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The title of Kyushu is the geographical administrative region of ancient China, the general name of the world is divided into Kyushu, Jizhou, Yanzhou, Qingzhou, Xuzhou, Yangzhou, Jingzhou, Liangzhou, Yongzhou, Yuzhou, Kyushu land refers to the land of China. So he slept in the daytime and sleepwalked in the country of the Huaxu family.
In his dream, he saw his ideal country.
When he woke up, he used this to rule the country, the sea, the river, and the world. After that, the Yellow Emperor composed a song based on what he saw in his dream. Duan Qizuo turned upside down and confused, saw that all living beings fulfilled all wishes, Mr.
Qi of Tang, the title of this book probably originated from here.
It can be seen that Mr. Qi of Tang’s outstanding imagination is not based on fabricated imagination, but extremely profound classics. Literary literacy is lacking in most of today’s authors, but it is very important and even necessary in writing professional literacy From the name of the song, it is extended to a song with Chinese ancient style, and its use of words to describe scenery and things is like a paintbrush, sometimes it is like a brush, soft and proclaimed, and it writes gracefully, gracefully and sadly. The history is rich and colorful, and every description of a line and a paragraph is very graphic.
In addition, the characters are portrayed vividly, and the character’s temperament is realistically outlined.
The interlocking and fascinating storylines make readers almost feel that they are not reading a book but watching a game. Movies on paper make readers feel like they have watched scenes of visual historical dramas while reading the text. For me, Hua Xuyin will put a book next to the lamp on the desk, and after reading it, I will read it again and again.
Let’s start at will, every page is a visual text Chapter Preface Xu Changde Maybe only through the process of death can we find the meaning of life Maybe history needs to find the value of possession from the passage of time Before the end of the legend Tang Qi The son’s Hua Xuyin gave the heroine in the story a chance to be reborn.
The heroine started from death and pulled out a series of mysterious stories under the magnificent historical background. With the help of a secret technique called Hua Xuyin, people’s dreams can come true. The heroine thus begins her adventure. When Huaxu is played, the pianist and the wisher will sink together into a dream woven by secret techniques. In the dream, misunderstandings can be explained, mistakes can be redeemed, and what you want to say can finally be said.
You don’t have to miss the encounter you want, so everyone is happy. Everyone’s happiness is priced at a life.
From then on, I’m addicted to that happy dream. It’s you, do you want it? Did you make any mistakes? You have to trade your life for no. Congratulations, you don’t make mistakes or hurt Congratulations if you don’t hurt yourself.
Not everyone will make the mistake of trading their life for it. Not everyone who makes a mistake wants to trade their life for it. If they are willing to trade it and save it, maybe it’s only fair from the perspective of self-interest. To look at the world from the ground up What this book wants you to experience is to let go of yourself and embrace a new possibility Chapter Preface Yao Qian I rarely write prefaces for people Because I know that I am not qualified for literary creation. I am just a reader and a primary school student. In my eyes, being able to write a touching article and story is an extraordinary achievement. I envy people with such talents and abilities. I am happy to be guided by them into touching stories and articles one after another.
If I want to tell my after-reading, I can talk endlessly, but if I want to write a preface, it will be too difficult for me. But this time it is a little different because it is planned After retiring, I began to write more texts and got acquainted with some publishing houses, so I had the opportunity to see Tang Qigong’s new work Hua Xuyin first.
Because I read it before others, I couldn’t help but share my reading experience.
I have never read Tang before. Qi Gongzi’s works are only seen in some comments. Some people have the following evaluations of him. Tang Qi Gongzi’s writing style is smooth, the plot is ups and downs, and he is good at telling heart-wrenching stories with humorous language. It has moved countless infatuated men and women.
After watching Hua Xuyin, her reputation is indeed well-deserved.
Her story has a sense of screen close to that of a movie.
Even though this is an ancient story, it has a sci-fi plot.
Reading is even more unconstrained imagination. After reading Hua Xu Yin, I also became curious about Mr.
Tang Qi from the reader’s perspective. Through the arrangement of the publishing house, I had the opportunity to talk to her on the phone.
The young and clear voice of the woman on the other end is completely perfect Unlike what I expected to be a deep author, I was very curious and asked her if she had read