Dao Nai used Dao Wen Ju Hua to condense even though he could be suppressed at the level of the Emperors Divine Weapon he was

Chen Weiming, the wind is howling, the black clouds are heavy, as if the sky is about to collapse, it makes people breathless, go, hurry up, go, hurry up, a group of monks stepping on flying swords, hanging in the air, holding long whips, constantly waving away a large number of fourteen and five The 20-year-old boy walked towards the canyon in front of him, a large area was covered with darkness, like a surging tide, a boy in ragged clothes staggered forward with the crowd, his eyes were full of despair, his name was Chen Weiming, he was an orphan, he did not know how to become an orphan It is clear that he only knows that he has been in the sky circle of Yanyun Pavilion since he can remember.
Those who dare to kill It is said that there are few people in this world who can mention these three words and still keep calm.
The sky circle is the place where Yanyun Pavilion is used to domesticate orphans. There are hundreds of millions of orphans from all over the world.
Just because in the eyes of Yanyun Pavilion, orphans who fail to meet their requirements are no different from livestock. They will be slaughtered at any time. All orphans have been cruelly fed since they were babies.
If an organ dies, it will be sent to refine some evil magic weapon or elixir.
If it can live to be five years old, its physique will surpass that of ordinary people and begin to receive killer training.
Five years old is just a hurdle or a fork. Death Those who go to hell and those who live will enter purgatory. This is a world of practitioners.
In addition to cultivating their own true qi and spiritual power, all monks also practice something called Dao pattern. Dao pattern is a kind of heaven and earth used to interpret power. The patterns are mysterious and mysterious, and each type of Dao pattern corresponds to different powers. For example, those who practice the Dao pattern of sword are good at swordsmanship, those who practice the Dao pattern of fire are good at flames, those who practice the Dao pattern of wind are good at wind skills, etc. It can be said that the difference of the pattern is that Determines a practitioner’s future practice direction.
Some people with high talents can easily master the Dao patterns that can be comprehended in their own realm. They have extremely strong combat effectiveness.
Some people with low talents can only slowly master the Dao patterns.
Some people are dull by nature and have a hard time sensing the existence of the Dao pattern. Chen Weiming is a useless person. He cannot sense the existence of the Dao pattern because he cannot become a real practitioner. He feels that he is not a fool, but he does not understand why. And he has worked very hard to train with all his strength, so that he entered the innate realm from the acquired realm very early, and was one of the first orphans to reach the innate nine-fold heaven realm, which is why he can live until now, but it is of no use The monks in this world are divided into the acquired realm, the congenital realm, the qi training stage, the foundation building stage, the alchemy stage, the nascent soul stage, the emptiness stage, and the catastrophe stage.
Heavenly Tribulation shatters the void and goes to become a fairy to go to another world.
The fairyland is the yearning of all practitioners, but for Chen Weiming, it is out of reach because he is stuck in the innate Even though he has put in a lot of effort, he can’t sense the existence of Dao patterns, so he can’t practice Qi. If he can’t practice Qi, he can’t break through the innate and enter the Qi training period. In the practice world, the Qi training period is the state before the beginning of practice.
They are all just mortals in Yanyun Pavilion, mortals are useless people who are not qualified to live, hurry up, don’t think that you can stay if you procrastinate, once the time is up, if you don’t enter the Despair Plain, send it directly to refine medicine, hurry up, a monk shouted loudly The other end of the canyon is called the Plain of Despair, as the name suggests, a plain that makes the weak despair. Surrounding the plain are countless sea monsters of death. There is no limit to their strength.
Approaching is the only one. The entrance is the canyon, and naturally it is the only exit. Orphans in the day circle will undergo the first trial when they reach the age of fifteen.
Nearly a million orphans will be deported to the Plain of Despair. The canyon will be closed until the death trial is over.
The condition for the end is only one million people die until there are only 10,000 people left. After entering it, no matter what method you use to kill people or use any method to save your life, as long as you can become one of the last 10,000 people, you can survive Chen Weiming step by step The staggering steps are not due to exhaustion, but fear. Among the million orphans, there are many who are as useless as him, but more than 80% have already sensed the Dao pattern and entered the Qi training period.
The Qi training period not only has stronger strength, but also can Use the supernatural powers of the corresponding Dao pattern, not to mention those so-called extraordinary geniuses, even a very ordinary orphan in the Qi training period is not comparable to ordinary people in the innate realm, even if he is already innate Ninth Heaven, it is meaningless. The death trial is one to one hundred. Proportionally, if he wants to survive, it means killing nearly a hundred competitors in the Qi training period who have mastered the power of Daowen. This is impossible, and it is enough to make him feel desperate.
The canyon ahead is getting closer and closer like a picture. The monster’s big mouth is waiting to devour life, making Chen Weiming panicked, get the hell out of me, someone yelled and cursed, kicked his feet, and the strong wind rolled on his feet, kicking all the dozen people in front of him away.
Chen Weiming also became one of the victims Blown to the ground by the gust of wind, several skins were broken and bleeding, making him even more sloppy. With a loud roar, Chen Weiming was panicked and panicked. Suddenly, being stimulated by the pain on his body, he stood up crazily and roared, but before his voice fell, he was caught again. The man kicked and fell to the ground, what more do you want? The man stepped on Chen Weiming’s chest. The man spat on his head with a grinning face. There are scratches on the body and blood is overflowing.
It’s the wind demon.