Directly Yan Tong was really a little afraid to stand there and dare not come over why didn’t he dare to come over grabbing the

Tianhu is one of the Three Purities and a spirit fox under the head of the Tongtian Sect. Its blood and veins contain huge energy. It is sealed in the Jiejiao Jinao Biyou Palace.
Take its blood to refine the peerless elixir, and you can ascend to the fairy world and ascend to the heavenly fox god clan.
There is also a secret that is not known to everyone. After breaking the seal and becoming a Barbie doll, the fox spirit girl has changed her life. Please read the story below Chapter 1 Talking Barbie. That night I was drunk and took your hand and put it on my bird. Evening Li Dianfeng is humming an adaptation of Dao Lang’s impulsive punishment, sometimes ups and downs, sometimes excited The sweat of pedestrians on the road is approaching evening. The entire Jiangnan City is covered with a layer of light gold under the weak sunlight.
Although the sun is about to set, the air is still so stuffy and irritating. 5:30 p.m. Humming classic songs in the sweltering weather, his right palm acts as a fan on his face, resisting the high temperature, walking around with physical and mental anxiety, clasped his fists and brushing his palms, unable to be quiet, thinking of the great things to be done next, and excited In order to muster up the courage, he struggled for several weeks. He even thought about what he wanted to say in the confession. When he couldn’t calmly turn around and look at the school, the goddess in his mind was walking from inside to her shoulder. In Li Dianfeng’s eyes, the way she walks with a famous brand bag is so elegant and noble, like a Snow White. Lin Yarou, a freshman in Jiangnan University, is a classmate of Li Dianfeng’s classmate. Today she is wearing a snow-white summer suspender knee-length dress.
The height of Mi Qi is paired with crystal stilettos up to 1.77 to 78.
She is so beautiful, it seems that she will make the place look like an extra scenery, pure natural and perfect melon-seeded face, rich forehead with contemptuous willow-leaf eyebrows The almond eyes are kept moist all the time, the high bridge of the nose is glowing, the lips are smeared with red lips, the eye-catching sharp chin and forehead make people dare not get close, and there is an unattainable temperament all over the body at that moment Li Dianfeng His heart suddenly became more beating, he was nervous like a mouse, he bowed and ran to block in front of the school flower, holding his hands together and breathing heavily Lin Yarou really likes you since I came to this school, silently fell in love with you, you be me How about my girlfriend? Originally, the words I thought were so beautiful and brilliant, but when I was in front of Lin Yashu, I was nervous, uh, uh, I forgot all the words that I remembered He was obviously scared, but then he came back to his senses, smirked with a crooked mouth, raised his arms and looked sideways at Li Dianfeng, this classmate, are you confessing to me? Yes, I like you very much.
went What? Li Dianfeng was surprised and thought he had misheard these two words.
Lin Yarou glanced up and down Li Dianfeng’s body, pursed his lips in distaste, and looked at your looks and taste in clothes.
Look at your appearance, you want money, you have no money, and you are delusional.
Ask me to be your girlfriend. Don’t tell me you’re so overwhelmed now? Besides, I know you, isn’t it Lin Yarou? We’re in the same class.
How can you say you don’t know me? We meet in the class every day, you say you don’t know me, we’re the same Ban Lin Yarou really can’t think of this person in my class.
My name is Li Dianfeng. I’m sitting at the last table in the innermost group of the class.
Li Dianfeng’s eyes are full of anxiety and anticipation.
Familiar with your ears, you can see the memories in a moment and you will understand. So you are the psychopath in the class. That is a nickname given to me by my classmates.
This nickname makes Li Dianfeng a little embarrassed.
Lin Yashu glanced at him when he saw that he was still smiling.
Eyes wide open, raise your hand to interrupt, I have no time to waste with you, you don’t want to be here, a toad wants to eat swan meat, look at your virtue, you don’t weigh yourself, and you come to confess to me, I solemnly tell you that you are not even qualified to carry my shoes I didn’t even have a chance to lift my shoes in a dream.
I’m fucking too much. If you don’t accept it, you won’t accept it. As for her words being so poisonous, Li Dianfeng’s words made Li Dianfeng feel terrified, and the other party hated him He also wished to find a place to drill down, and at the same time, he was very angry and refused to accept himself. Why bother to hit himself like this? I said so what, you a toad, a stupid hat, an Indian assan, an idiot, a trash, Lin Yarou, and she’s still going crazy, Li Dianfeng’s face twitched when she heard it Lin Yashu glanced at Li Dianfeng, didn’t speak, looked a little scared, turned his face and raised his eyes to look at the road. At this time, a familiar Lamborghini drove up from the road. She raised her hand and shook the Lamborghini knowingly.
The people in the car opened the door and got out of the car, what is Yarou doing? The man who got out of the car was wearing a very formal silver suit and a blue snowflake tie around his neck. His body was slender and his feet were new. He bought black shiny leather shoes, and his body was full of Fu Er. The taste of the generation says it sounds good, but the rich second generation says it smells like copper.
As for the appearance, it’s not bad, it’s very masculine, and it’s not too old.
It’s just about twenty-five or sixteen.
Why is there a psychopath who confessed to me? Lin Yarou curled her lips and looked. With a glance at Li Dianfeng, in her eyes, this boy is not even a man.
She didn’t take him seriously at all.
The man squinted at Li Dianfeng.