Dont always think about other peoples faults first think about whether you have done a good job Xiao Xiao pinched the stack of untouched reports

Chapter 1 The pedestrian street on weekdays is like an old beehive forgotten by bee swarms. The densely packed stores open their big black mouths in vain in the April sun. Stepping on the granite floor with red-bottomed stilettos reverberates in the nearly silent street. The clear clicking sound shows off its gorgeousness and expensive high-heeled shoes.
The owner has a pair of slender legs and wears a well-tailored dress, attracting the envious eyes of several young girls. The slender metal heel stepped on the protruding ripples on the edge of the blind alley. The ankle was crooked.
The owner of the elegant and decent high-heeled shoe instantly fell off a big horse.
Leaning on his back with his rich experience in somersaulting, Xiao Xiao used his hand to cover the grid without feeling sorry.
The pads are under the elbows, and it is possible to complete a very difficult forward pounce. I fell down and ignored the pain in my arm.
I got up immediately and looked like a thief. I quickly looked at the left and right. The person stumbled and made a fool of himself, quickly tidied up his messy long hair, patted the dust on the surface of the bag, and saw that a small piece of skin had been rubbed off the edge, and grinned in distress, Xiao Xiao pulled the mask on his face angrily. The heel is still too high for her, sister, are you okay? A crisp voice came from behind Xiao Xiao stiffly turned around, and saw two little girls who looked like students looking at her worriedly. Xiao Xiao put the mask back on. I pulled it up and it happened that the mobile phone in my bag rang, quickly took it out, answered the phone, and walked away quickly, Xiao Xiao, where are you? Cope with it patiently Oh, I forgot to tell you I brought a new girlfriend to see you today, don’t you mind? The joyful voice is full of pride that cannot be concealed, mixed with the laughter of the girl next to me, listening to Xiao Xiao’s ears It’s like a cat’s paw scratching a tin plate, causing her to almost drop her mobile phone. The person on the other end of the phone is her ex-boyfriend because the two broke up on the phone.
He didn’t expect this person to bring a new girlfriend here without saying hello, obviously he set up a game and waited to play with her ugly It was only because a handsome figure broke into her field of vision like a group of burning meteorites in the night sky, with a light that cannot be ignored.
It was a man in a casual suit. It was almost noon and the sun was a bit vicious.
The man took off his coat and put it on his arm.
The ironed black shirt is wrapped with perfect shoulders that are 53 centimeters wide. His waist is narrow and his hips are slender. He is looking down at his wallet. His cold demeanor is a bit incompatible with the cheap milk tea shop with cartoon logos.
Of course I don’t mind the other end of the phone.
Obviously choked for a while, Xiao Xiao ignored him, he directly closed the line and strode towards the milk tea shop, can you do me a favor, sir? Xiao Xiao stopped the man’s hand to pay and asked for no change. Handed the money to the boss in the window at room temperature milk green with coconut fruit Qian is what she told her, the classic line is not I am not a beggar Xiao Xiao hurriedly explained that the embarrassment that almost turned into reality was about to flood the top of his head, but there was no turning back when he opened the bow, so he could only bite the bullet and speed up his speech, sorry, I know this It’s very abrupt to meet my ex-boyfriend today. I just learned that he brought a new girlfriend to me. It’s too embarrassing for me to go alone.
I want to ask you to help me fill in the space. I will delay you for ten minutes at the store in front of me. I will treat you to drink milk tea for a week.
After speaking without a pause, everyone in front of the milk tea shop, including the boss who was still holding ten yuan, stopped and looked at her without blinking.
Eyebrows turned to look at the source of the noise. The young girl has a pair of extremely beautiful eyes.
The lower half of her face is hidden in a black mask, making it impossible to see her appearance.
It makes people curious for no reason, and only three parts can be seen behind her.
One of the side faces, Xiao Xiao, was completely attracted by the golden ratio of the figure.
Now seeing the front face, he couldn’t help but feel suffocated for a moment. Xiao Xiao, who is used to seeing handsome men and women in the fashion industry, also has to praise this face.
A sound of good sunlight leaked from the low roof and shone on the light-colored thin lips and cold-toned chin that were drawn into a line, so beautiful that people couldn’t move their eyes.
The man put away his wallet and turned to face her. You said such a sentence without warning, can you show me your face? Didn’t expect a man to make such a request? Xiao Xiao, who was immersed in the beauty, was stunned for three seconds before he could barely recover, and then he understood the other party.
The intention was probably to see if this face was worthy of help.
He sighed secretly, this gentleman might be disappointed. Xiao Xiao raised his hand and rubbed the mask three times. The hook on the left ear gritted his teeth and took it off.
The child with milk tea couldn’t help exclaiming, realizing that he was impolite, he immediately covered his mouth. Under the mask was a big face that didn’t match his slender figure and beautiful eyes.
His swollen cheeks looked like a goldfish with blisters. It looks ugly and stupid. I thought it was a historic meeting between a prince and a princess, but it turned out to be an ugly girl’s vulgar accost. It was really disappointing.
Everyone looked away and couldn’t bear to look down. The strange eyes of passers-by made Xiao Xiao feel a little embarrassed I went to try to cover my overly fat cheeks with long hair. A deep and pleasant voice sounded above my head for a month. Xiao Xiao didn’t react. The boss took the ten yuan back and put it in his trouser pocket with one hand and walked towards the restaurant pointed by Xiao Xiao first. Well, the business with a very low success rate suddenly succeeded, Xiao Xiao’s whole body was lit up, and quickly took out two One hundred yuan to get a card from the window boss thirty times