De didnt stop sure enough healing energy is the deadliest weapon for demons master dont kill him then our clues will be broken Beside Constantine

Chapter 1 Old-fashioned time travel Xu De was sleeping, but he heard the humming and haha ​​noise outside, it was unbearable, what’s going on? But I found myself in an unfamiliar wooden house. I am not sleeping at home. What kind of place is this? Xu De felt strange about this place.
He walked out of the room and found that there were hundreds of monks practicing martial arts in the square not far outside, and he looked around again.
Surrounded by high mountains, he is in a quaint temple. The whole temple is quaint, ancient bricks, ancient tiles, ancient trees, a scene and a thing that have been through history. Flying beams and painted buildings are layered on top of each other. These wooden buildings do not need a single nail, and rely on the intersecting grooves of the beams and columns to resist each other.
They can safely and securely support a building for hundreds or even thousands of years.
The meticulous artistic conception of these skilled craftsmen is really incredible. There are also carvings on the beams and pillars. I don’t know how the predecessors carved these beautiful artistic patterns.
I don’t know how many ancient handwritings are hidden in the scripture building. Thousands of years of changes still can’t change the color of this ancient temple. Of course, this is not the key. The key point is that Xu Da saw a huge stone with three big characters of Shaolin Temple written on it.
I came to Shaolin Temple all of a sudden. How is it possible that I live more than a thousand kilometers away from Shaolin Temple? How could I come to such a far place in one night? Xu De saw it The three big characters in Shaolin Temple changed his face drastically. Thinking of what, Xu De ran back to the room he was staying in and took a closer look.
He found that there was no modern equipment, air-conditioning, TV, etc. Not to mention not even electric lights.
He found a basin and stuck his head into the water to take care of it Looking at a young bald head who is only in his teens, but Xu De doesn’t recognize him at all, it’s not his face at all, and he’s also a middle-aged man who doesn’t even match his age.
He really passed through Xu De’s decadent thought.
He fell asleep without thinking of himself.
I feel that this can be time-traveled, but Xu De thinks that the time-travel he read seems to be popular now, and he can’t read the time-travel like this. Although it is old-fashioned, it is popular. Xu De adapts to the environment quickly and reads no less than a thousand books every year.
I often calmed down, but it was just time travel.
These years, there are more than one million time travelers every year. It’s not surprising that I became one of them.
It’s just that my golden finger has been brought back. Now, isn’t it true that all time travelers should have golden fingers? Could it be that the way I opened it was wrong? Thinking of this, Xu De was sitting on the bed in a meditation posture, trying to find the golden finger in his body, but after half a day, Xu De gave up and never found the golden finger. Brother, your illness has been cured for an hour The monk came in and saw Xu De sitting on the bed and said in surprise. After finishing speaking, he touched Xu De’s forehead with his hand. He said happily that the fever has gone down. Although he came here through time, he didn’t absorb the memory of this body at all. Now he said The more he makes mistakes, the more he can just keep silent.
Brother, you must be hungry. This is breakfast for you.
The little monk put a food box on the stool and took out a bowl of porridge and two steamed buns. De was speechless when he saw this food, you just eat this for the patient, it’s a clear soup with little water, but he was really hungry, so he picked up these steamed buns and white porridge and ate them. After eating, the little monk helped Xu De to pack these things up Xu De said that the younger brother had a good rest, and I went to morning class. Xu De stayed in the room and began to think about what to do in the future, and to find a way to understand the information around him and his own situation. He couldn’t keep pretending to be deaf and dumb like this. Fortunately, the little monk who brought food to Xu De was very innocent. Under Xu Da’s guidance, he quickly shared useful information for Xu De. The dynasty he is currently in is actually the Ming Dynasty.
Of course, the little monk doesn’t know who the emperor is, but he himself This time traveled through hundreds of years, but it is true, and he is also really in Shaolin Temple.
Now he has become a young monk named Fang De, and the senior brother who takes care of him is Fang Zheng.
The two entered Shaolin Temple in the same batch, so the relationship is very good.
Of course, these are not The most important thing is that this is actually a world of martial arts, because he found that when he was practicing martial arts, his senior brother could open mountains and crack rocks with a single blow, and he could be as tall as a meter with a single jump, and his body could make Newton’s coffin board collapse. Unstoppable slow fall This should be the lightness kung fu in the world of martial arts.
This world has kung fu.
Xu Da became interested in this world all of a sudden. Carrying water and doing some chores, they are now low-level disciples, they can’t learn any advanced martial arts, they can only learn Arhat Boxing and Shaolin Boy Kungfu, this is the treatment they have been trained in Shaolin Temple since they were young, otherwise they just became gods His disciples can only learn Shaolin Shaoyang Kung Fu, which is the most basic inner strength and mental method. Of course, Xu De forgot all these kung fu because of the time travel. Muscles already had an instinctive reaction. Xu De, he watched other people fight several times and then he quickly became familiar with it.
He regained mastery of Arhat Boxing, but his internal strength was no longer good. He can still feel the energy in his dantian, which seems to be internal strength. How to use this internal force, I don’t know at all.
Fortunately, he has Fang Zheng, a senior brother, and he asked Fang Zheng again.
Boy Kung Fu is indeed powerful. It is a secret Shaolin exercise that must be practiced from an early age.