Didn’t he always squeeze me in on weekdays Today’s little time is enough to sleep in the quiet night by my side The sound of

I agree, is this the mood of chasing idols to improve myself? Happy and then agreed, I was hanged by the young master Dong Nanzhi Before I died, I wanted to work part-time Pooh, the boss is a big pig hoof licking the dog until I have nothing in the end. After rebirth, I agreed immediately He rolled up his sleeves to seek revenge from Big Pig’s Trotters, and then found that Master Wen Run had become a notorious mad emperor, and this mad emperor loved to look at him with cold eyes, agreeing to cover his vest and shivering, this man seemed to want to save his life again Kill me once Chongming felt bored every day until he found that a maid appeared next to him that looked exactly like his tits Chongming looked at the little maid’s head with hair spinning and deep eyes I knew they were the same person but I had no proof I didn’t know that a handful of millet would work I can’t try out the social animal. The maid is fake and gentle.
I’m crazy. I criticize the young master. The burning girl is as always poor, He Yi has always hoped that she can be bound to two words, beautiful and rich, before she dies, He Yi changed this wish into the birth conditions of the next life and added adjectives such as “the country, the city, the city, the wealth and the enemy” Beat me to death, a sharp sound suddenly rang out, He Yi’s chaotic head instantly became clear, and then he found himself curled up against the corner of the wall and sitting on the ground, before his eyes were all shoes Grass plant on her body, stop, I’m going to call the police He Yi was given time to observe his surroundings. Surrounding him were five or six young and middle-aged men dressed in uniforms.
Standing behind him was a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl and a chubby man.
Resting your hard-headed thoughts and persuasive words, your eyes are already glancing around looking for a way out. You guys are gathering to fight! The police are here, but they want to arrest you and put you in jail. I advise you to put down your weapons and surrender quickly. The little girl behind frowned and raised her eyebrows. He shouted, stop, why don’t you continue beating me? The young and middle-aged man immediately moved forward, He Yi didn’t have time to look for the gap, rushed out of the human wall, and ran away.
Don’t run in the past, you stop for me, you fool will stop? He Yi ran even faster, I don’t know where she went, surrounded by antique corridors and houses, stop quickly, young master, you can’t go any further, the front is a forbidden area He Yi rushed through the gates, and the chubby man chased after him.
Neither of them could hear the anxious shouts of the young and middle-aged men behind him. A wide and boundless pond and a man’s back, He Yi hurriedly turned, but was hit on the waist by the little fat pier who couldn’t stop the car, and couldn’t control himself and rushed towards the man.
The little fat puff was bounced back and landed on the ground, He Yi He and the man fell into the water next to each other, and the pond splashed a large piece of water. The water in the pond was icy cold and piercing. There was no one on board except He Yi.
She dived into the water and found a man who was sinking. He Yi quickly swam over and dragged him ashore. Seeing that the man didn’t move, the little fat man realized that he had gotten into trouble and ran away. He Yi panicked. I didn’t notice that my head started to feel dizzy again, and my hands lost the strength.
It took me several times to successfully turn him over and lie flat on the ground. The man lying on the ground wore a leather mask on his face, only his closed eyes and slight whiteness were exposed.
Thin blood-colored lips, He Yi, felt that there was nowhere to start, and saw the other person’s eyelids move slightly, slowly opened his eyes, and the eye waves flowed, and the whole person became alive. You finally woke up.
Mosquitoes are not much different Before she finished her sentence, her eyes went black and she fell down and hit the man’s chest.
He Yi dazedly saw the life of an ancient girl. The second child lost her husband and gave birth to a daughter.
After agreeing to hold on for seven or eight years, she was still depressed and died. Before she died, she begged the young master to keep Xinyi in Yang’s mansion. Since then, Yang’s mansion has an extra person who can move bricks wherever there is something to do. Being a servant girl has food, a place to live, and an income, which is not bad. It’s a pity that she had a fever when she was young, and her brain was burned out. She behaved stupidly, and her mother was protected in fashion. After her mother passed away, she was bullied.
Even if he scolds, the poor-tempered servant beats and kicks Heyi like a sandbag when he has nothing to do Ji stroked Xu Yi’s head and said softly, the little girl’s house should be clean and beautiful, so that she has never been treated kindly by others, and then she fell into obscurity. All day long, her thoughts were always on the young master. Later, she heard a young lady in Yang’s mansion say that she would give a beautiful purse to her.
When the sweetheart agreed, she also had the idea of ​​giving the young master a purse, and then she robbed the young lady’s purse, so she was beaten to death by the pond, saying that this silly girl is miserable, right? To sum it up, there is only one sentence: the lower social animals in feudal society don’t have human rights.
The last dream was well done.
Even in danger, she didn’t forget to sacrifice her life to save others, which shows her Xiao He’s excellent quality.
Open your eyes, and then you can see the wooden beams on the top of your head, what an old-style room, can’t this be some kind of themed hospital? up