Division Commander Commander Major General Xiao Diji ranks lieutenant general plus general ranks side artillery coast defense ironclad ship construction Zhongpingyuan class Pingyuan Dingyuan normal

Selling newspapers at the Beiping railway station, the war in the Northeast is unfavorable Li Zhongyi’s brigade has suffered heavy losses, the Fengjun has already fought its last battle Zhang Buyun claims that if the central government does not support the Fengjun, it will retreat across the board The legion must not be re-established, leading to the scolding of the warlords in central Beijing, the newsboy’s immature voice brought a lot of vitality to the capital in the morning, but the desolate fallen leaves accompanied by the invasion of the cold wind, still few people could be seen at the station, and the shrill siren was mixed with the rumble The sound of the wheels broke the tranquility of the morning, and with the screeching brakes, the black head of the car dragged the long carriage into the train station, and the speed gradually changed from fast to slow, and finally stopped steadily, looking at the trains entering the station. Several officers in yellow military uniforms on the train stand cheered up, patted the dust on the uniforms and straightened up. After a while, the train door opened and more than a dozen soldiers in khaki military uniforms stepped down from the stands.
The officers hurriedly went up to greet the head officer and gave the most standard military salute, saying welcome to the Lu Jun brothers. Chen Yi, the director of the Ordnance Department of the Ministry of the Army, came to receive this batch of munitions under the order of the Minister. One of the leaders of the Lu Army officers returned a military salute Very polite, okay, we are all members of the central system, we are a family, did you receive the documents? Chen Yi waved his hand and took the documents from his subordinates, handed them over respectfully with both hands, while observing the leader of the Lu army officer, the leader of the officer is about two years old.
Ten or so long is too handsome, thin short hair flutters slightly in the morning wind, and the slender fur is like the first snow. The face always has a faint smile.
The logo is so delicate that one has to wonder if he is the reincarnation of Mulan, who is easy to change.
Not only that, the dozen or so officers behind him are also surprisingly handsome. Chen Yi can even tell at a glance that most of them are dressed in military uniforms. But he did not dare to underestimate the army stationed in Shandong at that time as the commander of the 17th Division of the Army. He was already young and vigorous, and there was a female warlord. It is not uncommon for a young female officer to occupy a high position. After reading the document, I flipped through a few pages with a pair of small hands like jade carvings, nodded and said yes, Director Chen, can we start the handover? The Yu family is quite different. The silver war eagle represents the rank of the colonel. Chen Yi is well-informed, but he recognizes it at a glance. The colonel waved his small hand, and a lieutenant colonel standing behind him fluently reported nine thousand smooth-bore rapid-fire rifles.
1,700 smoothbore cavalry guns with accessories, 400 short guns without accessories, 300,000 rounds of two-pounder rapid-fire guns, thirty-eight three-pounder rapid-fire guns, seventeen five-pounder guns, eight six-pounder guns, four each The cannon does not carry mules, horses and accessories, but only 150 rounds of ammunition, 150,000 tin cans, 1,700 saddles, listening to the magnetic sound, Chen Yi couldn’t help but show joy on his face, the original 17th Division stationed in Shandong Although there are The official designation of the Central Division has always been at odds with the Central Committee. Some time ago, the Central Committee was extremely dissatisfied with Shandong’s seizure of the revenue from the Jinpu Railway.
It almost sent troops south to attack Lu. Sell ​​some weapons at a low price Lu-made munitions are of high quality, not inferior to foreign-made munitions At this time, Rouran’s rebels have repeatedly attacked the Rehe, Chahar, and Suiyuan Third Special Zones, and the Feng army has repeatedly defeated in the northeast and southwest. The provinces are discussing to send troops to Hunan again. The situation is like this depressing autumn wind.
It is because of this that the central government is eager to expand the Eighth Division near Beijing.
But the battle of Zhi’e almost emptied the stock near Beijing. Suddenly there is such a huge amount of arms and The price is extremely low, I’m really overjoyed, Chen Yi has also been reprimanded for this matter for several days, frowned for several days, now that the problem can be solved smoothly, how can he not be happy? The colonel closed the receiving file and nodded. The two sides will officially start the handover, as long as the number is verified, the munitions will be officially handed over to Chen Yi. He pointed his finger behind Chen Yi and said, are these people here to handle the handover? Chen Yi turned his head and glanced, only to see hundreds more people in the distance.
He was very nervous and yelled loudly, “Is it important for people to avoid idlers from entering?” The soldiers on the opposite side ignored it and gathered together.
The colonel saw at a glance that the leader was a female officer about a year or two older than he looked, wearing a blue military uniform on her head. The hat was embroidered with the military insignia of Iron Blood Eighteen Stars.
The flowing long hair on both sides had been sprinkled on the shoulders to cover the epaulets, but the long hair could not hide the snow-white neck.
She is a head taller than me, and I have to look up at an oval-shaped jade face. This is a beautiful face that is both happy and angry, and it blinks at me from time to time.
Eyelashes, black eyebrows, and nose, the skin can be broken, and the body is blue.
The black military uniform not only did not conceal the natural beauty of this female officer, but made it even more charming. The long skirt on the lower body just barely covered the thighs, and a pair of finely crafted black military skirts revealed a section of crystal clear skin.
Beside the female officer is a The old officer stood straight on the side, Chen Yi shouted, Major General Su Xue, what are you doing here? Me? The female officer named Su Xue replied, I’m here to get my ammunition.
Take off your military cap and perform a standard military salute Your Excellency The Second Brigade of the Army Reserve was ordered to come to receive the ammunition Chapter 2 Armament War Chen Yi scolded