Ding Guoliang Zhan Changsheng looked at him with his hands behind his back shouted walked forward two steps looked at his back ordered to turn

Source Eighty-eight e-books uploaded to Xiuzhentang Time Word Count In the previous life, he was plotted by his lover and imprisoned for 20 years. His family was ruined and his family was destroyed.
Once he was reborn, he returned to the moment when he encountered an accident. There was revenge and resentment.
Chapter 1 Robbery. Come on, a silver snake-like lightning cut the sky across the face, almost frightened people out of their guts On the wall, it wasn’t the back that collided, but the head, and then the body slid down from the wall, and the head hurt like a heavy hammer.
Ding Haixing’s curved eyebrows were tightly wrinkled together, and with some difficulty, he opened his eyes and saw with blurred vision.
Looking at everything in front of me, I couldn’t figure out where this is, Jinxi, Hexi, where is this? Ding Haixing endured a headache and murmured in his heart, frowning tightly, holding the loess land with his hands, looking at the tall wall made of stones on the opposite side, the rushing rain It flows down the slope and gathers on the ground to form a pool of water, then slowly flows to the low-lying place. The cold raindrops float in and hit Ding Haixing on the face.
What the hell is that? Xing’s head hurts like a heavy drum beating Ding Hai Xing raised his eyes to look at the top and heard the sound of a rumbling train. This is the train’s underground passage. He stretched out his hand to cover the big bag on his head. The constant throbbing pain and the sound of rain. It doesn’t feel real like it’s fake, but how could it be that she’s already dead? Not long after her revenge, she exhausted her efforts in loneliness and died as a ghost for many years.
Hou Lu Ding Haixing narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at everything in front of him. The inexplicable feeling was so familiar. Jie Jie woke up and obediently spit out the money I just gave you. A country girl also wants to exchange money from me. You are also accompanied by a rough male voice. Ding Hai Xingxun looked over at the prestige and waited to see the man in front of him. His dark and sharp eyes were as sharp as a sharp sword that had just been sharpened.
The man turned into ashes, he even recognized him, even in his dreams, he wanted to smash him into thousands of pieces.
The man’s figure was about 1.7 meters, and he was very thin. There are not many fat people in this year. There are a pair of mung bean-sized fleshy warts on the right brow of a monkey cheek with a sharp mouth. The eyes are constantly turning, giving people a very unstable feeling. Ding Haixing’s head is dizzy, thinking about breaking his head, but he can’t figure out what’s going on now.
He talks about thinking day by day and dreaming at night, even ghosts can dream. Even Meng Ding Haixing wants to make up for her regrets and turn things around.
Since it is in her dream, she can do whatever she wants. In the dream, she shouldn’t be so strong that she can do anything. Why did she move a little bit? She is weak and weak, so how can she eliminate the bad guys? With such a weak appearance, of course, he only deserves to be beaten, and he kicked me away.
Damn, he bullied me even in a dream.
If the tiger doesn’t show its power, you treat me as a sick cat.
This posture can only be outsmarted and invincible. Square rag shoes with big toes exposed appeared in front of Ding Hai’s apricot eyes As soon as Lin looked up, he saw him standing in front of her with a fierce face.
Ding Haixing propped his hands on the ground and leaned half against the wall. This simple movement made her sweat and put in all his strength.
Ding Haixing took a deep breath. He raised his eyes and looked him up and down, looked at his clothes, observed his behavior habits, and thought about it, you will be punished, Ding Haixing said hoarsely, his voice was sharpened like sandpaper, retribution haha, I have done all the bad things I didn’t see it, God also sent down a thunder and struck me to death, you see it’s thundering now, just hand it over to avoid the pain of flesh and blood, he looked down at Ding Haixing and said contemptuously, it’s raining in the wilderness You just die that heart for help, I’ll leave it to you, don’t hit me A thick roll of money is considered to be your knowledge of current affairs. He looked at the ugly woman in front of him, who was wearing even more dusty clothes, curled her lips in disgust and urged, hurry up, Ding Haixing opened the handkerchief to reveal the rolled up inside. Qian gently raised his arm to match the height of his eyes. Tsk tsk, he got rich, his eyes glowed excitedly, and said excitedly that he was flying to a windfall.
Unexpectedly, this person in front of him was dressed in rustic, black and thin, and was as thin as a bone. His hair was yellow and his face was haggard. The country chaihuo girl turned out to be a fat sheep, she is really not good at appearance, I can’t underestimate this country bumpkin in the future, his eyes are fixed on the money, it’s shining, an ignorant village woman in the country grabs it, she grabs it, she grabs it, she doesn’t grab it, she happily reaches out to pick it up The other end of the money was pulling the money, but he didn’t pull it out, glaring at Ding Hai Xingdao, why don’t you want to be beaten, let go, just this one glance, he was attracted by those beautiful eyes as deep as the sea, and fell into it like a whirlpool, and there was an unusual gentleness in his ears Ding Haixing’s eyes narrowed slightly, the smile on the corners of his mouth didn’t fade, but he looked into his eyes and said softly, you seem to be relaxed and hypnotized, you need a quiet environment, now it’s raining outside, obviously it’s not suitable for Ding Haixing, time is running out I can’t care about so much.
This person is so greedy for money, but it is a good entry point. The sound of pattering rain is the best music hypnosis given by nature. It can only be successful in an environment where people are completely relaxed and unguarded. The corners of Hai Xing’s mouth curled up slightly, drawing a strange arc. Looking at the wood-like him, he groaned and Feng Shui took turns.
This time, it’s time for me to take back the money that was robbed. I think you are bored.
I fumbled in his pocket and looked at the things I just exchanged for him in my hand. How should I deal with him? She has never been the one who suffers. There are ten thousand ways to make him die in her dreams.