Don’t mention Zhu Yi Ji Ling rubbed his face and covered his eyes I don’t know how to see him when I go back hey

In the early spring of the 14th year of Zhengtong in the Ming Dynasty, a group of Oirat missions composed of thousands of people entered the capital arrogantly. They were called tributes, but they were actually asking for rewards. It turned out that after the fall of the Yuan Dynasty, the Mongols who retreated to Mobei were chaotic and split into Tatar Oirats.
Since the Yongle period, the three tribes of Wuliangha have surrendered to the Ming Dynasty, and they have to offer horses to the Ming Dynasty every year to pay tribute to Yongle. After Yongle, the Wara tribe has become stronger than the Xuande period. During the orthodox period, they conquered Wuliangha and unified the three tribes of Mongolia. After Oala unified Mongolia, they continued to harass the border of Ming Dynasty, which became a serious border problem in the north of the Ming Dynasty. At the same time, they became more active in the matter of Tonggong. The matter is related to the power of the eunuch Wang Zhen, the eunuch Wang Zhen, who was young and ignorant in Zhu Qizhen, Emperor Yingzong of the Ming Dynasty. He didn’t dare to make a decision on his own, so Mao Gui, the eunuch of the pilgrimage, took the pilgrimage from the minister, and hurriedly sent it to the office.
I waited on Wang Zhen for a long time, so when I saw Mao Gui running over in a panic, I grabbed him and said, “The ancestor is suffering from a toothache.
I accidentally disturbed Zhun and ate a few big mouths.
This is the excerpt from Wala’s tribute.” Handed it over, Mao Gui slumped down and rubbed his forehead so that some sweat came out. How did you say that, the ancestors, why should you be careful at this stall? In an instant, the boss, the ancestor, was in the middle, and the kids were talking about something again. With Wang Zhen’s sharp and piercing voice, a green glaze plate shattered on the ground with a bang, so scared that Mao Gui and Wang Changsui got out of their bodies immediately.
The cold-sweating patriarch forgives Mao Gui, following Chang Wang with small steps, as soon as he enters the hall, he lays down on the ground with a thump, but he dare not take out the booklet he was carrying in his bosom for a moment. Turning around, he glanced at him, only to see that Mao Gui was just hiding on the side, buried his head low, looking like he was waiting for him to speak first, this bastard Wang Changsui cursed secretly in his heart, just as he was about to raise his face to speak, he saw Wang Shaking his hands and covering his cheeks, he stared at himself and went to the ice cellar.
He didn’t do anything, and he was still dawdling. Hey, back to the ancestors, he had already ordered people to go, thinking that he should be back soon. Wang Chang then untied a delicate bag from his waist.
Doctor Gao from the Tai Hospital heard that the ancestor had a toothache, and personally boiled it with plantain, double-faced needle, chamomile, hemp, etc., and made it into a blind medicine.
He thought of honoring the ancestor. Beckoning, Wang Changsui immediately bowed his waist and held the sachet in front of Wang Zhen. The old ancestor bit it and put it behind the root of his tooth. Wang Zhen had a severe toothache at this time and didn’t bother to take it.
Wang Changsui directly grabbed the sachet and put it in his hand.
After taking out a few square ones, he quickly stuffed them into his mouth. Hissing, Wang Zhen closed his eyes and felt his gums go numb, and then he felt a slight cold toothache. Seeing that Wang Zhen was in a better mood, the old ancestor Mao Gui asked Wang Chang to follow him.
After casting a grateful glance, he took out the booklet from his bosom and brought it in.
The ancestor Oala’s tribute mission arrived. This time, this time, the roster and gift list were brought over. Wang Zhen frowned when he saw the thick stack of papers.
How did you say it? Back to the ancestors, the cabinet hasn’t seen it yet, it is said that it will be sent to the ancestors first to ask for instructions. Mao Gui looked at Wang Zhen’s expression and tone and became more cautious. How many people is this? Wang Zhen browsed through the roster of tributes, and his hands trembled unconsciously. More than 2,000 people. It turned out that according to the original regulations, Wala’s tribute envoys to the Ming Dynasty should not exceed 50 people each year, but because Wang Zhen accepted Wala’s private acceptance Bribery and smuggling transactions with the nobles of Oala, so there is no restriction on this article, which has caused the number of tribute envoys in Oala to increase to more than 2,000 in recent years. You must know that the Ming Dynasty will reward and rebate according to the number of tribute envoys.
They reported three Seeing Wang Zhen’s unkind expression, Qian Maogui couldn’t help but gasped, but the number of people below was at most two thousand and five, which should have been a false report.
Oh, my tooth, Wang Zhen let out a mournful wail I spit out all the medicine in my mouth, these Mongolian Tartars are getting bolder and dare to go to the root of the imperial city to play this set, in fact, Wang Zhen is not so angry because of the fact that Oala falsely reported the number of people to return to the root After all, he did business with the Wala people last year and received a batch of bad horses.
Naturally, he couldn’t sell them for a lot of money and lost a lot of money. But Wang Zhen had to smash his teeth and swallow it in his stomach.
After all, he smuggled military supplies to Mobei.
It’s not easy to explain to the emperor.
Originally, he wanted to make money with peace and buy a lesson to talk to those Wala nobles. This matter will be over. But seeing the current situation, if the Wala people are willing to be honest, then we will see each other.
The old ghost ancestors must not get angry, lest they get angry, Mao Gui and Wang Changsui saw Wang Zhen lost his temper, they were all frightened and trembling with those ignorant poor ghosts, telling the Ministry of Rites Wang Zhen squinted his eyes and gritted his teeth Obviously, the pain is severe, and the head count is not too much to give them.
Mao Gui can only nod his head at this time, but at this time, someone brought ice cubes, so Wang Changsui hurriedly wrapped it in cotton cloth and then He lowered his head and held his ancestor Wang Zhen in both hands, grabbed the ice cubes wrapped in cotton cloth, then carefully spread them on his cheeks, sat back in his seat, and gasped heavily.
You can clearly hear how the tribute horses are priced.
Mao Gui didn’t expect Wang Zhenhui to ask this question suddenly, so he couldn’t help being stunned until Wang Changsui secretly pulled the corner of his clothes before he came back to his senses and said back to his ancestors.
A thousand horses is a total of ten thousand and ten thousand taels