Damn the bastard but at this moment Qiu Shangshu next to Liang Zhenwei interrupted Liang Zhenweis words coldly yelled at the dozens of people behind

The author’s desire for blood and a wolf tooth made the heads of state change their colors. The thirteen names made black and white become famous. The secret agent king retired to the city and lived in a stunning apartment full of beauties. Is the former king still a king in this eclectic city? Or is it that the thirteen kings who hunt everything will always be the king, whether it is hunting or hunting beauty Volume 1 Peerless beauties hug left and right Chapter 1 The pure man of fraternity At this time, a girl with a face painted like a ghost painting talisman was sitting in front of him, grinning with a bloody mouth and smirking at herself, revealing a mouth full of white buck teeth. Sister Feng, who is not surpassed by anyone else, Sister Feng is much more tactful than her.
What makes Qin Feng most indignant is that this tall guy in front of him who does whatever he wants is actually his fiancée who jumped out in a daze.
Beating his chest, thinking about coming to Xia Hai, the old man winked and announced to himself that he had promised himself a beautiful daughter-in-law. At that time, his heart was full of joy, thinking that he could finally bid farewell to the miserable life of left and right hands. You look like a flower. Have you ever seen a beautiful woman? Look carefully, I will dig out your eyeballs. The girl grinned with buck teeth and said aggressively. With such a beauty, I would rather have my eyeballs dug out.
Qin Feng Stretch out your hand to caress your forehead, this look is too horrible to look at Is it possible that Mother-in-Law is going to die before leaving school? In fact, I don’t think we are suitable. I think it’s quite suitable for a man with a girl’s appearance. Hehe, she agreed to our marriage.
Gu Xue blinked her deep eyes and flashed Looking at the man in front of him with a cunning taste, he was wearing a crumpled T-shirt and a pair of whitish jeans on his lower body, his hair was piled up on his head like a bird’s nest, his face was black and black, he looked like an African refugee, but he still detested himself, but just looked at This guy in front of me has a bitter face Gu Xue is still quite proud in her heart, and you want an old cow to eat young grass, who are you who actually wants to marry this girl who is as beautiful as a flower and as beautiful as a flower, what a bah uh, don’t be so reserved Qin Feng was frightened by the beauty, this is not a man with a female appearance, she is simply a jackal, tiger and leopard. Looking at this woman, she panicked because of her kidney deficiency. Why do you look down on this girl? Qin Feng spit and stars splash, in fact, as soon as the light is turned off, smearing will come, you can imagine me as a fairy sister, and when the light is turned off, I will be a Feng sister Usually I can’t bear the chills for a while, but the dead old man dares to play me like this, I can’t stop talking to you, I just told you how I attracted you, can I change it? Qin Feng’s forehead is sweating for a while. I really really like you, don’t be shy, we’re all adults, let’s get married today, we’ll be able to have a bridal chamber at night, night valley snow, Ha Lazi’s scarlet tongue is licking his mouth full of buck-toothed eyes and peach blossoms that one I, I am not a casual person, Qin Feng only felt a black line on his forehead, the sky, the earth, before, he was the only one who molested others, and today he was molested by this woman in front of him, so he has no power to fight back Qin Feng suddenly found that he was really pure and unhappy No matter how slow it is, it will be too late to get married today. You can still marry one and get one free. I can’t turn my head around, and I already have it. Puff, cough, cough, Qin Feng blushes, thick neck, almost choked to death by saliva, old man, I really can’t finish with you.
It’s been a month and I just met the green hat.
I booked it for myself three months ago, which makes me so emotional.
Qin Feng sees that there is no way to stay here. I can’t afford to mess with us, and I can’t hide if I stay here. My reputation will be ruined here. In the hands of the exquisite woman, without saying a word, rubbing oil on the soles of her feet, carrying her luggage and slipping away, hey, don’t go, I haven’t finished talking yet, Gu Xue looked up at the guy who fled in despair After disappearing, I waved my hand triumphantly.
Don’t let this girl see you. Otherwise, you’ll be beaten for the rest of your sex life.
You can’t take care of yourself for the rest of your life. Grinning, while the diners around you are stunned, you spit out a denture from your mouth, reach out your hand again Touching the bird’s nest-like wig on the top of the head, the silky black silk slipped down the shoulders, and suddenly changed his face, no longer the previous sturdy image.
At this time, if Qin Feng saw it, he would be surprised.
He had been fighting eagles all his life, and Ying Zhuo was blinded. What did he see? I’ve seen beautiful women, Gu Xue turned her head to stare fiercely at the crowd and muttered unhappily, but when she thought of the pitiful look of that guy just now, she couldn’t help laughing, it’s Sister Yue’er’s makeup skills that are so good, that silly boy just like this You have been cheated, miss, if you do this, it will be bad if you let the master find out It’s a refreshing feeling, but the old face is full of helplessness. If you don’t let grandpa know, you’ll be fine. Gu Xueyan smiled and said proudly, and Grandpa Tang, you’ve seen that guy clearly looks down on me, right? I don’t want me, but I’m working hard to keep him. The stunned people in the coffee shop were surprised to find out