Defensive surface and before any defensive surface is regenerated destroy the opponents body in the real world again otherwise all the previous attacks will be

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There are two different worlds. Since the battle is set in the game mode, this introduction will be updated at any time when a new world appears. The normal combat mode of the real world is based on the traditional world.
The extreme combat mode is mainly based on the rules of fighting games. The world may be divided into different types according to the development of the plot. At present, the system of Hungry Wolf Moonlight is the main one. The following is the job introduction.
In the high-speed world, defense-breaking, intercepting and interrupting the enemy’s skill release are the main skills.
Shadow technicians are high-agility occupations, which focus on speed.
In the traditional mode, assassins are the main mode. Opponent’s defense state is high-level combo enemies. The non-combat professional mechanical technician is the traditional mode. The weapon equipment manufacturer is the master. In the high-speed world, the parallel physical space is mainly used to switch between different worlds. The traditional mode and the high-speed world are based on electronic technicians.
Large-scale field control skills are mainly used to support technicians. The traditional mode and the high-speed world both apply various gains to their own side through genetic improvement. The traditional mode and the high-speed world use reinforcement materials to enhance the performance of weapons and equipment. The difference is that there are only two kinds of equipment in the real world.
In different worlds, the types of equipment and some skills of strengthening skills will be changed.
The traditional mode and the high-speed world are mainly about inflicting various negative effects on the enemy. In different worlds, the types of equipment and some skills of hindering skills will be changed.
Some changes have been made. Neutral professional medical technicians in the real world focus on mental and physical recovery.
The high-speed world mainly heals and adds blood to remove combat incapacity.
Vehicle technicians can control almost all vehicles in the real world, except for special vehicles.
The high-speed world can control parts. The enemy’s mecha armament can cooperate with the hindering technician and the shadow technician to achieve a faster cracking state I rubbed my forehead and felt that my whole body was still in a state of confusion, looking at the time of the alarm clock on the table next to the bed pointing to half a second in the morning. With a slight sound, the man’s gaze was fixed on the moving track of the pointer, and he gradually became fascinated, and then a picture completely unfamiliar to him appeared in his mind.
There is a silent world in the man’s field of vision, even if the shells fall not far away, he can only see the scene of the flames splashing everywhere, but he can’t hear the slightest sound. This is a small man who doesn’t know he’s an adult, but he’s shouting loudly, but he can’t hear anything. His thin little hands are pulling him desperately, as if he wants to take him somewhere, but let his mind go. No matter how established the will to control the body, the feet stuck in the soil could not move for half a step.
There were battlefields everywhere, all kinds of wreckage, and suddenly a bullet from nowhere passed through the little man’s head.
At that moment, the picture was frozen, and the man could clearly see the process of the little man’s eyes turning from black to pale, his trembling arms weakened, gradually fell to the ground and never stood up again, the picture in his mind was here. Disappeared for a moment, returned to the familiar room, looked away from the clock on the table, the man stood up, walked to the bathroom, wanted to use cold water to calm himself down, looked at himself in the mirror, the man said to himself, he must have watched too many movies recently, and walked out Because of insomnia in the bathroom, he didn’t feel sleepy anymore.
At this moment, the doorbell rang.
Looking at the position of the door, the man didn’t think there was anything strange in his heart. The law and order in the district is higher than the average level of the entire empire.
They will all end up in a tragic end.
However, when the man walked to the door of his house, a flash in his mind suddenly seemed to be disconnected. He subconsciously covered his head and knocked on the door again. The man gently helped The guard opened the door, but there was a woman standing outside the door. This woman made him feel familiar for a moment. He didn’t know where he had seen it in a sensual place, but he vaguely remembered that he didn’t give it to any strange woman. You are a man, you are still covering your head, your behavior is very weird, but the woman outside the door doesn’t seem to check, she also uses the same extension, looking at the man in front of her, her smile blooms in an instant, you are the old city drive When Zhang Bo in the workshop heard this question, the man’s expression became very hesitant, but he still nodded.
This woman knows where her home is and where she works.
Could it really be Zhang Bo from some forgotten acquaintance? Thinking in his heart that he would forget the identity of the other party at such a time, he put his hand down from his head