Dont worry brother God knows this matter you know me Li Yi nodded and said in a low voice my solution is very simple so

Dazzling lightning pierced through layers of dark clouds, rumbling thunder accompanied by soybean-sized raindrops falling from the sky, sweeping away the sweltering heat of the past few days. In the dilapidated tube building, a bearded young man woke up from a hangover with a dry throat. He had a feeling of wanting to vomit but couldn’t vomit, and he opened his eyes with difficulty. Li Yi looked at the scene in front of him and was a little dazed.
What caught his eyes was no longer his 1,000-square-meter luxury river view mansion, but a dilapidated and dim small house. What lies in the house is not an imported mahogany bed, but a crude plank bed. There is no Thai latex mattress, no cool silk quilt, but thick and heavy but somewhat familiar mattress quilt. Where is this? The home of the poverty alleviation target is not right! Although I have been running in the uninhabited valleys all year round, I usually don’t spend the night at the fellow’s house. Shaking my dizzy head, Li Yi struggled to get up from the messy bed and came to the place where he was going. The cold wind blowing on the face by the window with cold rain in the outside made Li Yi wake up a little. Seeing pedestrians hurrying on the street through the rain curtain, Li Yi was stunned again.
The scene in front of him was strange but familiar. This is not me thirty years ago Do you live in the dormitory building of the Meat Factory? The five-story building with the red flag on the opposite side is the office building of the Meat Factory.
Not far away, the blue steel structure building is the slaughtering workshop where I work and the row of small houses at the gate.
It is not only the guard’s lounge but also a small shop.
Where is the busiest place in the whole factory every night? It’s just that the meat joint factory was demolished 20 years ago.
How could I be here? Suddenly Li Yi seemed to realize something and turned towards the entrance door of the house. Looking on the left side, there is a stack of month plates that have been torn in half.
The time of month and day is correct, but the year makes Li Yi tremble uncontrollably.
Half of my face seemed to be swollen and hurt. Is it true that I have actually returned to thirty years ago? Could it be that the gods and Buddhas in the sky heard my prayers, or that my decades of good deeds have moved some gods passing by? Let me go back to before the tragedy happened, and give me a chance to make up for my mistakes.
Even though Li Yi before his rebirth was already a super rich man with assets exceeding tens of billions and a philanthropist praised by everyone in Longguo, he didn’t feel a pity at all compared to himself.
The money, status and honor that have been lost are so insignificant. Li Yi’s background is not bad. His father is the owner of the slaughtering workshop of the Jiangnan Provincial Meat Factory, and his mother is an accountant of the Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative. In addition, there is only Li Yi, the only child in the family, so Li Yi has been treated as a sweetheart since he was a child. It is precisely because of this kind of non-standard doting that Li Yi has finally grown into a lazy street guy who eats food, is lazy, and does not want to make progress.
After graduating from junior high school, Li Yi Unwilling to continue studying, his father Li Fengnian had no choice but to rely on his relationship to get him to a meat factory and became a worker. When he was young, he married a beautiful daughter-in-law, but even if he became a family. But Li Yi still doesn’t learn how to live well Delicious and lazy to do work, spend three days fishing and two days drying the net, and even get tainted with gambling. The wages he earns are either eaten and squandered or used for gambling. Even the wages of his wife Xu Qingnan were taken away by him.
He lived a tight life, and once he got angry outside, he would go home and lose his temper, and even beat his wife, but even so, his wife Xu Qingnan never gave up on him until that happened.
Li Yi’s expression was suddenly startled by the tragedy, and he turned his head again to look at the month plate on the wall.
Year, month, day, fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, Monday, that’s right, it’s today. In the previous life, he was expelled because he had a fight with the factory manager’s son a few days ago. Choi missed to pick up her daughter from school, but her daughter was abducted by human traffickers. Although the whole family has mobilized all the relationships, there is still no clue.
Because of this, his wife Xu Qingnan divorced herself and quit her job to find her daughter alone. Three years later, in desperation, he jumped down from the upstairs and fixed his life at the age of a flower, and his parents severed ties with him in a fit of anger.
He did not forgive himself until his death. After his daughter was kidnapped, divorced, and his wife After a series of blows such as jumping off a building, Li Yi finally came to his senses. Later, he started to set up a street stall and studied while doing business.
Finally, at the age of 40, he made his first small goal in life.
Later, his company began to set foot in real estate.
The financial, automotive, electronics, and cultural tourism industries completed the conglomeration process in just ten years and were finally listed on Hong Kong Island.
With his huge wealth of tens of billions, he himself was listed on the Dragon Country Rich List and became a pivotal figure in the business world. He is an elite figure, but even if he is successful and famous, even if he has billions of dollars, Li Yi is still not happy.
After he succeeded in business, he only did two things.
The first thing was to find his daughter, and the second thing was to do charity. He used twenty In two years, he personally traveled to most of the remote mountainous areas of the motherland, built roads and schools for the common people there, and tried to find a way out for them to get rid of poverty and become rich.
Everyone who knows him knows that Li Yi does charity with sincerity. He never put on a show. For this reason, he has been recognized by the high-level and praised by the common people. He himself has become a model in the industry, but no one knows that Li Yi is doing all this to atone for his sins and to do good deeds for his desperate daughter.
He found his daughter when he was 5 years old. Although his daughter was already 2 years old and married and had children, he missed the best time for her to grow up, but after all, he found it. Was it just after letting go of a big stone in his heart that he frequently thought of that age? Just marry the woman who worked hard and worked hard with him for five years