Disintegrating the preys will to resist Luo Yues outstretched hand looked extremely weak her hand was shaking violently the small backpack in her arms could

The prehistoric land is very big, where big bosses walk all over the prehistoric world where big Luo is not as good as a dog After turning a few curves on the street, Haval stopped in front of an old yard. The cars at the back also stopped.
The two cars opened their doors almost at the same time. A man and a woman came out of the front and back cars respectively.
The man was about 10 years old. Wearing black-rimmed glasses, the top is white and the bottom is black, and a loose casual dress. The girl is about 10 years old. She has a slender figure.
When she walks to the man, she doesn’t see how much she is short. She is a beauty who is close to nine points, but the slightly raised corners of her eyes make her look a bit strong.
Brother Yang, this is where you live. You can call me Brother Ye even if you can’t speak clearly. The man Ye Ang said as he spoke.
While taking out a large bag of things from the car, he handed it to the woman with a little difficulty.
Seeing the woman’s frowning face, he couldn’t help shaking his head and took the things to the car behind. This is the old house that my grandparents used to own.
I don’t come here often and I don’t take care of it. I put my things away. Ye Ang turned around and looked at the yard. I haven’t taken care of it for two months. I guess I can’t entertain people anymore.
Shao Qian, I won’t invite you to visit next time. Reincarnation asked, do you want to wait for me to put the things away and go out for a meal together? Shao Qian just wanted to agree, but suddenly her face turned bitter, no, the two of you are waiting to go back to eat? Make an appointment on the phone and ask them to have dinner together Ye Ang opened Shaoqian’s back door and struggled to drag out a long iron box Thank you for your help Next time I will watch the girl’s car disappear around the corner Ye Ang Then he turned around and opened the courtyard door to tidy up the small courtyard. As a part-time writer, Ye Ang has lived a very healthy life for the past two years. After graduating from university, he started working.
With his parents, he lived by fishing in a foreign trade company because of his own interest.
I like to work part-time and write novels. I wander around with some donkey friends.
I go home during Chinese New Year. However, after my parents divorced two years ago, he completely let himself go.
In Ye Ang’s memory, the whole family was a bit crowded when he was a child, but now Ye Ang is the only one living here. There is no warmth of home, and it is full of strangeness and alienation. Fortunately, I have lived for a long time.
I always get used to it and not going to the company.
After going to the company, he renovated the place twice and lived comfortably. It took more than an hour for Ye Ang to finish the initial cleaning of the residence. This time, I have been out for nearly two months. The house is even more impersonal. There was a two-finger-wide crack on the floor of the warehouse door in the stairwell. I don’t know if there was an earthquake or something. After tidying up, Ye Ang washed up beautifully and let the warm water wash away the fatigue and fatigue from the trip.
When Feng Chen came back in the afternoon, he didn’t buy any food I can only deal with the matter with a bucket of instant noodles, fill my stomach in a hurry, Ye Ang sits at the computer desk and fills up today’s chapters. While typing, he is a little distracted thinking that the girl Shao Qian was him last year. I also met a donkey friend, but at that time she seemed to have just entered university. This time we organized a group trip and she happened to be together.
At the beginning, I didn’t like this girl, Ye Ang, like his cheap sister.
Confidence in the bones This kind of self-confidence is too unshakable and well hidden.
If it hadn’t been experienced by the cheap sister over there, he might not have discovered it. But after getting along with her, I found that this girl has a good temper and good sense.
Broad and intelligent, alert, sober and rational, she exudes a unique personality. Anyway, Ye Ang thinks getting along with her is quite pleasant, but he also plans to stop here. After all, he also has so many guesses about the other party.
Maybe he really has a relationship with her.
That cheap sister is a kind of person. When Ye Ang was distracted, he suddenly felt someone on the left lift his seat, making his whole body start to fall to the right. He subconsciously wanted to stand up and found the soles of his feet as soon as he stood up sideways. Ye Ang involuntarily raised his head and shook for a moment, Ye Ang figured out what had happened, before he had time to think too much, he grabbed his phone, took a piece of clothing, and rushed downstairs, went straight to the gate, opened the door, and ran quickly to the yard, right in front of him. When rushing out of the gate, the shaking stopped suddenly and ran to the side of the car. Ye Ang breathed a sigh of relief, it seems that he should be far away from the source of the earthquake, while thinking about it, he looked around and found that the lights upstairs were still on. He turned on his phone to see if anyone was discussing this After all, many of his friends live in this city, but the strange thing is that he checked several platforms and found no one was discussing this matter. Did no one notice it? Regarding the report just now, you need to know that if this kind of thing happened before, the official will definitely send a message in seconds. After waiting for ten minutes, the cool wind in the yard has risen, but there is still no news. Ye Ang can’t help but patted his head lightly. I had a misconception and just needed to take a break to wake up.
Thinking of this, he entered the gate again, settled down, and then walked upstairs, only less than halfway up the climb.
The violent vibration hit again.
He fell to the ground this time.
He reacted faster this time.
As soon as he stabilized his body, he quickly rushed out of the gate, leaning on the car with one hand while gasping for breath, seeing the shock disappear without a trace. After searching for a while, there is indeed no real-time earthquake report, but this time