Didnt the woman in front know that a mans head cant be touched casually Whats more why didnt she hate it Could it be that

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Please support the genuine copyright. Cargo Mimi’s goal is simple. Eat enough to live in a bulletproof house and collect rice. This girl who returned to the peaceful era in the last days met Wang Yi who lacked love. Wang Yi decided to accept Mimi. I only love rice. Xiaomi then gave birth to a little Xiaomi.
This is the story of a strange girl in the end of the world who returned to the peaceful era and lived a happy life with a loyal dog boy betting on stones to make money and hold rice. Happiness came again Liu Mimi never thought that she could feel Simmons again. The fragrance of flowers left by the soft fabric softener and the soft bed, the bright but not dazzling sunlight, all of this is like a dream in that distant memory. Her mood turned sour, this beautiful dream that only appeared in the first year of the end of the world came to Mimi’s dream again like alms, a sense of happiness welled up in her heart, Mimi tried hard to record this scene that would only appear in peacetime hope When she woke up, she could clearly recall it. When she opened her eyes for the third time, she realized that something was wrong.
Why did it all look so real? She tried to reach out her hands to touch the soft quilt, but she was so weak that she couldn’t even lift her hands up. Slightly stroking the bed sheet under my body, taking a deep breath, it is really the flowery scent of fabric softener, this is true, an uncontrollable thought appeared in my heart, did I go back to the peaceful age, turned my eyes to observe this room, this room is not big, but I am sure This is not a place she is familiar with.
This is where the door of the room is suddenly opened. A woman who looks old comes in with a round tray in her hand and looks worried. Miss, let me make chicken soup.
You should eat some at least.
She walked in slowly, put the tray lightly on the bedside table, reached out to help me up, don’t make a harsh hoarse voice, Miss, don’t be mad at the old man, you’re sick, you just need to take care of yourself first, otherwise it’s cheaper, that pair Mother and daughter, Liu Mimi doesn’t understand what’s going on now.
She just woke up and her head hurts intermittently.
She can’t react to anything. It’s just an instinct developed in the end of the world.
She doesn’t want others to touch her, but her weak body makes it difficult to raise her hands. Said to avoid Mimi’s mind is muddled, now I just want to know where this is, where is this, suddenly remembered something and hurriedly asked what year it is now Miss, don’t scare me, of course you are at home, the woman looks at Mimi worriedly now It was the year when the end of the world began. Papa Mi fell ill for several days and wanted to send Papa Mi to the hospital, but the hospital was full.
At the beginning of the month, a strange epidemic virus swept the world. Even the beds in the hospital were no different from the previous SARS.
The number of sick people this time is too large to be able to isolate them all The school asked for leave and bought a bunch of food, drink, and various medicines to stay at home with my parents. The virus started. The hospital called and told her to wait for the hospital bed. But Mimi didn’t expect that the call from the hospital didn’t arrive.
Waiting for the apocalypse, if it wasn’t for what kind of food she would never forget that afternoon, Papa Mi who doted on her, his eyes were red, his face was blue, his hands were tearing at mother’s body, the polished floor was full of blood, Papa was chewing, I don’t know What’s the matter with your hands on your mother’s stomach Miss Miss What’s the matter with you Do you want me to call a doctor Aunt Chen looked at the pale lady and called out worriedly Liu Mimi suddenly woke up from memory What should I do if I pretend to have amnesia but I don’t know the original owner at all What kind of illness can cause amnesia or amnesia? I don’t know anything. Forget it.
Let’s just pretend. I don’t know if my abilities are still there.
If I can read the memory of this body, I don’t know where it is, but now Looking at the dress of the middle-aged woman in front of me in this year, it should be a newborn family in peacetime.
Whether it is good or bad, it is all a gift from God. This pie that came suddenly is for Liumi, who is struggling with life and death every day in the last days without enough food and clothing. For Mi, it was the most beautiful dream in this year.
Liu Mimi raised her head and looked at the woman who claimed to be Aunt Chen expressionlessly, but in Aunt Chen’s eyes, the lady’s eyes were timid and her face was confused, and she was pale due to illness. A weak sick beauty like a woman who arouses infinite sympathy and love. I have a headache.
Miss, I am Aunt Chen who watched you grow up.
Don’t scare me. I’m talking to the master now.
Aunt Chen turned pale and spoke incoherently to the doctor. I got up and walked out quickly.
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It hurts badly, but to Mimi, it’s nothing, and it can’t even make her lower her eyebrows. Finally, Liu Mimi regained her senses, smelling the smell of thick soup. Eyes and intestines writhing colic, stomach throbbing pain, this familiar pain Mimi has felt for years, she understands that this is a psychological problem, looking at the room decoration, one can probably guess that the family of this body should not be bad as a whole room The decoration is very luxurious, smelling the aroma of the thick soup, Liu Mimi slowly propped up her body, her hands trembling almost in worship, she picked up the slightly hot mouth of the bowl, and she couldn’t wait to drink it, because she accidentally spilled some soup on her hand because of her impatience.
The small bowl of soup was finished by Mimi’s mouth, looking at the soup in his hand, sticking out his tongue and licking it up slowly, it was like tasting the delicacy of the world. For Liu Mimi