Do you think two months is enough time for the old monk Can let me have a limited period of time to drink and get

At the meeting, no leader was elected to preside over martial arts affairs, because they realized that the position of the leader of the martial arts leader would cause dissatisfaction in the ambitions of many heroes in the world, and they wanted to replace them, which became the source of chaos in the world. Therefore, all sects maintained their original appearance. This gave every leader of the sect a sense of peace in their hearts The masters who planned the martial arts conference disappeared after the conference.
How many rising stars of the martial arts who admired them have traveled thousands of miles, hoping to see the beauty and seek advice, but the three masters are like drops of water dripping into the sea. I can’t find any trace, maybe they are still alive in this world, but no one can find them, so there are many legends in the rivers and lakes. The most reasonable and popular legends are three. The first one is that although they fought and killed the Big Four Twelve fierce evil gods, but the three of them also suffered serious internal injuries. On the spot, they used internal strength to suppress the injuries. After the meeting, they died of injuries. The second legend is that they opened up a peaceful world that has never been seen in the world. Retire in the deep mountains and great swamps Pursue the Dao of Immortal Fate and ignore the disputes in the world The third is that they are determined to maintain the Jiuhua Covenant No one is allowed to abandon their disguise and refit and patrol the world. The horror of legends has made the entire rivers and lakes calm for twenty years, but is the rivers and lakes really calm? The scenery of Qifeng is also covered with heavy snow, except for the occasional one or two goshawks passing by, even the beasts and birds are hiding in their nests. The strange thing is that there are many people standing in two rows facing each other on the peak of Motianling. There are ten people each, although they are all wearing cotton-padded jackets and trousers, but they are all tight-fitting and neat.
The colors of the clothes are also clear and distinct.
One side is light blue and the other is silver-white, but they have been covered by falling snowflakes.
Most of them are blown up by the cold wind. A piece of snow immediately brings another snowflake to make up for it From a distance, it looks like snowmen piled up They wear swords in blue clothes and sabers in white clothes They look like they are all from the martial arts world Yes, they are all martial arts They are middle-aged and are both internal and external masters. If they didn’t have a solid foundation in martial arts, even wearing heavy fur, they would not be able to withstand the cold wind on the top of the mountain. A clear voice said Brother Hu, it’s time for noon, um, it’s time to take off your clothes and drink, there are still two of them sitting cross-legged, most of their bodies covered by heavy snow, both of them are in their forties. With a long beard fluttering in front, the first person who spoke suddenly stood up, shaking off the snow, revealing a silver-white dress, haha ​​laughed and said, Brother Hu lived in the north for a long time and was not afraid of the wind and snow, but do you think that brothers and his disciples can’t withstand the cold of the wind and snow? Brother Duan is serious. Hu believes that Brother Duan and his disciples are all profound in internal skills. How can a little wind and snow hurt them? This will open Brother Hu’s eyes.
Can’t freeze to death the people under the Nandaomen. He said what he said, but the person who watched the words took the lead. He waved his hands and untied his belt.
In a moment, all his clothes and pants were removed, leaving only a pair of shorts and boots on his feet. Ten men in white followed suit and took off their cotton belts.
The upper body of the cotton trousers was naked, but he grabbed the long knife he was wearing and held it in his hands. The man in blue who was standing opposite him also began to untie his belt, took off his jacket, and the cotton trousers also grabbed the long sword he was wearing.
Twenty-two people, young and old, looked naked Standing in the wind and snow with bare legs on the upper body, are these people crazy? Standing in the snowstorm that freezes people to death for a long time is not enough. They even took off their clothes to face the biting cold wind and heavy snow. All of a sudden, the snow on the long beard actually sat down cross-legged and sat down on the foot-full snow. In just a moment, these people’s bodies were already covered with snowflakes. It is hard to believe that they are not cold, because their bodies are trembling slightly.
Their lips are also blue from the cold, but they can bear it, none of them fell down, and no one yelled out a cold word. The only way they can resist the cold is to gather the true energy of the dantian, gather skills, and resist the severe cold.
This is a unique duel. Nan Dao Beijian each chooses ten disciples with the highest martial arts skills from their sects for this crazy duel.
They wear swords but don’t fight with swords.
The taste is absolutely better than killing with a sword, and it is terrible to be stupid. It is definitely not smarter than ordinary animals, but people can think that people will torture others and torture themselves, but people will also come up with many reasons to explain their stupid behavior. They destroy others. Blissful and beautiful, yet able to tell a good reason, Nan Dao, Duan Jiubei, and Hu Ping are people like this. They ran all the way to Motianling to compete, enduring the severe cold, wind and snow bred by nature. The sharp steel needles and skin-cracking blades of the Nandaomen disciples from the south of the Yangtze River are no match for the Beijianmen who grew up in the wind and snow. The two of them fell down and stirred up a snowstorm. Nandao Duan Jiu opened his slightly closed eyes and looked at it.
With one glance, Ying slowly closed her eyes, without a single word of condolences, without a sigh, Hu Ping talked lightly and smiled, Brother Duan, winning or losing is a common thing in the military, right? Someone in Duan also made some desperate arrangements during this blizzard, haha ​​brother Duan, don’t forget the first commandment of the Nine-Hua Covenant