Did you come out to climb the mountain with me today The incident of the werewolf mutation As the commander in chief Liang Ye should

Chapter 1 The sacrifice of a comrade-in-arms in the central part of China is in a forest in the early hours of the morning.
Under the sky, the screen is full of green and emerald, which makes people feel distressed. In this jungle full of primitive atmosphere, a black shadow flashes quietly, as if walking through the jungle. The night owl among them is so vigorous that no one can see it. Its figure is like a leopard, its momentum is like a tiger, as if it has gathered all the characteristics of cats.
The only difference is that its eyes are bloodthirsty and ruthless, like a wild animal. The wolf is a perfect predator, his name is Major Liang Ye, his military rank code name is Phantom, the prestige of the forest gently blows over, and occasionally he picks up a few fallen leaves and hits his face with some pain As time passed quickly, Liang Ye finally stopped under a big tree.
He slowly crouched down and hid in a dark corner that could not be easily found even by the light.
At this moment, the radio in his left ear rang, calling Captain Hunter. It has been half an hour since No. 3 lost contact.
That’s why I came here.
He sent me his coordinates, saying that Liang Ye put on the hood, and the whole person almost merged with the darkness.
Hunter No. 3 is Liang Ye’s subordinate. He was originally on a special reconnaissance mission, but he lost contact with the headquarters half an hour ago. Liang Ye heard that his brother had lost contact, so he rushed towards this location without saying a word. The coordinates have been marked on your map. After finishing the call, Liang Ye took out his military mobile phone and looked at the coordinates marked on the map, one kilometer to the southeast. The beacon did not move.
There was no problem with the radio, but there was no reply. Liang Ye thought about it more and more. Don’t worry, after confirming the position, Liang Ye moved quickly again in the dark night, acting like a ghost, almost without any sound, and it was difficult to catch his trace with the naked eye. When Liang Ye came to the position marked on the coordinates, he found It’s just a military mobile phone and a camouflage suit.
Liang Ye slowly squatted down and reached out to pick up the phone, then pressed the intercom and said, “I’m a phantom. I’ve reached the marked position and haven’t found Hunter 3, only found his mobile phone and the intercom in the camouflage suit.” The soldiers on the other end hadn’t had time to reply.
Suddenly, there was a rumbling explosion sound from the hill ahead. This was the sound of a grenade exploding, and it was a grenade specially used by the Chinese Special Forces.
Large-scale battle Liang Ye put the mobile phone of Hunter 3 in his pocket, then moved quickly and said while running, there may be a battle ahead, it may be Hunter 3, I will go to check the location of the explosion, and a man in combat uniform is holding it. A triangular army thorn looked at a woman in black in front with a pale face. The man was Hunter No. 3 Sergeant.
The grenade he threw just now blasted a big hole in the ground in front of him, but failed to give the black man The woman in clothes caused any damage, the combat uniform on Hunter No. 3 was completely stained red with blood, the whole person looked so shocking like a blood man, and his The pale face also made it clear that he had reached the point where his oil was exhausted. At this time, the woman in black took a step forward and said in Chinese, the Dragon Eagle Special Forces is known as one of the most powerful special forces in the Chinese Army.
It’s just like this and continue to attack the sergeant. Don’t let me down.
The woman in black is masked so that you can’t see her appearance clearly. Facing the enemy’s provocation, Hunter No.
3 resisted the urge to fall and gritted his teeth and said, who are you? The woman in black blinked her eyes and said slowly, you don’t need to know. After she finished speaking, her figure suddenly disappeared from the spot. Although she was seriously injured, Hunter No. 3 still reacted subconsciously.
The stern cold wind stabbed forward, and they could still react like this when the oil was exhausted and the lights were dry. This is not something that ordinary special forces can do. The reaction of Hunter 3 made the woman in black a little surprised, but the surprise is the surprise.
It doesn’t mean she will fail. The army stab failed to hit the woman in black. It just stuck to her waist and passed through her clothes, and couldn’t even cut through her clothes.
Then a 20cm long dagger appeared in the woman’s hand.
The tip of the dagger touched Hunter No.
3’s heart, and then slowly pierced it improperly. The dagger completely penetrated Hunter No. 3’s heart, and a roar followed.
The next moment, a bullet pierced through the air barrier and hit the black clothes.
Feeling the pain in the woman’s left shoulder, the woman in black frowned slightly and appeared ten meters away in a flash.
Liang Ye’s eyes turned cold, but he didn’t have time to think too much.
With the spring of the branch, he jumped into mid-air with the pistol in his right hand and fired three times at the woman in black in front of her. Bang bang bang, the three bullets locked the direction in which the woman in black could dodge, no matter how she dodged. The bullets would hit her, but to Liang Ye’s surprise, the woman in black didn’t dodge at all, but stretched out her left palm towards the bullets that were flying in front, then bent her fingers quickly and made a claw gesture, three bullets were fired in the next moment Liang Ye, who stopped in mid-air at a speed visible to the naked eye, then fell to the grass and landed on the ground, frowned. He finally understood why his special forces were defeated because Hunter No. 3 was fighting a woman in black with supernatural powers. She didn’t continue to fight with Liang Ye. When she saw the black cloak on Liang Ye’s body, a trace of fear flashed in her eyes, then she turned around and disappeared into the darkness. Liang Ye didn’t chase immediately, but ran to Hunter No. His right hand firmly pressed the wound on his heart, and he said loudly that I am Phantom Hunter No. 3, who was seriously injured and needed medical support.
The soldier on the intercom quickly responded, and he quickly said that the emergency team had set out to hold on.