Deng Kai is not here now Tan Kang is still injured his head is still a little dizzy and he doesnt want to drink is

At best, Zhao Jun is a guy in the entertainment industry, his size is also a wrist.
At worst, Zhao Jun is ugly from a young age, and people dislike him in the entertainment industry.
The reason why he can survive in the entertainment industry is because the director needs his ugly face.
He was a clown, but one day when he rescued a child on the main road, everything changed, especially the messy benefactor who was said to have an extremely bad character and a poisonous mouth, but had outstanding ability and a good family background. Keep him tut tut Zhao Jun has a deep feeling that the other party is either blind or lame A congratulatory message for the little angels on the Mid-Autumn Festival plus 11th The other supporting cast members Chapter 1 Unlucky Car Accident In mid-July, the hot sun at noon scorched the cement road until it cooked an egg. The main road was wide and hardly visible. Pedestrians were occasionally only a few small cars. The car swished past, setting off a heat wave. When Zhao Jun walked out, his throat was so hot that he was smoking, especially his sloppy and tattered costume made him feel hot and sweaty, and he disliked it. The black cloth belt that was dragging down the sleeves, this move, well, there was hot sweat on his back, he shook his sleeves and simply ignored it, he was so hot, Zhao Jun gritted his teeth, remembering yesterday that his manager Deng Kai suddenly raised his voice and said yes This year’s temperature has set the highest temperature record in the past years. Zhao Jun looked around and looked at the place with a little shade on the opposite side, but he set up a few big sun umbrellas. There is a place selling some purified water and small snacks.
After buying a small refrigerator, Zhao Jun was immediately happy.
This time, he can buy some popsicles to eat. What is the name of this place? The Nanjiang Film and Television Base has just been built in the past two years.
It has basically just laid a foundation and there is nothing to use in it.
It is a simple one. The scene frame is small and the place is not big. This time I chose to shoot here.
It is a costume TV series about the swordsman going down the mountain.
The investment is not big. The actors are basically unknown to the audience.
After a while, there are a few familiar faces, and most of them are not called. It’s not easy to name the director, so the venue can only be chosen as the cheap one Actors are rich and the price is a bit higher Zhao Jun took a look and saw that there were no cars, but there was a three-wheeler parked at the small newsstand opposite.
A woman was not afraid of the heat in summer, wrapped in a scarf, leading a black and thin little boy to get off the three-wheeler, as if she wanted to buy something. Zhao Jun didn’t pay attention to the sidewalk in front of him, so he ran over with the wind blowing under his feet, got on the sidewalk and walked a little half way, Zhao Jun just went to hell, his brain jumped violently, his mind went blank, and when he realized it, he felt hot and sweaty bursting out in cold sweat My right arm, knee, and right thigh felt a burning pain.
There was a roaring sound in my ear, and the sound became indistinct.
Zhao Jun saw the woman in the turban screaming and running over, and then Suddenly pulled out a dull little boy from his arms, crying so heart-piercingly, Zhao Jun slowed down and realized that he had rushed out to save a child.
Flying up is the pinnacle moment of his life, he just breathed a sigh of relief, the sound of everything being forcibly broken made Zhao Jun turn his head suddenly, and then he saw a tall, black and thin man angrily getting out of the three-wheeled driving position Get down, pull out an iron rod-like thing from the tricycle, and run over. The owner of the car didn’t know what’s going on, but he didn’t come over to check. After starting the car, he was about to leave. The man was in a hurry, and he held up the iron rod and walked straight away. He smashed the glass of that car.
Hearing the sound of the glass being smashed, Zhao Jun’s still-shocked brain started to function again.
The black and skinny little boy let go of the woman’s hand at some point, and the woman didn’t pay attention when she was shopping.
The little boy somehow squatted down on the main road not far from the sidewalk.
The rare place is that a car drove over. The other party didn’t know whether he was on drugs or alcohol, or he was looking for death.
He saw that the sidewalk didn’t slow down, so he went straight at the speed of the car and didn’t respond. He wanted to go to the little boy. When Zhao Jun still had lingering fears when he rolled over, he turned around and looked, well, it turned out that the owner of the car got down a few more neat movements, and then directly twisted the tall, black and thin man onto the ground, and the iron rod was even given to the owner. She snatched it and threw it to the side. The woman immediately picked up the little boy and ran towards the tall, black and thin man. At the same time, she yelled something, but Zhao Jun couldn’t understand, wow, that daughter ran while running.
Roaring, the little boy also burst into tears, Zhao Jun stood up slowly and thought to himself, what happened to him, when the woman wearing a headscarf pulled the little boy, he also looked at the deep eye sockets and high nose bridge, so he is not a Chinese, look at international friends The last time we came here to play, Zhao Jun gritted his teeth and thought he couldn’t control it, so he rushed to the owner’s car and added a few foreigners, or called the police.
He took out his cell phone and dialed it Hearing the dark and skinny man over there shouting for help, the pronunciation is inaccurate and barely understandable Zhao Jun looked at the faces of those who set up the stalls and watched the show without any movement, so Zhao Jun was limping while holding his mobile phone Just a few steps after walking over, I shouted at the back of the owner of the car, buddy