Directly let Song Jiang come to see me Qin Ming said angrily what qualifications does a mere woman have to see my elder brother since

Dark clouds like lead and iron are pressing down on the distant mountain peaks.
It seems that if there are no these mountains, the dark clouds will directly press down and hit people, making people feel breathless.
It gives people an extremely dangerous feeling. Under the dark sky, a big river of unknown width is rushing continuously, and the deafening sound of the waves is like the roar of prehistoric giant beasts.
If you stand a little closer, you will be shocked and your head will swell. There is nothing but the sound of the waves.
I can’t hear a stone tablet that is as tall as a person on the bank of the big river.
Although the sky is dark, I can still see clearly that there are three seal characters on the stone tablet that are bigger than a human head.
There are four lines of small characters below the Liusha River. Sitting under the stele is an extremely majestic figure. He has flame-like red hair, a strange indigo face, eyes like copper bells, a lion’s nose, a wide mouth, a tall and frightening figure, and his arms are thicker than ordinary people’s waists. The big man can scare children into tears just by his looks, but at this moment, his face is full of silly smiles, and he takes a sip of wine from time to time, like an old farmer who has a good harvest, and immediately changes the style of painting from a ghost movie to a comedy movie. It can be seen that this person is Sha Wujing, one of the four members of Journey to the West, who is still living in seclusion in Liushahe, but at this time, Sha Wujing is no longer the original Sha Wujing, but has been replaced by a modern soul.
A soul from modern times. His real name is Luo Tianming.
He is a farmer who goes to work in the city.
As a migrant worker, Luo Tianming is actually a failure.
He is already in his 40s, his parents died early, and he has no wife or children. Didn’t he fail? The most important reason why he couldn’t marry a wife was that his personality was too boring and he couldn’t speak sweet words.
In addition, he was also average-looking and had no talent, let alone money, to attract women.
It’s good that in reality, he crossed into Sha Wujing with no attachments and no worries about his previous life.
Luo Tianming was very satisfied when he became Sha Wujing.
Even though Sha Wujing was in Journey to the West It’s just a super dragon set, but it’s also a fairy. Lifespan, supernatural powers, martial arts, etc.
are all thousands of times stronger than ordinary people. Can Luo Tianming be unhappy when he suddenly became a fairy from an ordinary person? It’s been a year already. Luo Tianming is very satisfied with everything.
The only thing he’s dissatisfied with is that he can’t leave the quicksand river.
In the sand river, there are only fish and shrimps, no humans, not even monsters.
Luo Tianming doesn’t even have anyone to talk to.
Luo Tianming has inherited everything from Sha Wujing. It’s okay to practice, or take a stroll at the bottom of the quicksand river so that you won’t really be smothered to death. You have inherited Sha Wujing’s memory. Luo Tianming also knows a lot of secrets, such as why Sha Wujing was demoted. Coming from the Lower Realm and the secret missions they undertake are the same as many people have guessed. The members of the Journey to the West group of four have already been determined.
Occupying the two most important places is what it should be, and then there is Zhu Bajie, who is the representative of the Daoist sect and a disciple of Master Xuandu, the disciple of Lao Tzu, and Sha Wujing is the representative of the Heavenly Court.
The merits obtained on the way will still be distributed to the Heavenly Court. As for Sha Wujing’s secret mission, it is to help Jin Chanzi achieve the achievement of being a good person in ten generations in the shortest time.
It is not so easy to be a good person in ten generations. If a person counts his life span of fifty years, his tenth life is five hundred years. Five hundred years, it is so difficult to only do good things and not do bad things. Even if Jin Chanzi is a pure and good person, it is inevitable. If you accidentally make a small mistake, all previous efforts will be wasted. In order to minimize the chance of making mistakes, Jin Chanzi will go to learn Buddhist scriptures every time he is in his twenties. When he reaches the Liusha River, Sha Wujing will kill him. The one-year time is shortened to more than two hundred years, and most of the time is spent in childhood.
It is much easier to achieve the achievements of the ten benevolent people, and Sha Wujing is not without benefits. Even though the previous nine lives could not reach the level of a good man in the tenth life, Sha Wujing could still gain a lot of mana. Not only that, Jin Chanzi is not considered a good man in the tenth life.
Buddhist masters, whether reincarnation or incarnation, will leave relics after death.
It is well known that relics are left after corpses are burned, but corpses that are not burned are also treasures. Shahe’s tool is a raft made of nine skulls, and these nine skulls are the heads of his former ninth life. You know that Liushahe’s goose feathers can’t float, while the sinking golden cicada’s skull can float.
It can be seen that it is a rare treasure because of its extraordinary features.
Sha Wujing can increase his mana and get nine skulls by performing this secret mission. Wonderful Luo Tianming is just a migrant worker, let him work without any problem, but let him kill him, how can he not feel uneasy Just killing people is enough, being cruel may not be impossible, but cannibalism is absolutely impossible, no matter how many benefits there are, fortunately, Jin Chan Zizi hasn’t come yet, Luo Tianming doesn’t have to think too much about being carefree. It’s been a year since Luo Tianming crossed over, and gradually got used to Sha Wujing’s identity. With his optimistic personality, he quickly found a way to pass the loneliness.
Be a fisherman on the sandy river. Although there is nothing floating on the quicksand river, there is no way to get a fishing boat, but he got a fishing rod on the bank to pretend to be a fisherman with magic, and he can also pretend to be a fisherman.