Do you want to check now Yes the previous system Released the test mission of the incarnation passed it to improve strength so the Buddha

The beginning of Chapter 1 is a big scene.
The sun that existed in the Milky Way galaxy for billions of years suddenly disappeared. At this moment, there is no difference between the earth and the usual, and the last ray of light arrives on the earth in minutes and seconds. Since then, the sky has changed.
Eternal darkness enveloped the entire earth.
The tenth minute of the sun disappearing, the moon disappeared forever.
The 30th minute of the sun disappearing. The earth’s magnetic field changed significantly. The sky appeared obvious aurora. The first hour of the sun disappearing, the surface temperature rapidly The earth’s core is already dissipating heat, the network communication is gradually interrupted, the day when the sun disappears, the dawn that people are looking forward to has not come, and it will never come, Lin Yun told a group of shrimps, soldiers and crabs full of tragedy, the epic of human history, it just seems like these Shrimp soldiers and crab generals are too low in intelligence to basically understand, but they see their boss looks quite tragic, but they are infected by this passionate emotion and look a little sad. Forget it, you should go patrolling.
He waved his hands to make these shrimp soldiers and crab generals back off. The complex password might not understand the patrol, but the shrimp soldiers and crab generals were ordered to patrol. This is the third day when Lin Yun came to this world of monsters. Yun was transmigrated and became the river god of this unknown river, but fortunately, there is a system that serves as the welfare of the traversers to help, that is, the river god system, as the name suggests, assists him to do a good job of the river god system Lin Yun, who just crossed, found that he became The God of the River is still happy.
I was originally a human being on the earth, but now I have not only survived, but also become a god, but the next thing is very embarrassing. A canonized lowest-level river god karma. This karma has a water aura affinity attribute, so you won’t be drowned, but that’s all.
Lin Yun thought that the river god system could help a little, but the reality is that the current river god system Just give it to an honest young man with primary skills and still in the gray state temporarily unavailable. It has some magical names. Its effect is also very magical, that is, if other people inadvertently lose items and fall into the river area they belong to, they can randomly copy two qualities. High or low similar virtual items, and then you need to let the other party choose a virtual similar item. If the other party chooses a virtual similar item, the virtual similar item will become a real thing. As for the original one, it seems that it can fall into your pocket. If the other party chooses If you buy the original items, then these two similar items will be converted into certain points. Points can be used to exchange in the mall, but because there are no points, the mall has not yet opened. Obviously, no one has dropped things in these days. That is to say, the current Heshen system is not available. It was useless. Later, Lin Yun thought about whether he still had more than a dozen shrimp soldiers and crab generals, so he thought of calling them over to ask about cultivation, but these shrimp soldiers and crab generals were only a few years old, and they didn’t know how to cultivate.
They were just absorbing according to their nature. Since the essence of the sun and moon water vapor is not at home, After being able to improve his cultivation level, Lin Yun was ready to go to other places to learn art from a teacher, but just after he got out of the water and left the river for half a meter, he felt that the river god in his body was warning him that if he left the river area without authorization, he would be punished by the heavens, which was very embarrassing. After another two days, Lin Yun, who was really idle and bored, gathered those soldiers and crabs together again and began to give a speech to strengthen ideological and moral construction. It seemed that nothing changed in the next few days.
Lin Yun was really bored, so he also Just like those shrimp soldiers and crab generals, they closed their eyes and sensed the aura of heaven and earth around them. Trying to cultivate, they seemed to respond.
Just when Lin Yun was happy to find the way to practice, suddenly a huge stick-shaped object fell into the small river. The river god system suddenly bit and was the only one. The honest young man’s skills have also changed from gray to green. Lin Yun knew that this was a business visit, and he didn’t care if the aura practice responded. He ran over and saw that the two ends of the stick were wrapped with two golden hoops and the two ends were clamped.
In the middle of the gold piece is a section of black iron with dense patterns and dragon patterns next to the hoop. There is a line of phoenix seal characters engraved on it. It is Ruyi Golden Cudgel, 13,500 catties. Ruyi Golden Cudgel.
It appeared before Lin Yun’s eyes, but it didn’t make Lin Yun think for too long. There was a voice coming from the river. Come out, the god of the river, my grandson fell into your river. Help me get it up.
The Lord is on the river. Lin Yun thought about that.
Let’s activate the skill and give it a try. When Lin Yun activated the skill, he felt that he possessed extremely abundant spiritual power, but this was only a temporary state, and the Ruyi Golden Cudgel also floated up, and another one appeared in front of Lin Yun. A cyan stick and a white stick.
Taking these three sticks into Lin Yun’s hands, Lin Yun said that the luck is a bit bad. The two replicas are of lower grade than the genuine ones, but he can’t wait to make more complaints. Lin Yun also surfaced, after all, the above You are not a patient person. There is still some truth in this word, young Sun Dasheng.
Did you drop this bronze rod or this stainless steel rod? Lin Yun, who exudes divine brilliance, appeared in midair with a certain momentum.
It’s just that the lines are true and some are in the second grade, but Lin Yun doesn’t want to do this, but this skill is required for such a spell and state, and the main purpose of the temporarily possessed aura is this. I didn’t expect this little river god to hear it. My old man Now that Sun’s name is known, quickly return the Ruyi Golden Cudgel to me.
These bronze sticks and stainless steel sticks are not my Sun Wukong. It seems that he is a little anxious. Lin Yun also found out. However, according to the process, since the other party has made a choice, Lin Yun can only take out the golden cudgel and return it to Monkey King.