and paused for a few seconds.
The man is still handsome.
The disgust of the unreasonable man came one after another, bent down to look directly at the man, his smiling eyes, his weak and boneless hands gently hooked his neck Out of focus, the low-cut black chiffon skirt outlines her beautiful curves. The man’s body stiffens, but his face remains unchanged. He said indifferently, Miss, did I hear you wrong? His tone was calm and without any emotion, obviously his carelessness was completely irritated. Yin Ruoxi