Do you know Ye Chu Xiao pursed her lips and didnt speak just stared at her father wishing to poke a few blood holes in

Ye Chuxiao, who grew up in the bottom society, tried her best to get rid of this suffocating life, but fate kept pulling her leg time and time again.
The man’s one sentence brief introduction to the gangster and Bailianhua’s growth history and relationship history Serious face reading guide To the characters The heroine is not a virgin The early stage psychological gloomy The male protagonist is irritable Especially in the early days of June, the whole city was a little too hot to breathe. The gate of Lucheng No. 1 Middle School was crowded at this time, and the parents who had been scorching the sun for half a day were hot and dry, but they still held their breath and waited for the last whistle. The whistle that Dao had been waiting for finally rang out as if it was long overdue in everyone’s anticipation.
The crowd at the school gate exploded in an instant.
After a while, the retractable door of the campus slowly opened.
After two days of torture, the teenagers were like birds out of the cage. Crowds swarmed out of the originally quiet campus, and there was a buzz of people.
The students who finished the college entrance examination were excitedly discussing the answers, planning for this long summer vacation, and looking forward to the future.
The boys looking around stood side by side and walked side by side. The tall and thin boy had gentle eyebrows and handsome eyes.
The corners of his mouth smiled like sunshine. He looked around and nodded politely to the two girls. Song Jiayang, how did you do in the exam? Tell me, when did you see our class leader miss another girl smiled and answered the class leader, you predict who will be the first in our class in this exam, you or Ye Chuxiao There is no difference in the exam. Just try your best.
As for the result, no one can predict.
The two girls don’t know whether they really agree or think his words are funny. After all, they laughed and went to look for other classmates happily.
Song Jiayang stood there and looked back.
Seeing the crowd pouring out one after another, it seemed that he was a little disappointed because he didn’t find the figure he was looking for. He turned around resentfully, just in time to see a police car parked on the side of the road. The young man smiled at him and waved to Jiayang.
On the other hand, Song Jiayang was stunned for a moment, ran over and asked in surprise, uncle, why are you here? Shen Tong rubbed his short hair. How did the brat do in the exam? It’s okay. Shen Tong got back into the driver’s seat knowing that your parents don’t have time to accompany you in the exam to cheer you up, your uncle.
I just came to condolences to you when I was on duty.
Laughing and seeing him still standing beside the car, Moji pressed the horn and urged to get on the car quickly.
This is a public car for private use.
If someone reports it, it will be a disaster. Song Jiayang finally opened the car door slowly and got in the car. Looking at the figures coming out of the school gate one after another seriously with his head down, what are they looking at? Shen Tong patted him on the forehead Getting ready to start the car is nothing.
Song Jiayang grumbled, his eyes lit up, and he hurriedly said, don’t drive now. There are only a few candidates walking out of the school. It is easy for people to notice the girl in white shirt who is walking alone at the end of the crowd after stepping out of the school gate. She slowly stood still among the excited crowd The setting sun was still hot.
The girl squinted her eyes slightly and raised her left hand to slightly cover her forehead, but the next moment she put her hand down again, completely closed her eyes and half-raised her head to let the sun shine on her face. After a while, the girl looked deserted.
The corners of Song Jiayang’s mouth slowly curved into an arc, and Song Jiayang’s heart skipped a beat, and his mind couldn’t help being a little blank. It has become an indelible brand for many years. Until many years later, he still remembers the girl’s light and shallow smile in the evening sun. The girl standing quietly smiled and slapped Song Jiayang on the back.
The brat is in love. Song Jiayang didn’t respond to his words, but just reached out to open the car door, but the door hadn’t opened yet.
The girl who was standing in the sun suddenly opened her eyes and retracted.
Song Jiayang slightly lost his hands and stopped his original movements, sat down on the car seat dejectedly, Shen Tong laughed, why don’t you go after someone? When will you get a girlfriend? You didn’t even tell your uncle that Song Jiayang was white, he glanced at him and he hasn’t even cast a word.
Besides, you don’t support puppy love like my parents.
Eighteen years old, uncle supports you 100% in pursuit of your love Song Jiayang sneered and wrinkled his nose and said, don’t tell my mother, you know she has the most things, what’s the problem? I’ve always been united with you, he suddenly After a pause, he changed the subject and asked if he really decided to go to university in China. Your parents, but Song Jiayang, who wholeheartedly wanted you to go abroad, put his hands behind his head and lazily leaned on the back of his chair.
Of course, I followed their arrangement and prepared to graduate from law school. In the future, they will enter the political and legal system as they wish. They can’t ignore this.
Besides, studying law to enter the system and going abroad is not an advantage. They know better than me. Song Jiayang showed a hint of embarrassment and smiled without saying a word.