Daji looks like a little girl which makes Yuan Ming wonder how to be a good teacher Your Majesty said that I would urge you

Chapter 1 Searching for Cultivation Civilization Endless universe, vast sea of ​​stars Exploratory spaceship is flying at sub-light speed Just now the spaceship left a star system Protoss still haven’t found it? Half a meter away from the crystal table in front of him, an oval-shaped unknown object was floating on the crystal table.
Zhou Tianci frowned, thinking in his heart. A pleasant voice sounded in the empty hall. There is no result so far. I found that there is an unknown energy outside the seed that protects our type-three protons from entering it. An image appeared in front of Zhou Tianci. Tianci saw that there was a layer of black light covering the seed. Zhou Tianci became more interested in this seed.
According to your analysis, the Mordeccan galaxy originally had a civilization. About 10,000 years ago, the civilization of this galaxy suddenly disappeared. In the end, only this thing that is tentatively called a seed is left. The melodious voice resounds again. As far as I know, it is indeed the case. So how far do you think the civilization of the Mordeccan galaxy has developed? And what kind of civilization do they belong to? The data obtained by Dao is limited and it is impossible to judge accurately, but I think the probability of this civilization is a cultivating civilization. Although there is no evidence for a cultivating civilization, I agree with your judgment.
No matter what, this seed is likely to be related to it. I must study the secrets of cultivating civilization.
Zhou Tianci is a space explorer.
Protoss is his biological intelligence system. The so-called space explorer is the product of human civilization after it has developed to a certain level. Humans officially walked out of the earth one million years ago. Settlements were established on the moon, and then humans tried to transform Mars, making Mars the third inhabited planet in the solar system. Interstellar immigration brought a leap in human technology and accelerated the development of human civilization.
In just a year, humans completely conquered the solar system and began. After 100,000 years of exploring other star systems, human beings have already set foot in the entire Milky Way, and human civilization has also developed rapidly. Under this background, many people have begun to step out of the earth and enter the distant universe. These people are called space explorers. However, there is a huge factor. It restricts human beings’ exploration of the universe, that is, the life span of human beings, even in the interstellar era with highly developed civilization, human beings cannot live longer than 10 years due to their own genetic limitations. Looking for a solution to lifespan from ancient myths and legends, this group of people tried to explore the fantasy path of cultivation. Unfortunately, in the era of apex science and technology, this path seems to be broken.
However, fate is so wonderful.
Just when human beings give up on cultivation. A space explorer discovered a site of a cultivating civilization.
The information on the site is very limited, but it has given great encouragement to mankind. After thousands of years of evolution, human civilization has set off a frenzy of cultivation.
Humanity has finally taken a step forward to increase the overall lifespan to 10 years.
The lifespan of the most outstanding cultivators can even reach 100 years. Tianci is a powerful cultivator who looks like he is only in his twenties. According to his practice, how old is he? Realm Zhou Tianci’s lifespan is about 10 years, like most space explorers Zhou Tianci is crazy about the unknown in the universe, and spends his whole life drifting in the universe Protoss, this is the ninth civilization site we discovered, right? Zhou Tianci is controlled by The screen in the center looked at the star system behind him and said softly, yes, at the same time, the Mordeccan civilization is also the first civilization site discovered by human beings. So many civilizations are really amazing, but I have never understood why these civilizations only leave ruins. What is the reason for its demise? Do you think that one day human civilization will suddenly disappear into the long river of the universe like them? Zhou Tianci muttered, logically speaking, this is inevitable.
There is nothing such as eternal life.
The universe The same is true of Zhou Tianci, is there really no immortality? A golden light suddenly appeared in a star system hundreds of millions of kilometers away from Zhou Tianci. It overwhelms the stars in the galaxy. The strange thing is that the light it emits is neither blazing nor scorching. Instead, it feels icy cold.
The moment the light appears, the star system seems to be torn apart and begins to collapse.