Dinghua She Mao Yun Zhonghua Ye Riren Zhongren Gou Mu Ri Zhao Bian Thirty Yun Yin Yue Huonai Bian Noon Dan Wu Lu Ningfan Suspected

Let’s not talk about this, where is the ultra-light alloy material I put here yesterday? Well, hehe, don’t laugh, tell me, is it taken by someone for dessert? Hey, don’t run away, tell me about this new ship girl Where did it come from again? A certain admiral with a brain full of black technology has since embarked on the great road of competing with his own ship’s mother for ration resources. Chapter 1 The admiral gives you a physical examination More than ten years ago, the Antarctic continent suddenly appeared for no reason.
The sinking was followed by a huge change that swept the entire world.
The continents split and the sea level rose, which was almost a doomsday scene. In addition, a group of deep-sea fleets of unknown origin followed, and most of these deep-sea fleets had young girls.
With a power far superior to that of the remaining human navy, the figure suppressed all human beings on the few remaining lands. Since then, human beings have completely lost touch with the vast sea. All actions have been cut off by the deep sea. At this moment, a person who does not belong to this world The soul is carried by a kind of gray energy to this world.
On the dimly lit sea, a cargo ship is slowly moving forward in the rolling waves.
The sky is covered with dark clouds, and it seems that a storm is about to hit. A small figure. At this time, he was gliding stumblingly on the sea surface, avoiding torpedoes and shells fired from a fish-like deep-sea dwelling ship.
With the appearance of the deep-sea dwelling ship, this kind of ship with a girly appearance can use power that is almost the same as that of a battleship.
Girls in disguise also quietly appeared in the eyes of the world, helping mankind resist the attack of the deep-sea fleet.
The figure with pink hair and a playful double ponytail combed on both sides of his head was dodging while holding up the cannon in his hand. She fought back, but her efforts didn’t seem to have any effect.
The shells fired without exception all fell to the ground. Instead, the opponent’s attacks frequently exploded beside her. Seeing this, it won’t last long, what should I do? Shouting loudly, they encountered this deep-sea expulsion attack on the way to the tutelary mansion. First, sister Fusang was sunk in order to block the torpedo attacking the cargo ship, and then the admiral fell down for some reason. Now what should I do? Miss Fusang has already It was about to sink completely, Lian turned her head worriedly and glanced at Fusang’s position just now, at this moment, she could vaguely see half of her head still exposed on the sea, what should I do? How young can it be to be scared and fainted by a deep sea of ​​repellent level? Although I can’t beat it, Lian is very sad in his heart, thinking that the level of this deep sea is undoubtedly higher than her and Fusang’s, and Fusang is in order to protect The cargo ship has become like that now, and it is about to sink completely Kai was about to be sunk.
Despair instantly spread in Lian’s heart. Didn’t she think she would be sunk here too? Just when Lian thought she was going to sink here this time, a figure in a white military uniform suddenly appeared in her body Before and after, a dazzling knife flashed like a new moon appeared on the sea. The spherical cannonball that was flying towards the door of Lianmian was cut into two without a sound, and shot from both sides of Lianmian.
After flying out, it crashed into the sea, exploded, and there was a sound of splashing water. Luke who came to the rescue immediately fell into the sea, came out of the sea, wiped his face, and shouted at Lian, “Hey, you are in battle.
” Look where, oh, being called by Luke like that, Lian also came back to his senses and immediately started to fight back in the direction of the deep sea, but Luke’s appearance just now was really amazing, and although the facial features on his face obviously didn’t change, Mr. Lian I feel like something is different, seeing Lian come back to his senses, Luke is also relieved, but as soon as he said that he can relax, Luke saw Lian’s unsightly shooting results, forget it, and Lian probably has no hope With this kind of hit rate, it is estimated that after another five minutes, Luke may not be able to hit the opponent, and then Luke plunged into the water. The deep sea is not far away, and it is possible to swim there with his current body, as long as he pays attention not to be caught by the opponent.
Hit it, hit me! Biting her lip, Lian prayed in her heart and released the fish into the deep sea again. If this attack fails again, her ammunition magazine will be exhausted. Without the ammunition, sinking the other party is out of the question.
Hit me! Under Lian’s hearty shout, the fish seemed to sense her will, and rushed straight towards the deep sea, seeing Lian’s face like this She couldn’t help showing joy, just when she thought she would definitely be able to hit the opponent this time, the deep sea turned around strangely and directly passed through the gap between the two torpedoes, and at the same time retaliated, the two shells hit Lian’s side. At this time, Lian couldn’t help but feel a sense of despair. Obviously, her shooting skills were not bad when she was preparing for the exercise, but now she couldn’t even touch the corners of the enemy. Wow, Luke was about to give up in Lian’s heart. Suddenly, he jumped out from the side of the deep sea, and with a wave of the long knife in his hand, he cut it into two sections without the deep sea reacting at all.
Luke, who fell into the water, pushed out far away. Hahaha, I must still not wake up.
Sister Fusang, please wake me up.
I actually dreamed that the Admiral cut a deep sea with a knife. This is too unscientific.
Lian blinked in shock.
In her eyes, she actually began to wonder if she hadn’t woken up yet. Luke emerged from the water, and the explosion in the deep sea almost hit him just now.
If he hadn’t just dived down a little bit, it would be more than a few pieces now.
It’s a matter of opening a few wounds and now is not the time to relax