Didnt you give up like that Boom boom the tentacles the attacks are endless the rest of the people are attacking the tentacles like crazy

Dawn of the headless and bloody man.
All things are golden and the morning light shines on the earth.
The whole city begins a new day of operation. On the broad sea-crossing bridge, the traffic is surging and the sound of horns is intertwined. The figure turned and moved, and the superb skateboarding skills made the passers-by exclaim frequently. There was an endless stream of admiration, “Muyou, wait for me!” Behind the crowd, a bloated young man was struggling to swim against the flow of people, panting while running. Mu You, a young man in white who was yelling at the speed ahead, kicked his back foot and leaped into the air like a sharp knife, slammed into the crowd, slid out far away, and stopped on the side of the bridge Fat Sa Why did you come here so early and have no mouth to eat too much? Seeing Fat San panting, Mu You couldn’t help laughing teasingly, you ran too fast, and you were going to spit out breakfast, Fat Sa bent over Panting and handing Mu You two tickets to Death Row Paradise, Yun Tian took the tickets, frowning and muttering, a little confused Dao Muyou, are we buddies? Of course, Muyou is a little surprised to see Fat San so cautious for the first time. What’s the matter? It’s funny to see Fat San’s chubby face with a few traces of blush.
I asked my dad to finally get three tickets for you, and you gave the remaining one to Jiang Man. I want to ask her out tonight, and you can help me with assists. At the end of the day, the fat three were so rare that they twitched. Oh, hey, Muyou My eyes lit up, I punched my fat three chests and laughed loudly.
It’s not easy. We three grew up and you’ve finally gnawed on the grass by the side of the nest.
You’re not being serious.
Go and tell Jiang Man that when I arrive at school, I think I should be ready for class.
Alright, Yuntian put the skateboard in the front and lightly jumped on top of it, sprinted out for a long way, turned around and waved to Fat Sa, I’ll go first, be careful on the way, Fat Sa is speechless, I should say speeding all the way through this road Mu wandered away No less than a thousand times, I have been familiar with the road, the bridge, the sea breeze, the unknown snow-colored seabirds flying up and down on the sparkling water, everything is so pleasant, except for the end of the world. Known as the vast and boundless reefs and coral boulders, together with the reinforced concrete, this huge water city is supported. This is the place where Mu You grew up. The spring is cold at eight o’clock in the morning, every day, every day, and the whole Half Moon Island has just shown its unique vigor. The dazzling light from the earth suddenly exploded, and then the ground shook, and the hurricane slammed into the city with thousands of feet of sea waves, instantly engulfing everything.
On that day, the Space Security Agency detected seven meteorites that were comparable in size to the moon, appearing out of thin air in the Milky Way. The magnetic field instantly paralyzed the earth’s defense system, and the sea water immediately soared, destroyed the entire surface of the earth, and human civilization was completely wiped out. In the year when Mu You was born, his parents spent all their savings and only got one Ark place, so they died resolutely.
In that peerless natural disaster, the number of human beings decreased sharply after the disaster, the national border disappeared, and political riots occurred several times. After several political riots, the layout was reshuffled, and seven survival bases were established with meteorites as the foundation.
Since then, Mu You has been growing up in an orphanage for 16 years.
But he was free to slide across the main bridge, Mu You slightly lowered his head and flew into a dark tunnel. This tunnel leads to the largest artificial green space in the island city. The white light blooms in front of you, as if you can smell the fragrance of the mixture of grass and soil, but the sound of friction between the skateboard and the ground stops abruptly.
What you see is a huge retro building complex.
The old greenery is gone.
The huge black bat-shaped building in the quaint gate props up the giant wings that cover the sky, and it is covered with blood-colored skulls.
The cables between the bat wings are criss-crossed like spider webs. Giant blood-colored skeletons move slowly up and down.
A pair of blood jade carvings are at the entrance.
The phoenix, the ghost, and the dragon are separated from the left and right sides, the expression is vivid, the phoenix eyes are empty, and the ghost’s eyes are strange. Mu You is very uncomfortable staring at this.
Is this the prisoner’s paradise? Is there a faint laughter coming from the distance, but Mu You shivered inexplicably? I don’t know when the sky will darken, the wind will cool down, Mu You is upright, put on his school uniform, and speed up to the campus. Chalk is riding on the blackboard.
Mu You hasn’t been concentrating on taking notes as usual since passing by that morning.
Death Row Paradise itself has been in a trance, Jiang Man was late this morning, and ran into the classroom with Fat San stepping on the doorbell, Fat San was very gentlemanly and let her go first, but looked at him with all kinds of sad and helpless eyes The latter shrugged helplessly, expressing his powerlessness, the sky was getting darker and darker, the air was so stuffy that water could almost drip out, the bell was ringing, but it didn’t ring for no reason, and Mu You felt a little irritated for no reason.
Looking at the slender figure in front of her, this girl has become more and more succulent since she entered junior high school Hold the ticket in it and lightly touch the violet bow on Jiang Man’s head. It was a birthday gift I gave her on her 16th birthday.
A handsome guy passed it to you.
You will see the girl’s head in front of you later. If you don’t come back, you are still writing hard to follow the teacher’s train of thought, while whispering anxiously, I can’t get away now, you can just put it on my head, and don’t say that I’m a silly old lady, I’m smart! Mu You curled his lips helplessly and flattened the paper Putting it on top of Jiang Man’s head, the latter dropped the note on the table as soon as she lowered her head. The dark red ticket slipped out, and the swiftly moving ballpoint pen stopped suddenly. Mu You obviously felt that Jiang Man’s body was slightly stiff.