Dishan Kagome hastened to support her she is really a fragile human being such a vicious person such a vicious person Kikyo pulled the bow

Gogen Ruri haunted by misfortune. The time of Gogen Ruri haunted by misfortune is the morning at the end of August.
The midsummer sun shines on the trees around the torii gate of Tokugawa Shrine.
Mottled light and shadows are reflected on the ground.
In the quiet morning in the deep mountains, there are only trees around. The noisy sound of singing and the sweeping sound of the shrine maiden Tokugawa Teruzuki. Wearing a black and white priestess costume, Keizuki drew a long wooden broom on the ground and swept away all the fallen leaves.
Keep it in the deep pit and burn it down later. Tokugawa Terutsuki is a 12-year-old maiden. She has lived in this shrine in the mountains for several years. She has always been accompanied by only her grandma. Until recently, there was another one. The little girl came to this shrine outside the deep mountain, that is to say, there are only three people in this shrine located in the deep mountain. The space in front of the shrine is not very big. After a while, Huiyue finished the work. Huiyue leaned the broom next to the shrine and went into the house.
Bringing out the tea she made in the morning, she put the tea set in front of the door of the house and sat down.
She picked up the teacup and blew it lightly. Her cold red lips touched the teacup and took a sip of the warm tea. Huiyue held it in both hands. Looking at the tall torii in front of me and the distant sky quietly with a glass, enjoying the last peace before school starts. Her grandma found her a school in the outside world, so she will go to school tomorrow. This is her first time. Going to school is also the first time out of the outside world.
Die Inuyasha.
Suddenly, a voice full of resentment came, followed by Senleng’s bowstring quivering.
A priestess in red and white clothes held a bow and arrow towards the frantically fleeing dog demon in front of him.
Constantly sending out arrows made of spiritual energy, the dog monster struggled to dodge the incoming arrows.
As long as it ran into the shrine, it would be safe, but it jumped into the air and flashed three consecutive sharp arrows. After that, the fourth arrow followed.
Heading straight towards its body, this time it has been unavoidable. The red and white witch resentfully said, “Go to hell with me, go to hell with me!” The dog demon was also rescued. The dog demon ran behind Huiyue in surprise and grabbed Huiyue’s black and white priestess uniform with its paws, whimpering on the ground from the appearance of the red and white priestess to saving the dog demon. The tea in Huiyue’s hands remained motionless, and her face was as calm and indifferent as usual, looking at the figure that appeared in front of her.
The person who appeared was probably an eleven or twelve-year-old girl, wearing a red and white priestess costume, with long straight black hair on her forehead. The bangs are neatly cut, the skin is crystal clear, the skin is slender and delicate, and there is a gorgeous black mole under the corner of the left eye, which looks very cute, but at this moment, the little witch, who is shrouded in resentment, looks at Huiyue with gloomy eyes. Seeing her yelling in a cold voice, let Kai Huiyue pick up the cup in her hand, take a sip, put it down, continue to hold it with both hands, and look ahead quietly, as if she didn’t see anyone coming, didn’t hear the sound, and was not disturbed by the surrounding affairs This kind of arrogant and arrogant behavior of mind and body, if it was an ordinary person who encountered Huiyue’s attitude, he would have been irritated and shot at it. But the priestess shrouded in resentment didn’t move and shouted loudly, strange black and white priestess, why do you shelter Inuyasha Teruzuki, frowning slightly? Who is the white witch? The red and white witches are getting impatient. The mighty aura begins to gather on the arrow. A powerful killing intent and resentment are poured into it.
Pointing at the bright moon, the red and white witch finally lost patience and uttered words of resentment.
Then die with Inuyasha, let go of the bowstring after speaking, the strong arrow shoots straight at Huiyue’s abdomen, even if it is shrouded by strong resentment, does it still retain a trace of kindness? Why is this witch, blinded by resentment, still able to maintain a trace of kindness in her heart? Facing the incoming arrows, Huiyue Yiran stretched out her white and tender right hand without any fear, blocking the arrows she shot, and the aura attached to it.
Before the explosion broke out, the palms were closed to wipe out the spiritual energy on the arrow, and then the arrow was thrown aside. This kind of attack is not worth mentioning to Huiyue.
After shooting a powerful arrow, the red and white witch couldn’t hold it anymore.
The resentment receded and twisted.
Qu’s face changed back to a cute look, lost consciousness, and fell limply on the ground. A pure white kitten ran out of the room, ran to the fallen Wugeng Liuli, walked around her and said to himself. Said oh, it’s the Kikyo from Inuyasha and the resentment from the black cat Kikyo from my sister Why is it attached to the black cat? It’s hard to handle.
The problems in this world are even bigger. Hui Yue looked at it and fell to the ground Wugen Ruri leisurely took a sip of the teacup and continued to look at the cloud in the distance behind the shrine.
Huiyue’s grandma, Tokugawa Renna, saw everything just now in her eyes. She sighed worriedly and said to herself.
Talking to himself, Huiyue is good at everything, smart and talented, but his personality is too cold, how can he make friends when he goes to school? After speaking, Tokugawa Inna walked out of the door and came to Huiyue, touched her head and said Huiyue Yue had a visitor, and he just ignored them. Our Tokugawa family is not so rude. Huiyue looked up at grandma with a blank expression, and then looked at Gogen Ruri, who was still lying on the ground in a daze, and then put it down. The teacup got up and picked her up like a princess and put her on the wooden floor next to her. Her grandma praised her and said that she would wake up soon.
Huiyue went into the room and took a teacup out and put it on. Poured a cup of tea for grandma on the tray. Tokugawa Renna gently tapped Huiyue on the head and said helplessly, just take my quilt and the cup of the guest.
No one has ever visited this shrine before. Huiyue naturally has no guests. The concept is that Huiyue promised