Dongfang Bubai saw He Xies attitude and smiled miserably saying fortunately I dont know you There are endless sighs in the words of this training

In Infernal Affairs, he instead tried to be a good person. In Bao Qingtian, he tattooed a sun on his forehead.
In Charlotte, in Anxiety, Yuan Hua and Qiu Ya sang together. If Tianzhi’s new life is not bad, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in your group and Weibo The second copy of the record of innocence is written to say sorry to the book friends who are involved in the record of injustice.
The following is investigating the incident number. The client, Ms. Chen Sili, ID card number. Year, month, day, year, month, day, investigation site, Rongcheng, Miancheng, investigation object Li Chenggong, client’s husband, Hu Lijing, Li Chenggong’s secretary, obtained evidence, public surveillance video, duration, minutes, investigator’s shooting video, duration, minutes, key audio minutes, object of investigation, hotel opening record, witness position Ms. Qin, the owner of Building No. Mochazhu Community, Huanggang golf course caddy Xin X.
Miancheng Xilai Squat Hotel front desk Zhang X.
and room attendant Wang X. Li Chenggong’s friend Han X. All witnesses have promised to testify and signed relevant agreements Ms. Hu Lijing Weixin Momo and Koukou and other social software chat records and call records example. The survey subject took a photo together. The notes contained an indecent photo.
The relevant financial investigation report survey conclusions are based on the fact that the client, Ms. Chen Sili, and the survey subject, Mr. Li Chenggong, are in a normal marriage. Under the circumstances, Mr. Li Chenggong and Ms. Hu Lijing maintained an improper relationship between men and women for a month.
Li Chenggong’s infidelity in marriage and the transfer of property in marriage and other factual evidences are sufficient. The investigation evidence is objective and legal.
Person He Xie typed the last word of this investigation report on date, year, month, day, He Xie took a big mouthful of cold tea, chewed the tea in his mouth, stood up and reached out to open the printer’s stomach The hot feeling reminded him that it was lunch time. He Xie opened the drawer and took a bite of the half loaf of bread that was left over three days ago yesterday.
Because he made an appointment with the client to meet at one o’clock, and it is now half past twelve. Punctuality is the most basic respect for work. It looks like a tractor, and it vibrates desperately.
He Xie had to hold it down with one hand and control the mouse with the other to print. Otherwise, the printer would easily wander under the table to pay the rent.
Do you want to buy a new printer? He Xie was thinking that his mobile phone rang suddenly, and the number was not marked. As a professional investigator, he would never save the client’s number. Hello, Ms. Chen, Mr.
He, I entrusted you to investigate my husband, but he found out. He Xie paused when he heard the anxious voice on the phone, and he cursed silently, trying to keep his tone calm and asked you Does it mean he knew you were investigating him or did he already know me? I’m sorry, He Xie really wanted to swear, but he is a professional and professional investigator would not swear at a client, so he just took a deep breath and continued to ask. Then you called me because I wanted to say that it’s okay. Well, you want to terminate the entrustment, er, if you are sure to cancel the entrustment, then the agreement we signed before clearly states that due to the client’s personal reasons, the investigation entrustment agreement is terminated in an incomplete manner and the payment will not be refunded.
He Xie speaks slowly and investigates. The evidence obtained during this period will be completely destroyed by our company and will not be delivered to the client.
I will confirm with you again. Are you sure you want to terminate the entrustment agreement signed with our company on the investigation of your husband’s infidelity? I’m sure, Mr.
He, but What I want to say is not this, I want to tell you that my husband was very angry when he found out that I asked someone to investigate him.
He asked me for your address and already went to settle accounts with you.
Fuck, He Xie’s face suddenly went dark, Mr. He, what are you talking about? He Xie tried to calm himself down and told himself that he was a professional investigator.
He squeezed out a smile and asked, so when did your husband leave your place to look for me? It was eleven o’clock.
Forty minutes away, um, counting the time, he should have arrived by now, he is really angry, he might hit you, do you want to hide from you first? You know he might hit me, He Xie, in the heart While yelling I’m professional I’m professional I’m professional He took deep breaths again and again but it didn’t work out He almost gritted his teeth and asked your husband came to see me fifty minutes ago Why did you call me now Ms Chen Don’t you think it’s a bit late for you to call? Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. He. I was wearing a mask before and couldn’t talk on the phone.
You know how to speak while wearing a mask? His chest resonated fiercely, and the word Cao came out of his throat. He scratched his hair hard, grabbed the key on the table with the other hand, stepped on the bag with his other hand, and hurried out to do an investigation.
It’s been three years since he didn’t come across this.
This is the first time that he sold him to the client who was the subject of investigation, but he sold him so fresh and refined.
He really wanted to curse at the client.