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Chapter 1, Ms. Yan, please answer me, are you consciously aware that this is another new personality? She opened her eyes, her eyes first came into contact with the white wall, and then she fell on the white coat at the source of the sound. Yan Luqing found herself sitting in a comfortable chair, she was facing a woman in a white coat, and she had a test paper in front of her. Look closely at the topic of the split personality test Yan Luqing, this is not right, this is not right Before I closed my eyes, I was in an air crash and lost my head during the turbulence of the plane? Even if I didn’t die, I shouldn’t be taken to see a psychiatrist Let’s not wait for her to think about it.
The woman on the opposite side spoke again and split into a new personality.
The white coat smiled and looked at the absurd case of the patient in front of him. He suppressed his breath and said, Ms. Yan, if she hadn’t seen your pathological mental illness.
I have to suspect that you have been playing with me for the past year. Yan Luqing forced someone to have a split personality. I am not mentally ill. Who are you insulting? She looked like she didn’t intend to answer her question, and said that the medicine prescribed was still the regular reexamination before, and if she couldn’t stabilize it, I would change the medicine.
I changed to the hammer medicine, and complained in my heart, thinking that this person might not be out of his mind.
Yan Luqing got up and just Wanting to escape, she walked quickly to the door closest to her, and even staggered a bit, but unexpectedly, the scene outside frightened her when the doorknob was pulled open. The tall men in uniform black suits are still wearing sunglasses indoors, which is quite abnormal. Yan Luqing was stunned for a moment, and suddenly understood what happened.
He lowered his head and looked at himself. His skin is so white and sick. His arms and legs are so thin that he looks like a two-dimensional manga. The girl who came out is not her body. Yan Luqing subconsciously looked at the tall and tall Dahei who was closest to her and asked you something. What kind of world is this? This is what era? This is modern, right? What era background? Yan Luqing speaks very quickly Questions came out one after another like bubbles, the more she asked, the more flustered her brother was, the jingle engraved in his bones made Dahei immediately speak the sign and look at the quadrant Yan Luqing was instantly relieved, she felt that although she had crossed, she didn’t care How to say, as long as the nine-year compulsory education is accepted in one batch, it means that there is no major problem with the world view Yan Luqing smiled and thanked brother, who did not expect her thank you to make the big black look terrified and confused, Ms.
Yan, he finished asking in confusion and then looked like I realized something, turned to face Yan Luqing behind me, increased the volume, Dr.
Zhao, our lady’s condition has worsened again, Yan Luqing, what our lady is black is a doctor’s reply from her subordinates, your lady’s condition has always been serious, you don’t have to worry too much Make a fuss, look at her personality this time is not aggressive, just take care of her, Yan Luqing said that you are seriously ill.
Hei had already thanked the doctor, then turned his head and leaned into Yan Luqing’s ear, saying that Miss Yan had already delivered it half an hour ago, Yan Luqing was full of question marks from the beginning to now, who is Da Hei? Gu Ci, you asked Jin Shao and the others to deliver Gu Ci to your villa today.
Did you even forget Gu Ci this time? Ms.
Yan was sent Gu Ci Jin Shaoyan Lu Qing was dumbfounded, she didn’t just travel through time and space, she was afraid she might have passed through a book and became unconscious. Before his head, Yan Luqing was reading a novel called Heartbeat Limited.
This is a masterpiece that came out of the circle this year. It is disguised as a romance, but it is actually more like a villain. She never hurts good people, and because she loves the villain too much, she hits the villain hard in the comment area. The physics that everyone despises Gu Ci When he was young, he was the proud son of heaven, his family was rich and his appearance was stunning, and he shone on campus. The female partner who was the crush of countless young girls was also one of them.
At that time, she had nothing else to show. The rapid rise of the new family who moved in led to being secretly read by the local family. Gu Ci was not long after entering college. Once Gu’s father and mother were betrayed by people who were extremely trusted in the family, the property collapsed. Unfortunately, he died in an accidental car accident. After his parents passed away, Gu Ci disappeared from the public eye.
He was kidnapped by his enemy’s most dandy younger generation. Restricted personal freedom, being injected with drugs, being played by dandies, blinding the beautiful eyes and being tortured. Life is worse than death.
Yan Luqing saw this and hardened his fists, but the hardest thing is that the female partner of the legal system is behind.
At this time, the female supporting role is a genuine daughter, Gu Ci’s junior high school alumni and high school classmate who has been in love with Gu Ci for six years and still has a crush on it. I like myself as a pervert.
Gu Ci was tossed by the dude until he had vision problems. After the female partner got wind, he led someone to take Gu Ci from the dude. She promised a classmate and would give Gu Ci freedom.
She promised to cure it. His eyes, she promised that he would let him go when he recovered, but the words of the psychopath certainly don’t count.