Do you remember the first time we met You were a teenager and I was a child but I have already Know that love is

Tags: Vampire, Strong Returns, Iron Blood, Volume 1, The Beginning, Chapter 1, Wedge, One night in 1648, Cardinal Mazarin, Prime Minister of France, Regent, favorite and lover of the Queen Mother, followed by many attendants, frowning and walking in a hurry Passing through the gloomy arcade, passing through the half-deserted hall, the dilapidated corridors and the spiraling staircases up and down, you arrive at the king’s suite. The small table between them was full of playing cards and brown riads mixed with silver crowns. It seemed that these gentlemen were engaged in a different kind of battle just now, but the bishop didn’t care about them at all. For a small mistake, I want to see His Majesty immediately. The officers of the Royal Guards immediately went to report it. It took less than a minute.
The king’s chamberlain, Bontang, grabbed his nightcap and opened the door for the cardinal. He waved his hand and left the entourage outside the door and walked in alone. Before the king could ask, he said we must leave here immediately, Your Majesty, it is not safe here anymore.
Are they finally here? Relieved to see the still-child king springing from bed, the latter wasted no time in waiting for help from the first chamberlain, and quickly put on the heavy trousers and velvet coat in his purse.
Mazarin stopped the bishop when he held up the cloak. He kept a large, unremarkable black coat in his arms. He pressed the coat on the king’s young shoulders and then used a hat decorated with a common gray feather.
Covering the king’s pale golden curly hair, which is so conspicuous in the dark night, when everything is in place, Mazaran puts his arm around the king’s shoulders.
The king ascended the throne at the age of five, and now he is only a ten-year-old boy, but he is as strong as people expect him to be, in every way. Mazaran, a child much older than his age, put his arms on his shoulders effortlessly. Like a pair of close friends, they quickly walked towards the door. The crimson light illuminated the small blocks divided by the black iron frame. The glass is not the first or last light that the sun casts on human beings when it rises or sets, but the light of torches and candles that people gather in the courtyard. There are no less than ten carriages in the courtyard around the palace, and they look Almost identical, they were drawn by four horses of different designs and colors, and the identities of the passengers inside could not be distinguished, but Mazaran could clearly recognize a certain code, and he led the king directly to a carriage. The driver immediately opened the door to reveal a figure inside.
A beautiful woman in a long black dress and a maid who was too young She held out her hand as soon as she saw the king The king took it at once and as he was getting into the carriage he turned round Monsieur Cardinal he asked my brother What about the Duke of Anjou? He is with me. Mazarin replied. The king paused, and then he thought that this move was just to ensure that the royal blood would not be wiped out in a riot. Shut the doors and the wheels of the carriage Ringling, about thirty front guards wearing short coats and ordinary cloaks instead of the usual uniform cloaks, wide-brimmed hats, long swords, sabers, and four-handled muskets also immediately drove their horses. The first 20 or so companions followed them as guards, and the other four-wheeled carriages rushed out of the dark courtyard. Most of these carriages were foreign guests, important courtiers, and people whom Bishop Mazaran thought needed protection. No matter how important they are, they cannot be compared with the two carriages. After all, one of them carried the king and queen mother of France, and the other carried the king’s brother and the actual ruler of the kingdom.
Soon the carriages turned around in one place.
Turning into the grassy avenue, it should have been regarded as an open muddy ground.
A simple fortress was built on the muddy ground.
When they saw them galloping, a group of thugs hiding behind the fort threw stones and burning fireballs.
The imperial guards immediately In return, these people immediately scattered and ran away, even the wounded who were lying on the ground and moaning, they didn’t care who they were. The little maid beside the queen mother asked curiously about my country Wang said with a sardonic smile on his lips, although there are soldiers rebelling against the nobles’ private savings and thugs bought with a lot of money, most of them are ordinary Parisians. They don’t love their king nor are they loyal to him and now they even want to kill him The king looks at that bold little maid You shouldn’t ask the king who are you before the king speaks Mary Mancini The maid replied that my uncle is Cardinal Mazarin and King Mazarin nodded, which is understandable. Although Mancini does not sound like a Frenchman or a nobleman’s surname, Mazarin’s humble origins have long been known to everyone, but he can’t help it.
Guess whether Mazaran loves this niece very much.
After all, this is the first time he has seen Mazaran use the power and trust given to him by the queen mother for a small person.
You should review the etiquette Miss Mancini. The king said Marymanche Ni tried to retort, but in the next moment her voice was choked by a violent jolt, and the king immediately stood up vigilantly, leaning sideways against the car wall and looking out of the car. At that time, Paris was not as prosperous and peaceful as the capital of a country hundreds of years later.
Especially after several wars between Catholics and Puritans, the city is devastated everywhere. People can see wild wolves on the streets at night, and foxes and rabbits can be seen everywhere in the cemetery. Potholes are speeding on such a road, one can imagine that the carriage is like a boat in a storm, bumping up and down non-stop