Didnt hear it or didnt care about Qin Huan so he didnt continue talking Song Ci who was on the phone saw the two of

The man is standing in front of him with one hand in the pocket of light-colored fine-grained trousers without a jacket. He is wearing a three-piece vest of the same color and texture.
The sapphire cufflinks on the white shirt are delicate and unique.
He is tall and wears a neat suit.
There is someone beside him. Talking to him, he looked careless, his quiet eyes were dizzy, a little alienated and indifferent, a bit like Song Yan shouted a few times, but there was no response, Jiang Jingnan had to touch her lightly. What are you looking at so engrossed? Jiang Jingnan followed the direction she was looking at just now and looked there, except for a few guests talking, there was nothing special, and she casually replied, “Song Yan is walking away, isn’t it Song Yan?” I always insist on meeting you, saying that your movie fans have pushed you several times, and you’ve given them a face anyway, and you’ve said hello to them, Song Yan has no expression on his feet, and since you’ve already pushed it several times, it’s not bad This time, Jiang Jingnan has been Song Yan’s manager for two years, she knows very well that Song Yan’s temper is one-sided, she can only let it go, she follows Song Yan, and the sound of discussions in twos and threes comes to her ears, isn’t that Song Yan? It’s a man, even I, a woman, will fall in love with her after seeing her.
This year, she won an award again, and her value has doubled, and she is close to the first-line actress.
She seems to have a bad temper and offended many people.
Jiang Jingnan thought silently of the girl in her heart.
Be more confident and remove Song Yan’s four-year debut.
He was given the nickname “Red Rose on Earth, Mei Ze Mei Ke Rose has thorns.” The topic suddenly changed. I heard that Mr.
Gu is here tonight. Someone suddenly boldly guessed whether Song Yan would Is it for Mr. Gu? Mr. Gu, Gu Chenxiao, is she crazy? That man, she dares to imagine that the tone of envy was full of envy just now. After talking about this man, he suddenly changed his background to a height that no one else can reach in his life.
Is this man an actor who can be imagined? No matter how high her social status is, she still cannot cross the gap of status and class.
Song Yan’s beautiful eyes flashed a sneer, and she stepped out of the gate stepping on scarlet suede high heels. Without stopping for a moment, I got into the car and completely merged into the night. It has been a while since Song Yan came back from the villa in Xianxian Mansion.
The magazine in his hand has not been turned for nearly an hour.
There seemed to be the sound of a car engine outside the house.
It didn’t take long before there was movement at the door.
Song Yan looked towards the door. The fingerprint code lock on the door rang, and then there was the sound of the door opening. At the same time as the door opened, Song Yan saw a long, tall and straight line. The sapphire on the man’s cuff is eye-catching because he is back.
Song Yan stared at that figure in a daze.
To be honest, as a boyfriend, he is perfect and impeccable in terms of appearance and identity. As a senior Yangou, Song Yan cannot deny that she loves him.
At the beginning, it was purely just thinking about it, when the man had already stepped into the door and came in front of her. Song Yan looked up and stared at him. Before he could speak, she said first, Gu Chenxiao, we Let’s Break Up Chapter 2 Is it someone who has seen big storms? That’s right.
The man in front of me is the indifferent and noble Mr.
Gu Gu Chenxiao. He is Song Yan’s boyfriend. Now Song Yan is turning him into an ex-boyfriend man.
As soon as he stood still, he frowned almost imperceptibly. The words he was going to say stopped there, his eyes as black as ink stared at her, he opened his lips, his voice was indifferent and cold. The reason was long after she came back, and before he came back, she was always there.
I think his magnetic voice sounded again because I didn’t tell you to return home early. Gu Chenxiao’s original business trip plan for a week is supposed to be still on the negotiating table abroad. If she hadn’t met him at the reception, she might not have Knowing about his early return to China, remembering the words of those people at the reception, Song Yan’s brows faded a little, she looked at Gu Chenxiao as if waiting for his explanation, but he didn’t say anything, just frowned and looked at her quietly with disdain Explaining that Mr. Gu has always been like this, Song Yan’s head echoed with a woman’s sharp voice, every sentence was sharp and profound, she said that Song Yan spoke, Gu Chenxiao’s deep and magnetic voice pulled her back to her thoughts, she raised her eyes and met his directly.
Open your eyes and lips, you took your left foot when you entered the door, Mr. Gu, I like men who enter the door with their right foot first, so let’s break up, so you break up with him like this After a few minutes, she took a deep breath and complained, “Song Yan’s weird reason is probably only you who can say it.
If I were Gu Chenxiao, I’m afraid I would be pissed off by you. Li Mo is Song Yan’s good girlfriends.” I have known him since I was a child, although my personalities are very different, but I have always been close to the same person, so he would not.
Is Mr. Gu someone who has seen strong winds and waves? So calm and calm really looks like his style. Song Yan glanced at her faintly.
Li Xiao coughed lightly. Let’s get back to business, so why did you break up with him? Song Yan is dating Gu Chenxiao Although there has been no public relationship for two years, the relationship has always been stable.
Not long ago, I heard from Song Yan that she saw a ring in Mr. Gu’s study drawer. They all thought that the two of them were close to a good thing.
They really did not expect such a sudden breakup.
Song Yan said That reason is obviously something she made up casually, something even Li Xiao understands. How could Gu Chenxiao not understand? When Wei Shiran sneaked over for the eighth time, Gu Chenxiao finally rewarded him with one word and asked, should you be abroad at this time? Are you on the negotiating table? You returned home early, um, workaholics sometimes get lazy, don’t say you’ve completed a week’s work three days in advance.