Dian Xiaoming became active again he said let’s go play and digest it he has been digesting all the time I know he actually didn’t

Harassment, turmoil, sorrow, and boredom, too, I swayed your love through your wall Love, joy, friends, karma, encounters, erroneous circumstances, too ugly, I always feel that I am not a lucky person. I have never won the lottery since I was a child. I have not even won a napkin.
Whenever I go far away, my aunt comes to visit.
I comforted myself since I was a child. It’s just not lucky, but from the moment I met Xie Nanzhi, I finally admitted that God put me in a cup. The three most embarrassing things in life.
Falling down in public, admitting the wrong person and entering the wrong toilet. I have done these things more than once. However, I feel that even if I do these three things repeatedly at different times and places in this life, it is not as good as the encounter between me and Xie Nanzhi.
To file is Nanjing dialect, which means embarrassment is worse than embarrassment. No, the word file can no longer bear the heavy responsibility. It should be called Huochou, now let’s take the time back to that vibrant but unbearable spring. It’s the third month since I came to Nanjing and I’m still looking for a job. The resumes I submitted didn’t even respond to me.
I opened them excitedly. Eight unread emails, six unread emails, two advertisements, the phone call from the mother who issued fake invoices and complained from time to time how stupid I was to quit my job at a bank in my hometown, Ming’an. 8 is not the 28 of 2028, but 28 and 28. I haven’t been in a relationship yet and even lost my job. In summary, it’s really hard to find a partner. It’s so tragic that I can’t express it. In short, all the bad guys came here one after another as if they had made an appointment to play with me. The only luck is that I found my elementary school friend Yanni through Renren.com and solved the problem of accommodation in Nanjing.
Xiaonuan let me in.
Please don’t get me wrong. In the aisle on the 12th floor of a high-end single apartment building with a hotel-style management model, I looked helplessly at the man in front of me, vaguely remembering his name, Jun or Hualai.
The person Yanni introduced to me last winter, I actually couldn’t figure it out.
What did you think about at the time? I obviously didn’t want to talk about it because of a text message from the other party to keep warm in the cold weather, or because I happened to be unemployed in a foreign country, or because this person’s appearance is fair. On the contrary, I have to admit that there are not so many winds and snows in the face of reality. There is nothing that will never come. You are starving in the cold wind waiting for someone to treat you to a French meal.
You have waited for a long time, but at the end, a roasted duck leg is also beautiful.
I told you this is Jenny’s house.
It’s not mine.
If you have something to say, please tell me.
I’m foaming at the mouth. I have a job and I can’t afford to live in such a house.
On the first floor, there is a reception desk that provides assistance in four languages. The gym and indoor swimming pool are all available.
Choose the housekeeper and automatic parking service for regular house cleaning.
The surrounding area is golf courses and imported food supermarkets. The house is said to be bought by Yanni’s parents. Yanni initially agreed to live together and charge me half of the rent. As soon as I came, she handed over the house and a rabbit named Tom to me. She asked me to help her raise her ex-boyfriend’s rabbit.
Pay off the debts and pay the rent when she finds a job.
Chagang let me see that this house is in the suburbs of the city, and most of the people who live there are gold-collar workers with cars. It is very inconvenient for me, but I like the environment here, and what I have promised to people is to go back and forth to the city every day.
I recognized it for two or three hours.
I seem to have forgotten the existence of the man opposite. Hey, look, what you said is that you invite your boyfriend to come over for coffee, what’s the matter? The boyfriend who appeared once? Have you ever met the boyfriend who only dated twice? The boyfriend who asked to borrow money after the first date? Did you have intermittent amnesia or I had intermittent amnesia? That’s right, you asked me years ago I borrowed five thousand, to tell the truth, I am a person who does not compete with the world, but if I want to be more serious, I am not the tall, thin-legged person in front of people, but he looks like a human being, but I slapped myself in the heart.
Why didn’t I see that I was a scumbag? Years ago I was in bed with a bad cold and he called me to ask about my health.
In the end, I told him to drink more hot water because he asked me to drink more hot water.
Then he borrowed money and I didn’t say anything.
After I lent my savings to him, I found out that to this person, hot water is just a line.
Stomach ache.
Is drinking more hot water a headache? Or drinking more hot water? You are angry, blame me for not being with you well, am I the prodigal son turning his head? This man started to slap his face and play tricks These days, what is a prodigal son turning his head back? This is when the prodigal son really turned his head and asked who Call me, I laughed at you, you want to tell the prodigal son to turn his head back, he will definitely turn his head back, you should let the prodigal son go I’ll go to the company to get something first, you lend me 2000 yuan, I’ll come to treat you to dinner tonight, I’m completely shocked, is this a person from Earth? Which planet did this person escape from? Shameless star? I’m too lazy to deal with it. I have no money.
Get the hell out of here, think about it, and then said that I should pay back the five thousand yuan, and the other party said that I must pay it back, and I must first lend me two thousand yuan. For nearly half an hour, I think there is no way to go on like this.
I cleared my throat.
You pay me back. I’m going to get out of here.
My boyfriend is coming back.
God, in fact, in the past two days, I have nothing but the old man who watches the door and the young man who delivers the courier.
Haven’t spoken to any living males yet but don’t let this guy in the house