Do you Wu family go around It feels like a ghost Wu Ying you go find some elders come here I have something to say

The god-level pretentious system hurts like a heartache, the body seems to be falling apart, but the physical pain is second to none, and the mental pain is like a needle prick, like the tide flooding him again and again, Li Youqiao is panting heavily He opened his eyes suddenly, the dazzling white light came in, he subconsciously covered it with his hand, he closed his eyes slightly for a moment, opened his eyes again, and began to look at the surrounding environment, the white walls, the dazzling sunlight, the unpleasant potion, the whole room was filled with coldness.
Undead looked blankly at his hands struggling to sit up, the pain slowly disappeared, the face of the woman who made him feel disheartened reappeared in his mind that day, after dressing up specially, she pulled the suitcase and left the rental house without looking back Li Youqiao chased her like crazy to beg for peace, but he watched her walk towards a luxury car and showed a ridiculous smile at another man. He and Guo Feidie are college classmates, but since Guo Feidie graduated, he has always wanted to enter the show business circle.
Li Youqiao knows the depth of this circle. After many persuasion, he was finally persuaded by the soft-hearted and hard-hearted, and the relationship was softened. Signing up for the audition cost a lot of money, which is a pity. Guo Feidie can only hang out in the 18th line. Maybe it’s because she has seen the glory of those first-line figures.
She has finally gone the old way of girls with no background, selling her body.
You can’t give me the life I want. I’ve waited too long. This is what Guo Feidie ruthlessly dropped when he saw him chasing him out, and then he got into the brand new Cayenne with a smile. It is true that Guo Feidie has waited for too long, but has he not worked hard? In just one year In time, Li Youqiao spent more than 100,000 yuan on Guo Feidie, but it is a pity that the 100,000 yuan is just a travel expense in the eyes of some people. He even lost his job, that’s why he borrowed alcohol to relieve his worries, but he didn’t expect to be half-drunk when he went out on the street and saw a shooting star across the sky, and before he could dodge, he was severely hit by a speeding car and flew away. He didn’t know anything about the matter, he woke up again, and it’s the situation now.
The next time I see you, I’m paralyzed. I told you that life would be worse than death. Maybe it’s because you’re so engrossed that even someone in the ward didn’t notice that you woke up.
The man walked into the ward He closed the door and stopped one meter away, staring straight at him.
Although he was wearing a suit, Li Youqiao could still feel the explosive power of his body. Pain hurriedly shook his head, then looked at the man again, although he was half drunk at the time, but he was walking on the sidewalk, and the car was driving too fast, obviously speeding, so the fault was not him when Li You owed him a look at the latter, that man also After looking at him and waiting for a while, he went straight to Li Youqiao and grabbed his arm. Li Youqiao’s head hurt more and more, and he even began to faint before his eyes. He struggled hard, but felt that the man’s hands were motionless like pliers. Li Youqiao was dragged from the hospital bed, full of anger, but he was This person’s hands are like a child who has no strength to restrain the chicken, and he always feels that there is something wrong with the way this man looks at him, what are you doing? Speaking of which, let me go out for a while, Li Youqiao endured the dizziness and hesitated for a while, but nodded.
After all, he was under the eaves. Qiao made a gesture of please and walked in full of doubts. Li Youqiao raised his head just in time to see a woman with her back to the door slowly turning around.
Her hair reveals a white and tender jade neck, her facial features are exquisitely painted, she is wearing light makeup, she is dressed in a professional suit, she is stepping on a pair of exquisite black high-heeled shoes, her jet-black eyes are staring at Li Youzheng as soon as she came in, and Li Youzheng stared at her as early as the first time she saw her. Immediately fascinated by the eyes, she is so fucking beautiful. How did Li owe it to the orphan adoptive father, Li Dong, adoptive mother, Yang Hui, whose hometown is Liangcheng, and came to Xijing for three months and seven days, which is enough for two years and three years. His grades have been in the middle.
Yesterday he was dumped by his girlfriend and lost his job. He is a dispensable person. His cold voice is like a machine. But the expression on his face gradually changed from doubt to panic, and even trembling, he looked at the woman in front of him in horror. He was sure that he didn’t know this woman, but this woman’s things to him were so precious.
That’s why I know him so well, but why does this woman know him so well? He has been in Xijing for almost two years, and he has almost no friends in Xijing, and he deliberately doesn’t contact his former classmates. It can be said that the people he knows in Xijing are his former colleagues.
Just like what this woman said, many of Li Youqiao are in the mid-range. People like him are really not necessary. Li Youqiao’s expression fell into the woman’s eyes and did not cause any emotional fluctuations. Her eyes were as indifferent as if they were frozen.
Said, are you curious? Isn’t this nonsense? Li Youqiao nodded quickly, he really wanted to know what happened.
He gritted his teeth and followed up. Behind the curtain is a hospital bed. There is a person lying on the bed.
It is not accurate to say that it should be a dead body because his whole body is covered with a white cloth.
For some reason, seeing this scene, Li Youqiao was a little terrified. The woman paused.
After a pause, his expression was a little strange, and finally he stretched out his slender wrist to lift off the white cloth, then turned his head and looked at him while slowly backing away