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The modern ranger saga in the western United States begins in a small town in Texas.
The author customizes the label and makes money easily. Looks a bit dated It doesn’t look like this is the airport of the world’s most powerful country, the United States Alright buddy let’s break up here I’ll bring you to America I’ll bring you a green card from America I’m done and I’ll keep going north You don’t happen to be on the same road as me A guy in his fifties Eastern European reached out and shook his hand at the exit of the airport Well of course not I’m going to keep going south I’m a total bum now Qiu Fengyu lets go He has nothing to do with this rich Ukrainian old man but because he saved this guy’s life during the conflict in Crimea and then let the old man bring himself to the United States You are not a bum you There will be money and buy a ranch here in Texas you can be a young cowboy of course not a cowboy with guns and guns you better apply for your social security number and driver’s license as soon as possible or you won’t be able to do anything in this part of the United States Okay buddy, I wish you a pleasant trip Holding a paper bag, the Ukrainian old man took the paper bag over, opened it, and handed it to Qiu Fengyu.
This is yours, the 20,000 U.
dollars you deserve Another bodyguard at the side took his luggage and opened the car door for him, he got in and the car ran away in a flash and disappeared. Do you want to be a cowboy? It’s the reward for saving him, but it’s not enough for him to buy a ranch, but Texas is full of big ranches.
When he came here, the Ukrainian old man told him that 20,000 dollars is considered rich. In China, it’s 10.
Two to thirty thousand, Qiu Fengyu silently calculated the twenty thousand dollars in cash that he put in his backpack, maybe I can find a place to stay first, and then find a job.
I know where the asphalt road extends. Tighten my backpack and continue to move forward. Abilene, a small town in Paso, Texas. There are only more than 700 residents in the town.
It is a small town worthy of the name The town is small but well-equipped.
The streets in the town are spacious. There are four grocery stores, a supermarket, a bakery, a barber shop, two fast food restaurants, a watch shop, a bar, a hotel, and of course a small school, a police station, a post office, a hospital, and a church.
Anyway, the bus station is very complete. The town is surrounded by endless ranches. From the town, you can see some uneven roads leading to the homes of the owners of the ranch. The houses of the ranch owners are in the small town.
The peripheral spread is not far from the town In the far distance of the town, there is a river passing through the Ogrande River. In fact, this is a good place for leisure and sightseeing in the suburbs. Here you can buy some things from the takeaway shop opened by the ranch, and you can even barbecue here. Hunting or at least grazing here, so there are some outsiders here who are basically coming from the city for vacation, and the taste of the farmhouse.
The closest rancher to the town is Josh Britt, who has been a little upset these days since last year. This place has been dry and rainless since October. He can only sell his cattle in July and further reduce the size of his ranch.
This means that his income is also reduced and he has to maintain the operation of the ranch.
It is a very troublesome thing, and it also means that I have to cut expenses and live a relatively tight life. He is riding a horse and intends to go to the ranch again to have a look.
While it is not very hot, the sun may set in a while, and he can go there. Back to his home before the sun sets, thinking of his wife and children at home, he feels that his troubles seem to be less. The horses are walking below the hillside. The road here is a bit bad and narrow, and there are some rocks on the road.
Follow this path.
He seemed to feel a little wrong, pulled the holster on the side of the leg, pulled out his side, and shouted loudly to the front, whoever comes out, I will shoot, I swear you have entered a private territory. He raised the grass and shook it a few times, and three dark-complexioned people came out of it. Two of them were relatively short and fat, and the other was tall and strong. Didn’t mean to trespass on your ranch we just got lost damn mexican Josh Britt cursed and put the gun down on his horse and said to them ok mexican get out of here I don’t care Are you smuggled here but please don’t show up on my ranch again or my gun won’t be vegetarian Hurry up and say hello He shook his head at the three Mexicans Of course we’ll leave right away that short The fat Mexican said, he gave the other two a look, and when he turned around to leave, suddenly the tall Mexican drew a revolver from his pocket and pointed it at Josh Britt, the damn Yankee got off the ground Your malay that chunky mexican said viciously to the dumbfounded Josh Britt Throw your gun down Don’t try to play tricks or your head will explode Yes give me the gun Slowly true That’s a good chunky Mexican with Josh Britt’s shotgun in his hand