Dong Li hasn’t said a word yet Yan Xu spoke directly at this time you group of rhythmic people are not well Heart no matter

Everything is for eating.
Pascal once said that man is a thinking reed. Although Yan Xu likes this sentence, he does not want to become a reed, let alone a similar state. A thoughtful forum, after a few days, Yan Xu I have already searched through databases and search engines to find out all the information I want to know.
This is a parallel world similar to the earth, but he does not exist in reality but exists in the network of this world.
Yan Xu has always lamented that it would be great if he could time travel and become a person. You can copy novels, songs, scripts, movies, build a superstar, or build yourself into a superstar to achieve your star dream. You can also reproduce all business models that do not exist in this world and integrate them into a group.
From then on, you will reach the pinnacle of your life. Seeing him become such a form, his dream was shattered, and the countless data in the independent network disk of the database was wasted because of time travel.
His dream of being the richest man is gone, and his dream of being a star is gone.
He really wants to cry, but he can’t change it. In reality, he is trapped in the forum and can’t go anywhere.
This forum is very similar to the classic forum of the previous life. The template picture of the water world also has the word entertainment on it like a lotus out of water. It is basically the same as other forums. Everyone chats.
The distribution center is really shabby.
There are only a few thousand registered users.
The number of real active users is only one to two hundred. It is estimated that many people registered as friends at the time.
There are not many forums. Now, even if the forum configuration is high, the space is large, and the server bandwidth is large. It’s useless to be big. The forum’s reputation is too small and there’s no traffic. If a community doesn’t have much traffic, it’s not far from being closed. I don’t know why this forum can survive, but it’s a good thing it’s not closed, otherwise it will be in an endless state.
In the dark, Yan Xu used to think about becoming the soul of the forum. He didn’t need to eat, he had electricity and internet, but it turned out that his idea was wrong. Now the traffic of the forum is his food. After a few days, he is half dead The forum didn’t provide him with anything, no soup, at least there was water, but there wasn’t even water.
The various information he checked had already consumed a lot of energy, and if he continued to consume like this, he might not be able to maintain his thoughts. I’m already so hungry that my chest is sticking to my back.
I can’t go on like this because even thinking is exhausting. I don’t care about it. Let’s do things first to make the forum active and solve food and clothing first. Besides, besides the known management account, there are still three vest accounts Zhixinshan I don’t know the reason why I can only use these three numbers, but it’s enough for traffic. It’s not easy to post.
Post a post and post the subject first. I never thought that my life would end in this way. In reality, my heart has no place to rest. I finally chose to release it here. In the real world, my parents have long left me aside.
I haven’t seen each other for several years. I haven’t remembered him on the phone for more than ten years I’m used to being bullied and insulted at school, but I know I can’t mess around.
Even if I don’t get good grades, I’m still studying hard. Life is already so miserable. I can’t live without dreams. I still believe, hope, and believe that the sun shines on me. Mind I like to read books and wander in the ocean of literature in the rare time. Although I am often kicked out by the shopkeeper, I hope to become a writer or a poet in the future. My life experience tells me that poetry may be my only solace in the future. I have always believed in life and hoped that a mobile phone I picked up that day made me look forward to the future even more. This is a small pink mobile phone. I think the owner must be very anxious, but there is no battery in the mobile phone, so I went to charge it first, hoping to be able to I contacted the owner and turned it on for him.
There are a bunch of missed calls in the communication log.
I guess the owner must have been in a hurry at the time. I called back and got through the content of the building. So far, Yan Xu didn’t say anything just to attract people. And there is suspense. Posting also consumes a lot of energy.
The hunger is more intense. Slowly, the good thing is that the effect of the item card is still obvious.
The theme of the red highlight has attracted many people at once.
What could be better than suicide? What’s more gimmick? What’s more controversial than suicide? You’re my big brother. Why did you break it? Big brother Xiao Huang’s article is well written.
Feng Fan visually judged that the host’s routine is deep, since the girl is a passerby, there is a big funny expression behind this wave of replies, which made him feel a little warm, as if he drank a sip of warm water, which made him helpless.
The active forum can at most make him loosen his muscles and bones.
In essence, it solves the problem of food and clothing, so Yan Xu still hopes that the people he sees can spread out and attract more traffic, so that they can have soup to drink.
The one who answered the phone was a girl with a beautiful voice.
I’ve never heard such a pleasant voice. I’m already ready to be scolded.
Immediately afterwards, she cursed and forced many people who originally wanted to return it to change their minds and threw their phones directly into the stinky ditch. I am used to being scolded.
Even if she scolds me, it doesn’t matter, but her performance surprised me. The first impression is very, very good.
Usually I rarely talk to girls.
I don’t know what to say. I just want to return the phone to her.
I want to make an appointment, and then we meet like a passing guest, and we never see her again. I just don’t think of her.
Said she was out of town