Does it have to be so clear Lin Yuner frowned looked at Park Jiseop and asked I am a businessman Park Jiseop replied indifferently I

Girls’ Generation Five Girls There are many, many more You won’t reject me, right? Park Ji-seop Four Voices Volume 1 Life If it’s just like the first time I saw Wedge Noisy, noisy and chaotic, adjectives like this shouldn’t appear here A concert is even a platter singing It should also be the support of fans from various companies.
Everyone shouted the names of the performers on the stage and treated the artists who worked hard in singing and dancing with admiring eyes.
The six girls in their own image are just that their persistence has no effect at all.
The gymnasium that can accommodate tens of thousands of people is now unified in a rare way.
They all yelled at the six weak girls on the stage and looked down, as if their parents were given by the other party. In order to be able to participate in the Jeju Island World Conservation Federation Memorial Concert, Xie Hanyu prepared three months to save money and go through all kinds of complicated procedures, just to prove that the six girls on stage were tortured by the whole people. There are still people who support them unremittingly, but now Xie Hanyu really understands what kind of pressure they are under.
Quan Baolan, Li Juli, Park So-yeon, Han Jing, Park Hyo-min, and Park Ji-yeon.
Let’s go together. The chameleons in the singing world seem to have a huge resentment accumulated in their chests, Xie Hanyu Standing up from the front row of the infield, waving the lemon-yellow support lamp with all his strength, completely ignoring the hostile and surprised eyes of the people around him, speaking the support words in unfamiliar Korean, shouting at the top of his lungs, his actions were not in vain. Stiff, the self-confident dance in the past is still a bit clumsy at this moment, but after discovering Xie Hanyu’s actions, the six of them were slightly stunned. In the current situation of almost all the people, there are still people who are so hard-working to help, as if they have found a little light in the dark. Generally, the six girls regained their energy, the lyrics no longer tremble, the tone of voice gradually became high, and the dance was no longer out of shape, but their actions were once again misunderstood.
In the audience, in the key area of ​​each fan, several young men and women took out their phones After saying something, like dominoes, the gymnasium gradually quieted down, those shouting young women, those scolding people all shut their mouths, they silently turned off the support lights in their hands, and the lights disappeared in the gymnasium piece by piece In addition to the headlights on the stage, they were completely plunged into darkness.
The six girls who had just raised their courage froze for a moment, and their smiles disappeared for a few seconds.
The long etiquette training played its due role at this moment, facing the darkness. They still performed with the most perfect smiles and worked hard, as if they could be understood because this was their last persistence The lemon yellow support light looks so dazzling and lonely at this moment, the whole world seems to be divided into two pieces, one is a little bit of light that the six girls are trying to maintain, and the other is a huge black hole that is literally eroding people’s hearts, boy Turn off the light in your hand, a sudden sound came out clearly and made people angry Xie Hanyu narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the source of the sound A tall and well-dressed man was looking at him with a cold and stern expression Hehe angry Xie Hanyu is not so low-level and pale A disdainful smile hung on his face, he staggered up to the seat, took a deep breath, Jeon Sapphire, Li Juli, Park So-yeon, showed grace, Park Hyo-min, Park Ji-yeon, let’s go together, the chameleon of the music world, six girls bowed deeply on the stage, six hands held tightly After holding together and bowing, the lights went out and the six of them left. Xie Hanyu had an inexplicable smile on his lips and his eyes were full of sarcasm. He looked at the hostile crowd around him. One day you will realize that they are right. In the corner not far away The six girls looked at the man standing on the chair and screaming like a martyr. The crystal tears slowly flowed down their beautiful faces.
After Xie Hanyu finished speaking, he jumped off the chair and squeezed into the crowd without looking back.
He walked away. Not long after his death, the feeling of weakness in his body was always eroding his sanity. After he walked out of the gymnasium, he straightened up and poured it forward. The last effect of the medicine had dissipated.
At the beginning of the dream, everyone, we are you. Thank you for coming to our concert.
It was the first time he spent money on idols, and it was also his first concert.
The unfamiliar Chinese, and the one who died because of the wrong words Embarrassed smiles are all replaced by a sea of ​​black.
They hesitated to speak in front of the reporter and finally chose to remain silent.
They cried and said in an interview that we were not that bad.
The desolation in the ward A boy who looked to be only eight or nine years old suddenly sat up from the hospital bed, his eyes were wide open, and there was still a trace of unwillingness in his eyes Park Ji-sub, you finally woke up A cry of surprise and surprise woke him up, he turned his head to look The little girl beside the bed with tears in her eyes froze on the bed, and I went to call Dad.
The little girl wiped her eyes and ran out with joy on her face. His waking head suddenly became more chaotic, he was reborn, Xie Hanyu became a child named Park Ji-seop read four times, a sharp pain came from the depths of his mind, and the little boy’s baby face suddenly became a mass of fragmented memories He punched Park Ji-yeon, father, mother, Ji-sub, are you alright, Ji-sub, answer me, the little girl took a middle-aged man into the hospital bed, and found the little boy was twitching, clenching his teeth, enduring what the middle-aged man was in a hurry pressed the pager