Did you sleep well last night I asked her Lin Xiaoshi bit the bread and said casually do you think I look good I looked

Anzhe and I had to temporarily put down our paintbrush and devote ourselves to studying because of heavy school work.
My family and Anzhe’s family are old friends, so we have known Anzhe since I can remember. We went to the same primary school, the same junior high school, and both were in the same class. It can be said that I have been at the same table with this guy for as many years as I have been in school. We have fought together since we were young, skipped classes, played games together, and got scolded together when we made mistakes.
I am the only child, but Anzhe has a cute and beautiful Sister, so he often shows off to me, and Anxi was only born a few minutes later than him, so I complained endlessly. Anzhe and I are the focus of the school. They belong to the students who make boys jealous of girls and make teachers headaches. I have to say Both Anzhe and I have inherited good genes from our parents.
We developed earlier than some children of the same age, and are handsome and tall. But Anzhe belongs to the kind of handsome with sharp edges and clear lines on the face, while I have much fairer skin than him.
The chin is pointed, the face is thin and soft Anxi said that if you are a girl, you must be prettier than me.
Anzhe laughed after hearing this. If you are a girl, I will definitely let you be my girlfriend. Why are we two childhood sweethearts? Ah, I’m quite speechless about this. Anzhe always spends his pocket money on buying gifts for girls or treating them to milk tea, while I always spend my money on my favorite things and comics, so as long as there is Anzhe in the school, there will be There will be a girl’s smile, and where I exist, there will be good music and good-looking comics, but one thing I have to say is that many of my comics and comics were lent to girls by Anzhe without my consent and When I asked about half of the girls he said I don’t know the other half I haven’t even heard the name so I don’t know how to get back my beloved and comics Anzhe is a competitive person as long as someone messes with He gets into fights without even apologizing and won’t give up even if it’s his fault so he always has endless fights and then I have endless fights but he never hits girls and never I didn’t yell at the girls, so there are very few boys in the school who are willing to make friends with us. Anzhe said that they would feel inferior when they were with me. I don’t care. For me, I don’t need many friends. Anzhe Anxi and them are enough, but the teacher is a headache for us because we are often late for class, go to bed, cut class for playing games and often fight, but in terms of academic performance, I am always the first in grade Anzhe is always the second in grade and no matter what we play How many times Anzhe has fought, his dad can always settle it, and he basically never asked Anzhe the reason for the fight, but worried about whether we were injured too much. Otherwise, I will lose all my pocket money for a week, so I always feel that Uncle Xie is too spoiled.
It would be great if my dad could do the same.
like a surge It is instantly suffocating at the beginning of the month, the sun is gradually moving north, and winter is finally over.
The spring rain is still lingering, and the grass is still pulling out its tender green buds.
The peach blossoms are still blooming and the willows are still like smoke and mist. But I always feel that all of this is not as vibrant as before.
Today The weather was fine in the morning and the sun was shining brightly.
On the way to school, Anzhe still laughed at me for wearing a sweater and riding a bicycle with a bloated posture.
He had already changed into a thin and expensive long-sleeved shirt under his school uniform.
Once again, we cheered for not being late, and then chatted with a group of girls. I sat quietly on the seat, turned on the earphones, and read comics.
Anzhe can always get acquainted with a strange girl within minutes, and then always There are endless topics to talk about, and when I talk to girls, I will blush, of course, except for girls like Anxi who have known each other for a long time. Sometimes I feel how incredible it is that we have such a big difference in personality, but we have been playing together for more than ten years.
In the end I figured out that this is the reason why we often fight It didn’t work on me once.
Recently, my mother’s color is getting paler. It’s been a long time since I went to work in the company. I asked my mother what the disease was, and she only told me that it was just a cold. Something is wrong. Today is Ching Ming Festival, a sad festival. In the morning, my mother called me to get up on time. After eating a delicious breakfast, Anzhe came to call me to go to school. Before I got to school, it was dripping with rain.
I looked up at the gray sky. Indifferently, I felt a kind of inexplicable sadness. In the classroom, Anzhe was still complaining that his newly bought coat was soaked.
He was in a low mood all morning.
Anzhe didn’t go to play with girls after class like before, but just sat quietly in his seat. Come and listen to me after the last class, tidy up the books on the desk, and prepare to go home for lunch.
When I get home, I park my bicycle downstairs and ring the doorbell many times, but no one answers the door. I’m surprised that Dad is usually very busy at noon. I seldom go home, but my mother should be at home.
I found the key from my schoolbag and opened the door.
There was no one in the room. I started to panic.
I always felt that something happened. Then the phone rang, and it was my father who called. I pressed to answer. Dad’s hoarse voice came from the key phone, Zeyu? Dad and mom are in the hospital. When I came to the hospital, I found that my grandparents and aunts were also there, and they all had sad faces. Grandma’s eyes were red, obviously I had just cried.
It’s blank. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. When I walked into the ward, I saw my mother’s eyes closed.