Daozu Hongjun Haotian God is absolutely My own people even those who can make Chen Yi and others continue to improve their realm how can

Chapter 1 The traverser who was kicked by the rabbit Oh, oh, half asleep, Chen Yi heard the sound of a rooster crowing, Chen Yi’s body trembled and hurriedly turned over from the bed, there was no way, this was a reaction cultivated over the years, Chen Yi touched Touched his bald head, that’s right, Chen Yi is a bald man, not a monk.
Chen Yi looked out the window and saw the sky without any light, but he didn’t dare to waste any time and hurried out of the door.
There were already several young monks in front of Chen Yi. Walking forward briskly, dong dong dong, the big bell of the temple was struck and made a melodious sound, floating in the whole temple. When the bell rang, the young monks in front ran faster, and Chen Yi ran quickly regardless of the cold weather. I don’t want to keep up with him.
I don’t want to wait until I don’t have breakfast. Fortunately, although Chen Yi arrived last, the master who gave the lecture has not yet arrived. Chen Yi heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly sat down. The last futon in the last row is his exclusive seat. No one has ever robbed him of the monk Kongjian, who was lecturing for a short time, walked in, looked around, nodded in satisfaction, and led a group of young monks to start the morning class, then eat breakfast and do morning exercises until it was close to noon. Only then did Yi have time to rest, he was lying powerlessly in his room like a salted fish, he didn’t know how he survived all these years, maybe it was because he was afraid of being starved to death, but since Chen Yi came to this world It seems unbelievable to Chen Yi who needs to sleep for more than ten hours a day, but the fact is that it is so unbelievable.
It is true that Chen Yi came from time travel. He somehow became a time traveler.
That day, Chen Yi put down his phone at five o’clock in the morning and was going to sleep until the afternoon and had dinner to continue his salty fish life, but Chen Yi felt that he hadn’t slept long before he heard the bell ringing. At that time, Chen Yi was a little impatient, but he ignored it He continued to sleep, and then the door of his room was kicked open. The three middle-aged monks stared aggressively at Chen Yi, Jiang Liuer. Awakened, Chen Yi heard a strange voice and turned his head angrily, but the voice gradually quieted down. After all, the three monks in front of him with fleshy faces are not easy to mess with him. This small body is definitely not their opponent. But how did they come to his home? When Chen Yi was puzzled, he felt his body lighten and he was arrested. The monk actually lifted Chen Yi up with one hand and dared to speak obscenities. You are fined not to eat for a day today and to copy the Diamond Sutra ten times.
Before Chen Yi came back to his senses, he was thrown into the scripture storage pavilion. Only then did Chen Yi know that he had crossed time. Ghost knows how Chen Yi finished copying those ten times.
Those who read the Diamond Sutra, especially those who copy the Diamond Sutra, still use brushes, which is extremely difficult for a salty young man who has never used a brush after finishing the elementary school activity class.
Since then, Chen Yi never dared to sleep in. Worried that I will starve to death in this inhumane world I have to It is said that this temple is capable of curing a late-stage salted fish with lazy cancer.
It has been three years since Chen Yi came to this world. There is no system at all, and even the bones are weaker than ordinary monks.
Don’t ask, how do you know? Chen Yi was overthrown by a ten-year-old monk and fell to the ground, and his tailbone hurts for a month. It’s not like there’s nothing to gain, at least he knows that it’s the Zhenguan period of the Tang Dynasty. The current emperor is Li Er and Li Shimin, and the temple where Chen Yi lives is called Jinshan Temple. He is an orphan picked up from the temple since he was a child. When Ming knew this information, Chen Yi didn’t know that he was the Tang monk in Journey to the West! It was my mother who believed in Buddhism who took it for me. My mother never thought that when she grew up, Chen Yi would really become a salted fish with Buddha nature, but Chen Yi really didn’t want to go to learn Buddhist scriptures.
It’s not the WeChat step count champion, you can’t be exhausted when you walk there, and there are so many monsters on Xitian Road. Although they say that few monsters on the road can really eat Tang Seng, they’re all acting, but what if this world comes true? Then Chen Yi won’t make it This is the first Tang Seng who was eaten by a monster. No, it’s not the first time I heard that Tang Seng’s first nine lives were eaten by Sha Wujing. Cough cough, it’s far away.
Anyway, Chen Yi just doesn’t want to go to Jinshan Temple to learn Buddhist scriptures. Although he has to get up early every day, but After finishing the early work, there will be no such little monks.
Chen Yi can reincarnate into a salted fish. The food at Jinshan Temple is so delicious.
The monks speak nicely and are super interesting. I really like what Chen Yi said here. Why would you want to go out? It’s not good to lie here like a salted fish.
Then why are you injured? In time, you will probably die on the back hillside, Master Amitabha, you have a picture. Chen Yi shook his head, looking like an eminent monk, and was about to say something.
With a slap, Chen Yi got a slap on the bald head.
This is the rest of Master’s play when he was young. Faming glared at Chen Yi angrily and said how did you get hurt? A trace of embarrassment flashed across Chen Yi’s face and he stammered and said, I felt a little tired in the afternoon, so when I arrived later The mountain breathes fresh air, who knew I was lying on the lawn, a rabbit jumped on me, trampled me like this, full of lies, rabbits are gentle by nature