Don’t worry brother I’ll save you right away Even though Xue Qianchou was engulfed by raging flames Chen Mo believes that his voice can be

Chapter 1 Mysterious Chip The grove next to the campsite at the junction of Jinyun Kingdom and the Eastern Wilderness From now on, it’s better to stay away from the three princesses so that you don’t suffer a little bit of flesh and blood. This is not you.
My limbs are sore in the mud and I can’t get up for a long time. I can only watch the winner laughing and walking away.
Damn, if I hadn’t been haunted by nightmares, I have lost energy and physical strength these few days. As soon as the torment falls into a dream, Chen Mo will put on a white coat and manipulate various precision instruments in a dust-free secret room to dissect mice.
Even with his knowledge of the second son of the Jingnan Houfu, he has never seen such a strange world.
Langzhong was in the dream, Chen Mo was so conscious, he knew he was dreaming, but even if he couldn’t wake up, he couldn’t change any of his movements and feelings, but it was 100% realistic. The first half of the nightmare was just a boring vivisection strange experiment.
Half of Chen Mo had to endure inhuman pain, lying on his back with his bare upper body, fixed himself on an operating table, unable to even move his head, then Chen Mo watched helplessly as an alloy mechanical arm opened his head with his fingertips. Five hair-thin steel needles were used to implant a crystal plate the size of a fingernail into the brainstem.
During the whole process, Chen Mo felt sober.
There was only one word. It hurt like his head was being torn apart.
The craniotomy was completed.
Chen Mo Only then can he wake up, and the nightmare has lasted for three full days.
The nightmare is like a gangrene, and Chen Mo has a headache from morning till night, and his consciousness is split. Fang Yuanyang did not take revenge for this villain, Chen Mo’s face was muddy, but his mouth was fragrant, he struggled and tried several times, but he couldn’t get up, because his face was hit hard, and his head hurt even more, as if it would split in two in the next second.
Waves of pain orgasm hit Chen Mo couldn’t bear it any longer, the blackness in front of his eyes was blurred, it was not good to have a nightmare, it came again and was tortured by the nightmare for three days Dazed, it will arrive as expected, hold on, can’t sleep, consciously screaming, but Chen Mo’s body has been severely injured, his head is getting heavier and heavier, and he can’t hold it anymore, falling into a coma, the same white coat, the same cold equipment, even the experimental mice. It looks exactly the same as the predecessors who died on the dissecting table before.
The strange thing is that the first half of this nightmare was pressed with the fast forward button. The familiar scene flew by ten frames ten frames. Chen Mo felt that he had turned into a tentacle monster. Completed every high-precision scientific experiment in the second half of the nightmare. From the moment I lay on the operating table, I was pressed ten times the slow speed button.
Chen Mo’s pupils dilated and looked desperately at the metal mechanical arm moving at a snail’s speed inch by inch.
The ground stretched out, the feeling of helplessness, the pain of being separated from flesh and blood was lengthened ten times, the heart-piercing pain, Chen Mo had to endure the pain of implanting the mysterious lens, I don’t know how long it took before Chen Mo was about to give up hope consciousness eyes when dissipated The dream was shattered in the previous light, and I Chen Mo woke up alive The earthy smell of mud and water The fragrance of green grass has never been so fragrant Even the delicacies of the New Year’s Eve dinner in the Hou Mansion in memory Chen Mo asserts that it can’t compare to the simple taste of nature at this moment Greedily breathing the local breath that represents life, Chen Mo is about to cry, and the dream is thousands of years old, who would have known that if it wasn’t for his strong willpower, Chen Mo would have been tormented by the nightmare long ago? You are happy to use it.
If you have any quality problems, please call customer service for consultation. The sweet female voice suddenly sounded in Chen Mo’s mind, ten times better than the voice of the female singer of Jiaofang. This song should only be heard in the sky. The sensuality even made Chen Mo forget the pain in the body.
Chen Mo knew the individual words spoken by the fairy, but they can be connected together. The meaning of this sentence can’t be understood with his literary skills of the second son of the Jingnan Houfu. It won’t be a nightmare. Too much hysteria, consumer guidance, system formatting completed, lifelong binding host, Chen Mo’s voice again turned into a cold mechanical voice without any emotion Understood Chen Mo’s doubts.
The mechanical voice explained coldly.
Due to the influence of unknowable factors such as time-space lamination, spatial turbulence, black hole force field, etc.
, this chip has completed the soul binding with the host. The world’s scientific constants are abnormal. Organize the host’s memory and analyze the external environment.
The basic data collection is completed, some constant calibration values ​​are drawn up, and the host’s body state is scanned. Then, a light blue three-dimensional model appears in front of Chen Mo, showing his whole body in all directions. This is the first time I saw my whole body so clearly, I was shocked to the point where I was slender, with sword eyebrows, star eyes, icy skin and jade skin from the neck down, but my face was as black as the bottom of a pot. Acquired artificial black because the color depth of the sludge is far inferior to Chen Mo’s natural black pot face, just like the reincarnation of Bao Gong, a cute and eye-catching sac, the scan is completed, the physical fitness modeling is completed, the host Chen Mo’s energy state is greatly damaged, and the source is slightly unstable. Concussion, limbs, and multiple soft tissue bruises on the face. Note that the dark face is not caused by accumulation of blood, but the natural skin color. Please rest assured. It is recommended to take a piece of warm water immediately to remove the blood grass.
Massage the acupoints of the limbs, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis to treat trauma.
For natural phenomena, please take timely supplements with wild ginseng, wolfberry and black fungus.
Note that the essence is physical strength, explosive power, stamina, resilience, vitality, and other weighted values ​​are calculated comprehensively.