Daoben sect master rushed over immediately after receiving the news no wonder this sect master hum when I return to the Shadow Demon Sect I

Gu Xinghun, late at night, violent storm, lightning, thunder and thunder, is like heaven and earth washing away and punishing the sins of the world. The Wushuang City in the south of the Wuyue Empire is beautiful.
The wind is beautiful. In a simple hut, a boy dressed in white is lying on the bed.
His immature face is slightly tinged Pale eyebrows furrowed tightly, beads of sweat covered his body, he kept trembling, his breath was short of breath, his mouth kept uttering horrified words, and finally the young man suddenly opened his eyes and sat up.
Did you wake up and had a nightmare again? I heard a voice in the room. A slim girl hurried in. With a sweet and happy smile on her pink face, the girl carefully wiped the sweat off the boy’s face. Embryo let out a breath, and a slight smile appeared on his pale face.
The young man nodded lightly, his beautiful eyes glanced seriously at the young girl, weakly, and asked, Master Xinghun, do you always have the same nightmare? Yan Ran and Feng’er Who is it? The young man took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down, then shook his head slightly and said indifferently, it was just a dream, don’t worry about it, even so, the young man’s resolute eyes flashed an imperceptible cold killing intent, the soul is better So at this moment, a beautiful woman in a white dress came in with a bowl of medicinal soup, asked the young man with a smile, then sat beside the young man, then smiled and said, “Your injury is too serious and your body is weak, drink the medicine quickly, thank you, mother.
” Dear concern, my injury is almost healed and smiled slightly.
The young man said lightly, looking at the pale and emaciated young beautiful woman, her face became sad Treat Hun’er Hun’er is still a child, I would rather all of this happened to me, the beautiful woman couldn’t control her emotions when she was excited, and the teardrops of grief rolled down Trembling slightly, a warm current surged in my heart. The beautiful woman is the young man Gu Xinghun’s mother, Murong Qing.
Murong Qing is Ye Patriarch’s concubine, but Gu Xinghun is not his own. That’s why the young man’s surname is not Ye, but his surname. Seeing Murong Qing’s grief, Yun Yue’er beside him was very upset, and immediately comforted Mrs. Dao, the matter has come to an end, so don’t be too sad, this is all a good thing done by the head of the family and the elders, it’s too inhuman, what Yun Yue’er said It also made the killing intent in Gu Xinghun’s eyes a little bit more. His fists were clenched tightly, and his nails almost pierced his flesh.
The immature and handsome face was cold and cold. It was my mother who saw me pity me back then and kindly repaid me and brought me up.
I have nothing to do with the Ye family.
I have the blood of the god of war in my body that thousands of people dream of.
Of course they will attack me mercilessly.
Murong Qing felt a little frightened by the cold words and Gu Xinghun’s eyes full of murderous intent.
His body trembled slightly. Gu Xinghun seemed to be a different person.
He must be furious, but this time it was extremely cold. This strong contrast made Murong Qing slightly stunned. Yun Yueer, who was beside her, was also trembling with fright, looking at the Gu Xinghun boy named Gu Xinghun Fifteen with a little horror.
In winter years ago, Murong Qing found the abandoned Gu Xinghun on the outskirts of Wushuang City. At that time, Gu Xinghun was still an infant. She was kind-hearted, so she took Gu Xinghun back to raise him and let him have a new life. Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long for Gu Xinghun. When Xing Hun was five years old, his astonishing talent slowly showed in the Ye family, surpassing his peers at a frightening speed, shocked the entire Wushuang City, and even spread to the surrounding cities.
It is not the talent of the Ye family, but stronger than the descendants of the Ye family.
It is also because of this that Gu Xinghun has become a thorn in the side of the Ye family’s peers, so Gu Xinghun has also become the object of isolation and personal attacks by the Ye family’s peers.
Become indifferent and even discriminate against Gu Xinghun. After all, Gu Xinghun is just an outsider.
An outsider was raised by the Ye family, but his talent is stronger than the younger generation of the Ye family. Accidentally awakened the blood of the god of war, obtained the monstrous cultivation talent overnight, broke through the realm of the nine-star warrior, and left the Ye family’s peers behind, even the masters of the Ye family were not as good as Gu Xinghun. It can be seen how terrifying Valkyrie blood is.
It can completely change a person’s fate. It can be said that the future achievements of possessing Valkyrie blood will be very great.
It is definitely the top expert on the Tianhun Continent. There are two ways to obtain Valkyrie blood. The first is to advance to Valkyrie.
The second type is the ancestors who have reached the level of the Valkyrie. The descendants can obtain it by chance. Of course, the second type is almost impossible, but the ancient star soul has achieved it. This also shows the ancestors of the ancient star soul. There must be a terrifying strongman in the realm of the Martial God, but why Gu Xinghun was abandoned is unknown.
The blood of the Martial God is the treasure that countless people in the Tianhun Continent dream of.
Now it appears in the Ye family, or is it in Gu Xinghun? Immediately let everyone in the Ye family do it.
The Crazy Master Ye and the three elders ordered without hesitation to draw Gu Xinghun’s Martial God blood, and forcibly drew the blood of the Martial God regardless of anyone’s objections.
The blood had already been transferred to his own son Ye Kong by Patriarch Ye, and this happened seven days ago.
The blood of the Martial God was drained, and the weak ancient Xinghun, who had no blood to sustain his life, died on the spot, and now it is in his body. It is the ancient soul sword god who was feared across the Tianhun Continent thousands of years ago. His wife and child died tragically in his palace thousands of years ago.
The murderer is unknown to the ancient soul.