Did you go to work in that kind of place without telling me The place where she poked it was sore and painful did she

Jiang Zhengxuan habitually turns on the big TV in the living room every day when she enters the door, so that the familiar Chinese broadcast sound on the TV can fill her small apartment. It’s high-rise buildings and below it is a long queue of traffic that flows day and night. This is the most prosperous city that never sleeps in the United States. The memory of New York seems to be only a moment, but it has been more than three years since she came to this city. She fled Luohai back then with scars all over her body and came here. No matter where she stays How long does it take for her to stand at the window of the apartment and still feel that this city is strange, so she has no sense of belonging? Countless mornings when she opens her eyes, she always stares at the ceiling in a daze and asks herself why am I here? She always feels Everything is in a trance. Waiting for dawn. I woke up and opened my eyes.
She is still in Luohai, she is still in her elegant princess house, but the buildings near and far away are all cold reminders. She, she is not in a dream, she is indeed in a strange New York, and everything that passed by is not a dream, yes, that is not a dream How ironic to bury herself deeply in the soft sofa. Her past was buried in this bitter liquid, but now she would habitually drink a glass and a half after returning from school every day to complete the design assigned by her instructor.
The work is no exception.
The euphemistic name is to settle thoughts and help sleep.
In fact, she fell in love with the taste of red wine. It tastes so good. Jiang Zhengxuan still looked the most beautiful at the beginning.
Jiang Zhengxuan took another sip of the wine, let the mellow sweetness spread between his lips and teeth, and then slipped into his throat like a silk thread. Just as he was about to put down the glass, a familiar voice came from the crisp and soft broadcast of the TV female anchor. Due to mismanagement, erroneous mergers and bad decisions, it was once the most popular social networking site in China.
The third quarter financial report suffered a serious loss, and the stock price plummeted to the lowest point in history. Locked on the TV, on the flickering screen, a man in a suit wearing sunglasses appeared on the TV, surrounded by several bodyguards, walking forward. The camera only captured his tall silhouette, which was like a flash in the pan. It only took two or three seconds to cut into other pictures. Our station has the latest news that the company has submitted bankruptcy procedures to the relevant departments. Our reporter is waiting in the company building to wait for you the latest news about the website and its founder and Nie Zhongzhi.
At that moment, a giant hand stretched out. After entering the body, he pinched her heart mercilessly and squeezed out all the blood in the heart in an instant. The whole person was in a dizzy and suffocated unconscious state. After a long time, Jiang Zhengxuan, who had been in a daze, turned back. As soon as God lowered his head, he saw the wine dripping from his wet feet.
It turned out that the wine glass in his hand had fallen to his feet at some point. She didn’t feel any sense at all. The company Nie Zhongzhi and Jiang Zhengxuan hugged herself tightly.
I don’t know if it’s because of the sudden cold weather today. She just feels cold all over her body. How could it be so easy for the once smashing social networking site to be listed on NASDAQ? How could Nie Zhongzhi, who is so proud and arrogant, accept that it was all he had? It has been more than four years and she has deliberately forgotten it.
During these few years, she rarely thought of him deliberately.
Nie Zhongzhi, who had forgotten that year when he saw her with a bruised nose and a swollen face, looked inexplicably happy.
He gently asked her by the bedside if Xuanxuan would marry me, his voice was soft and slow, very carefully, like someone waiting in a court. The prisoner who sentenced him deliberately forgot that year when he hugged her and begged her to say Xuanxuan, let’s get married, the moment we gave birth to the child, his voice was so low and soft, like a pearl slipping slowly through a silk scarf, almost making her addicted In order to deliberately forget that he once whispered in her ear, Xuanxuan, do you know that I love you? If it wasn’t because I love you, why would I do to you? Everything before is my fault, it’s all my fault Don’t be angry with me and give birth to the child, okay? Nie Zhongzhi loves her Jiang Zhengxuan would have laughed just thinking about it at that time, and being struck by lightning didn’t frighten him. If he loved her, why would he keep threatening her with a mistake? Threatening her like this or that? Deliberately forgetting that he once bought a ring and knelt outside her room for a whole night in order to propose to her. Deliberately forgetting that Nie Zhongzhi once pinched her shoulder viciously and said to her Jiang Zhengxuan, if you dare not want this child. I will kill you, I will kill you, I swear I will not let you go in this life, even if I am a ghost in this life, I will not let you go, their family backgrounds are quite good Jiang Zhengxuan doesn’t care about Nie Zhongzhi’s threat The appearance of not wanting a child, or the appearance of a cold heart.
More than once, she threatened Jiang Zhengxuan coldly in her ear.
If you dare not want this child, I will find someone to be your favorite brother Ye. You know, I don’t have much, and I will pay you more. Are there any things that can’t be done with money in this society now? Do you want to bet with me? Her reaction was just to glance at him very lightly, as if she glanced at a piece of furniture or decoration or even a piece of furniture.
The eyelashes didn’t even touch the slightest, then turned around and continued to eat or drink Nie Zhongzhi hugged her waist and abdomen behind her and begged her desperately, Xuanxuan, you give birth to the child, I promise you From now on, I will act as if I have never known you. I swear that I will never pester you again, as long as you promise me to give birth to the child, the child and I will never appear in your life, okay? I beg you, Xuanxuan, I beg you. that day