Dao Shi since that’s the case don’t you think it’s unnecessary to keep this bag of secrets Shi Shaoming stayed for a while before saying

Mulanhua’s residence is next to the suburban road, so Mu Xiuzhen can clearly see the situation from the window.
She sees people huddled up even in the car, and she sees a boy riding a motorcycle.
He bravely put his only coat on the girlfriend sitting behind him, and he drove the car with his face green and pale with cold But she also found it very interesting, because this is a situation that is not easy to see at ordinary times.
As the sky gradually darkened, Magnolia’s voice came from upstairs.
Waiting to go upstairs, but just as she turned around, she suddenly saw a car passing by on the road, a car passing by on the road, it was a very common thing, and it should not have attracted her special attention at all.
That car was different, and she was stunned for a moment. It turned out that there was a strange light shining inside that car.
Usually, the car is moving at night so that you can better see the situation outside the car to ensure driving safety.
The peculiar light that is always dark inside the carriage naturally attracted Mu Xiuzhen’s attention. Mu Xiuzhen was stunned for a moment and quickly looked at the car. The speed of the car was quite fast. When Mu Xiuzhen looked intently again, she could only see The rear of the car was at the back. She looked in through the rear window and couldn’t help but yelled again. That strange and indescribable light came from a mass of unknown shape. This mass could barely pass.
It’s called an oblong shape and it’s placed vertically on the driver’s seat.
It’s three feet high. With such a large glowing thing placed on the driver’s seat, it’s hard to fit a single person. That’s what Mu Xiuzhen called out in an instant.
The reason is that there is no one in the car, and there is no one. It is an empty car, but the empty car is speeding forward, and when Mu Xiuzhen tries to figure out what is going on, the car has turned the corner smoothly. I can’t see Mu Xiuzhen only had a chance to look twice. The first time she saw a strange light in the car, and the second time she saw no one in the car, she knew she wasn’t dazzled, but who would believe such a thing? She stood at the window and couldn’t move for a while, Xiuzhen Magnolia’s voice came down again, this time she could be heard at the stairs, what are you doing, I called you, you didn’t hear me, but Mu Xiuzhen turned around I don’t know what to say, it must be that Mulanhua saw the look of horror and surprise on her face, so Mulanhua was going to go downstairs immediately, she came to Mu Xiuzhen at a very fast speed and held her hand Mu Xiuzhen’s hand was cold, which made Mulan even more surprised, Xiuzhen, what’s wrong with you, but the wound hurts again? Reflector controlled rifle The shooting wound took a long time to recuperate, and it took a long time for it to gradually recover. At this time, Mulanhua hadn’t recovered yet, so when Mulan saw her unusual complexion, she immediately thought of her wound. It’s not my injury.
Mu Xiuzhen quickly denied it, waving her arms and saying you Seeing that I didn’t even feel pain when I swung my arm in a big circle, Magnolia breathed a sigh of relief and said, seeing your face look so ugly, you must be wearing too little clothes.
I think it’s cold tonight, and you’re not in good health. We don’t know. Going out, Sister Lanhua, Xiuzhen shook her head again and again. I was not because of the cold, but I just saw a car, a car.
Sister Lanhua, there might be some monster on another planet. What is absolutely unreasonable is that people who can’t guess what she is thinking in her words are often difficult to understand her words, and Magnolia grew up with her since she was a child, what she thinks in her heart is often It can be guessed, but this time it is an exception.
Mulan didn’t understand what she was talking about at all.
Mulan couldn’t help but reached out and pressed her forehead.
It means that it may be an interstellar monster. She explained it solemnly, but the listeners didn’t understand what she was talking about.
At this moment, Mulan already knew that Mu Xiuzhen must have seen something strange.
It would be better not to interrupt her and let her combine what she saw and what she imagined.
It would be easier for him to figure it out, so she pulled Mu Xiuzhen to sit down and said don’t be nervous, just take it easy Slowly speaking, I must have heard you finish before I got up. Mu Xiuzhen flipped through what she was going to say.
The incident she saw just now was finished in a few sentences. Mulan frowned and said, Is that all? That’s not enough, you want me to see a big monster get out of the car and eat the other cars like biscuits Mu Xiuzhen is a little disappointed to see Mulanhua doesn’t seem interested Mu Xiuzhen immediately opened her eyes wide, this time she expected that Mulanhua would say that she was dazzled, she said loudly no, I am not dazzled, I really saw that glowing thing, well even if you see it now, there is no way to go again You should put on one more dress and lie down on the bed to take a rest. Mulanhua said softly, “Sister Lanhua, you have no interest in this matter at all.
” Mulanhua smiled apologetically. Have further interest because it’s impossible unless Mu Xiuzhen imagines space monsters come to earth She won’t say anything