Discovering that their loyalty has reached 100 Dou Qi Continents elixir is really powerful Qin Feng admired the socalled SoulSuppressing Illusory Pill but at this

This is still nonsense, hurry up and start a demon emperor with a magic weapon in his hand, the beautiful goddess is trembling and trembling, the label is black-bellied, the student system is a bad medicine The Nine Princesses and the Seventh Prince, you are really delusional! An eunuch pointed at Qin Feng who was lying on the ground with a voice that was neither male nor female. Are there man-eating monsters everywhere? A group of bastards locked me outside the classroom door, causing me to be chased and killed by monsters, and then something hit my head, and my eyes went black. The phantom of the horned demon skull disappeared in a flash, and a charming woman’s laughter sounded in his mind.
In an instant, a strange memory flooded into his mind, and the severe headache lasted for a few seconds. At this moment, he finally came to his senses and found that he was not on the earth at all, but somehow traveled through time and space and was reborn on the body of a person with the same name and surname. The memory and soul were perfectly compatible with the original owner, but his consciousness swallowed the original owner. The consciousness becomes the only master of the physical body. The world in front of me is a cultivation world respected by martial arts The waste was discriminated against by all the brothers and sisters, and at the same time, he also met the indifference of his father. He was assigned to live in a small courtyard in the cold palace. He was brought up by a maid. He had no mother, his father, and the emperor. Living in the backyard of the cold palace, because of his weak personality, he was bullied and oppressed by a group of little eunuchs every day. Not only did he not look like a prince, he was not even as good as a little maid. No father or mother, was raised by a kind old man who collected rags, went to school every day, was ridiculed by others, and was teased and bullied by a group of brats, lived with no dignity at all. The ancient Kunlun in the earth recovered from the ruins, and the alien monsters found the lost world. In less than half a day, the world fused here. Countless cannibal monsters flew from the sky and destroyed the satellites, rushed into the earth and devoured the human beings.
My school was also attacked by starry sky monsters. On that day, the sky was rendered bloody and there were endless killings.
All kinds of terrifying space creatures rushed into the school and devoured the teachers and students greedily one by one, and he was mercilessly imprisoned by his classmates.
At that time, he was really desperate for the world, and everyone wanted to bully him because he had no parents, he was the adopted son of a shabby old man, and his status was low at the end of the day. He was worthless and abandoned him ruthlessly.
At that time, he hated the world so much. I don’t agree with the thief God, everyone else is just cheating.
I will be reborn on a trash. Qin Feng yelled at the sky and burst into tears.
He felt wronged and was so sad after being reborn. The last life was miserable enough.
After the end of the world, he was abandoned by his classmates. He is still so miserable in this life, can he still live well? Well, you, the Seventh Prince, dared to yell at me because I didn’t discipline you properly.
The eunuch on the side saw Qin Feng staring at the sky. Looking blankly at the yelling, he immediately picked up the wooden stick with a dark smile on his face and hit Qin Feng hard, causing Qin Feng to cry out in pain and immediately pulled back to reality. Qin Feng realized that he was no longer on the earth. It is in a more terrifying world of cultivation.
Although there are no monsters in the end of the earth, the weak are slaughtered by others, just like a little eunuch dares to bully him, the seventh prince, because he has no backing in the palace and no cultivation.
Because he is a waste, but he has a marriage contract, that is, after one month of marriage with the nine princesses of the Wansheng Dynasty, he will be married, and the emperor in the palace has issued an order to send Qin Feng to the Wansheng Dynasty to get married in seven days.
Misunderstanding is to send him to the Wansheng Dynasty instead of the princess of the Wansheng Dynasty to marry him, which means that he is the abandoned son of the Tianjian Dynasty, and in this era, the son-in-law is the least dignified and will suffer all kinds of insults forever I can’t lift my head up and be cast aside by others, bang, I feel pity for myself, Qin Feng punches the ground, heartbroken, being bullied by the little eunuch, even if he’s going to be a door-to-door son-in-law, being abandoned by the royal family, my God, dare you be more miserable? Call me the Seventh Prince in front of me, don’t think that after seven days you will go to the Wansheng Dynasty to marry the Ninth Princess and you will get asylum Your eunuch is speaking in a strange way while beating Qin Feng Qin Feng is rolling on the ground in pain, screaming and cursing and endless thieves God, I just said, dare you make it worse, you really make me miserable really Don’t let me survive.
Qin Feng thinks that in his last life, he was ridiculed by countless classmates and even beaten up.
It’s because he was born in a humble place. He is the adopted son of an old man who picks up rags. The same is true in this world because he was born without a mother and no talent for cultivation.
Being bullied and abandoned in the depths of the icy harem, being treated as a door-to-door son-in-law, about to be sent to the All Saints Dynasty, even being bullied by a small eunuch, unable to stand up and angry.
For the first time, the memories of Qin Feng’s two generations began to resonate because of anger. He was not reconciled to this. Why does he have to be bullied? Why is he such a waste? Why does everyone look down on him?