Deal with it give an explanation to the disciples under the sect and then inform the other superpowers to know that as the master of

Chapter 1 Why did I bring a rolling pin when crossing? When Liang Yi opened his eyes by the river and sat up blankly, wasn’t I cooking? This is where I was kidnapped, looking at the extremely strange yet somewhat familiar forest around me He scratched his head and fell into deep thought.
He should have practiced his chef proficiency in the kitchen of Xiaozhulou, and decided to go offline to eat something before ordering.
After logging out, why did he close his eyes and then come here? His name is Liang Yi, kind-hearted Liang Anyi Just hearing the name, you can tell what a harmless creature he is.
Although he is a professional player, he has not had any enemies in the game for several years.
At that time, I was using a new trumpet, and no one knew that it was my vest.
When Liang Yi was thinking, he suddenly felt something wrong with the touch in his hand, so he couldn’t help but look down. Isn’t this the rolling pin in my game? Liangyi gender, male template, race, human race, level, skill, no health, attribute, strength, agility, endurance, intelligence, understanding, charm, luck, freedom, attribute points, experience points, skills, no equipment, ordinary, ordinary rolling pin. Attributes? Liangyi looked at the character panel in his mind, his own size, because the limitation of innate attributes had reached the limit, and there was really no way to advance.
God-level trumpet with full attributes. The key point is the savvy charm and luck at the back.
It turned out to be a full start. He has been playing with mysteries for so many years, but he has never heard of someone who is more lucky than charm and savvy when he builds an account. Is the luck you got in exchange really a Kryptonian player, and after he looked closely, he found that there was a sentence under the attribute panel that commented on your handsomeness, so that the goddess of luck always pays attention to you. Both cats and dogs, he really didn’t want to time travel, sister, you asked me to go back, Liangyi, and I noticed that my template turned out to be not a player, maybe there will be other player templates, give up thinking about things, it’s no use thinking about it so much, put the ordinary rolling pin in the backpack Standing up, Liang Yi intends to find a way out first, and then he is not Mr.
Pei, he can live in the forest wherever he throws it at will. After looking around, Liang Yi finally understands where the vague sense of familiarity comes from. Here is In the game, there is a territory of the Jedi and monster tribes that is 100,000 miles away.
Dashan Liangyi shuddered and quickly found a place to hide.
Now he dare not wander around in the forest. In the last life, Xuanji was a virtual online game of fairy tale The level limit is level, which is the sixth level of Dzogchen in the mouth.
In the game, the peak level at that time was level at the peak of the seventh level. However, some players speculated that the number one female devil in the world at that time should be at the level of the seventh level. Before Liang Yi crossed, it was just when the game was preparing for a major update to open higher levels. The big boss in front of them is not enough in quality to make up the number of people. It’s a joke. The crowd tactics commonly used by players, people will die half of them in one way.
Now Liangyi is in the territory of the leader of the seventh peak monster clan.
Human beings don’t die when they meet.
On the contrary, the two sides often come and go.
But there are not only monsters in the mountains, but also monsters. Once they meet monsters, they don’t care whether you look good or not. With Liangyi’s current equipment level, they can directly You can play with laughter and wait for Goddess of Luck to allow me to cross again Lighting up the lamp in the toilet, maybe Goddess of Luck doesn’t care about crossing, she secretly thought, thanks to the innate attributes, strength and stamina are full, Liangyi was able to crawl along a tree to a high place, he first hid himself in the dense leaves Then he poked his head out secretly, wanting to take advantage of the height to observe which part of the 100,000-mile mountain he was looking at for a long time. In Liangyi’s eyes, he couldn’t tell the direction except green or green. There were too many trees. He gave up observing and returned to the ground.
Liang Yi took out a rolling pin from his backpack, marked one end of it, then threw it in the air, waited for the rolling pin to land, Liang Yi looked at the direction the mark pointed, then walked this way, Liang Yi put away the rolling pin, and walked carefully to get lucky Full value is also known as the protagonist’s halo, the son of destiny, the peerless European emperor, the wicked European, and the filial son whose mother must increase the price of food, Liangyi is not stupid.
When you are resigned to fate, your own full value luck plays the biggest role. Anyway, I don’t know how it used to be.
Where to go Liangyi is groping forward bit by bit. He has just looked at the sun.
The time should be morning. The sun shines through the thick leaves and falls in the forest, allowing Liangyi to have a good sight to observe the surroundings. The forest is silent and only Liangyi The sound came out when I accidentally reached the branch, and what Liangyi didn’t know was a line of sight. I didn’t know when he had been staring at Liangyi’s back and walked away for about two hours. Even with Liangyi’s stamina, he felt a little tired It feels like his lips are a little dry under the sun, no, you have to find a water source first, or you may die of thirst before you go out, Liang Yi pricked up his ears and listened carefully to the sounds around him, and Liang Yi was pleasantly surprised Looking towards his right front, there was a faint sound of water flowing, but he didn’t run over impatiently, but hid his figure more carefully. After all, where there is a water source, who knows if there will be any monsters drinking the water? Liangyi Steeped his head out from behind a big thick tree, secretly and carefully looked at the stream in front of him. Fortunately,